What's Included?

What you can expect

The entry fee includes...

Waterproof Map

Course map printed on waterproof paper with all the checkpoints marked. Each team receives one copy. Extra copies can be pre-ordered when you enter online if desired.

Checkpoint descriptions

A copy of checkpoint descriptions and values printed on waterproof paper, together with a summary of key points.

Electronic Score Card

Hire of an electronic score card that you use to record your visit at each checkpoint. You don't have to bring / buy / separately hire your own electronic scoring device.

Event base facilities

Facilities at the event base typically include parking, toilets and indoor space / shelter as standard. Changing rooms and showers are also included if available.

Water Stations

Drinking water is provided at all transition points so you can top-up your water bottle during the race. Just add your own energy powder / electrolyte tablet to flavour to your taste.

Kayak Equipment

Hire and transportation of sit-on-top kayaks, paddles and buoyancy aids. Solos and pairs get one kayak whilst teams of 3/4 people get two kayaks. Each kayak can easily be paddled by one person on their own or 2 people together.

Medical Assistance

A professional medic (e.g. EMT or paramedic) will be on standby at the event to solely provide medical advice and assistance. In addition, Quest staff are first aid trained, qualified and equipped.

Safety cover

Appropriate safety cover both on and off the water. This includes a safety boat on the water where possible, and safety kayakers and/or a land based safety team where not. Your safety is our number one priority.

Permissions & Licenses

Licenses are needed for kayaking on most bodies of water in the UK, as are permissions for gaining access to the water and holding an event on it. In addition, permissions are also required for events involving running/cycling in many areas, and landowners charge fees for this.

Course Planning

Our professional course planner has over a decades worth of experience behind him. A great deal of time and effort is put into course planning and recce's, to ensure routes are passable and courses are designed for everyone (and not just the top few).

Risk Assessments

Each event is comprehensively risk assessed as part of the planning process. These risks are reviewed both before and during the event, and steps are taken to avoid or reduce risks where necessary.

Timing, Scoring & Results

Hire and placement of an electronic control at each checkpoint which records your visit there. This time data is used to calculate your score and produce the results.

Prizes & Trophies

Prizes/trophies are awarded to the winning person in each class at every event. In addition, series prizes/trophies are awarded to the top individuals at the final event of the year.

Online Entry Fees

There are no additional fees for using the online entry system, paying by card, or processing your payment. These charges are all included in the entry fee and are incurred from the moment your payment is confirmed.

Entry Admendments

The leader (as designated on your entry) can amend your entry for free up until one week before the event. See your entry confirmation email for details on how to do this.

Unrivaled Experience

With over 20 years of Questars adventure races behind us, you will benefit from the unrivaled experience we've built up over the past two decades to bring you some of the best events in the business.


What’s listed above is normally included in the entry fee, and it’s therefore safe for you to expect these things as standard. However, please note, nothing is 100% guaranteed as there may be an odd occasion where circumstances beyond our control mean it’s not possible to provide something as listed or described on this page. In such instances we will endeavour to provide a suitable alternative (i.e. the next-best thing) where possible. 

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