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2020 Race Entry Transfers: Final Reminder

All 2020 entry transfer requests that came in over the festive period have now been processed. So if you submitted a transfer request form over Christmas or New Year, you should have received confirmation of this by now. An automatic email confirming your entry into your selected 2021 event will have been sent to you. Please check your junk / spam folder for this entry confirmation email if you can’t find it in your inbox.

If you are struggling to locate your entry confirmation email, or just want to check the status of your Questars adventure race entry, then the team leader (as designated on your entry) can use their email address to log in here. Once logged in, you will be able to see which races you are currently entered into. If this shows that you are entered into a 2020 adventure race then you can transfer this entry over to a 2021 event by filling out and submitting a Transfer Request Form online.

Deadline Extended until 31st Jan

Initially everyone was given until the 31 December 2020 to transfer any 2020 race entries over to 2021 events. This deadline has been extended until the 31 January 2021 to give a little more time to those that need it.

After the 31 January 2021, all the unused places for 2021 events that have been ring-fenced for 2020 race entrants will be released for sale to the general public. So if you don’t transfer your 2020 race entry over to a 2021 event before the end of January then we will no longer be able to guarantee you a place in a 2021 event. From 1st Feburary, all transfer requests will be subject to our standard entry transfer terms and conditions

Final Reminder

We sent out a final reminder yesterday to everyone that has yet to transfer an entry over 2021, or still needs to reconfirm their entry into a 2021 event. A copy of this email is provided below for those that didn’t receive it.

Dear all,

This just a courtesy email to remind you that you have yet to do one of the following…

1. Transfer your 2020 Questars race entry over to a 2021 Questars event
2. Confirm which day you wish to take part in the 2021 Cotswolds Adventure Race (as this event has been split in half and will be held for different people on different days – read more about this here)

To do either of the above, please complete the online transfer request form and submit it to us as soon as possible – read full details about doing this here. Please note your entry in a 2021 event is not guaranteed until you do this and you receive an entry confirmation email with your new/updated entry details.


• If you think you have already submitted a transfer request form (since the initial email about this was sent out on 6th December 2020), please dig out your copy of the transfer request form (a copy will have been emailed to you when you submitted the form) and resend this to us (or fill out the form again and submit this to us). We have had hundreds of forms come in and unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to double-check each one.

• Any transfer requests received after the 31st January 2021 will be subject to our standard entry transfer terms and conditions.

We look forward to seeing you at a Questars event later this year.

Kind regards,

The Quest Team

If you haven’t transferred your 2020 race entry over to 2021 yet, then you can find all the information about how to do this this by clicking on the button below…

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