Withdrawal Policy

Your Withdrawal Options

Entry Amendments

If you are no longer able to take part in an event you can find someone else to take your place and update your entry accordingly – for free – up to one week before the event. Team leaders should email info@questars.co.uk.

If you need to make any last minute changes to your entry in the week running up to the event, then you (or the person taking your place) will need to let us know about these at the actual event itself.

Transfer Policy

You can transfer your entry (i.e. whole team) or individual places (i.e. individual team member’s places and not the whole team) over to another adventure race (subject to availability), either in the same calendar year (as the event you originally entered) or the following calendar year, providing…

  • It hasn’t previously been transferred to another event (places/entries can only be transferred once)
  • You let us know by completing and submitting the Transfer Request Form before the transfer deadline (i.e. at least four weeks before the event)
  • You pay any difference in cost between the two entry fees plus any transfer fees if applicable

A transfer fee of £10 per person applies to all transfer requests received less than three months before the event or after the event has sold out and entries have closed (whichever happens first). The deadline for receiving all transfer requests is the Friday four whole weeks before the start of the race.

Unfortunately we’re not able to transfer any places or entries after the transfer deadline as significant non-transferable costs will have been incurred in the expectation that all entrants will take part in forthcoming event (e.g. venue fees, hire of electronic scoring device, printing of maps, permissions & licences etc.). We are therefore sadly unable to accept any last minute transfer requests whatever the reason – this includes unforseen circumstances, injuries, family emergencies etc.

How to Request a Transfer

To request to transfer your entry (or place) to another race, please fill in and submit the online Transfer Request Form.

If you don’t want to transfer the whole entry (i.e. all team members), remember to let us know the names of the people whose places you want to transfer.

If you don’t know which adventure race you want to transfer your place(s)/entry over to that’s not a problem – you can let us know this information at a later date when you’ve made up your mind.


We are, unfortunately, not able to provide full refunds on any payments due to the costs incurred from the moment payment is made (e.g. card processing and payment transaction fees). This is because we do not receive the full amount of the transaction value. In other words, what we receive is less than what you pay.

Third parties – such as card companies, payment processing firms and online entry systems – all take their slice before the remaining balance is paid to us. If we were to issue refunds, not only are we unable to recover these third party fees that have already been paid, but we’d also be charged again by these companies for processing the refund.

So rather than providing refunds, we offer to transfer places to another Questars adventure race instead (subject to terms and conditions). We believe this is better for you as it means…

  • you benefit from lower entry fees (if we were to issue refunds then entry fees would have to be increased to cover the irrecoverable third-party costs already incurred and associated with this).
  • you don’t lose out financially by getting less refunded back than you paid.
  • if you are unable to take part yourself in the foreseeable future, you can always request a transfer AND find someone else to take your place (see entry amendments). NB. It’s important you request a transfer as soon as you know you are not able to take part in the race that you have entered. You do not need to specify which race you want to transfer your entry to – you can do this later when you have found someone else to take your place if you want. 

And it’s better for us in terms of administrating and keeping things simple, which reduces our overheads and again helps to keep Questars entry fees down. 

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