Series Championship

Questars series information

The Questars Adventure Race Series Championship and the Questars Winter Adventure Racing Series Championship run annually each year.

The summer series involves running, biking and kayaking and typically starts in March and ends in August / September. 

The winter series involves running and biking and typically starts in November and ends in February.

Full details about the Questars Adventure Race Series Championship can be found below.

Key Points

  • Your top three one-day (or equivalent) Questars results count towards your series score.
  • No registration is required to take part in the series – series scores are automatically calculated for every finisher of every race, irrespective of the number of races they’ve done.
  • Series scores are calculated for every unique team member’s name so make sure your name is spelt the same for every race that you enter.
  • Changing teams / team names / categories throughout the series won’t affect your series score.
  • The top hundred or so series scores will be published on the series leaderboard, which will be updated after each race.
  • Series prizes will be awarded to those at the top of the series leaderboard, i.e. those with the highest series scores, after the final race of the series.
  • In the event of a tie at the top, head-to-head race results will be used to determine the series winner (i.e. who beat who in the races in which all the tied participants took part). If this is also tied (e.g. everyone beat each other once) then the combined times (only for these head-to-head races) will be used, with the person with the fastest cumulative time being the series champion.

Series Scores Calculations


Race scores are converted into series points and series points from different races are added together for each person, to give their series score.

The Details

Series points are calculated by dividing your race score by the overall race winner’s score and multiplying by 1000 for the summer series and 800 for the winter series.

An example is shown below:                    

Race Position      Race Score          Series Points           How Calculated?

1st                          895 pts                1000 pts               (895/895)*1000

28th                        530 pts                  592 pts               (530/895)*1000                    

Calculating series points like this improves consistency throughout the series by minimising the impact of variable conditions between races which are beyond the course planner’s control e.g. the weather.

Your top three results will be added together to give your series score. An example is shown below:                    

Example          Race 1          Race 2        Race 3         Race 4          Series Score      How Calculated?

Name                                                                                                                                                              Top 3 Scores

Person 1          750 pts         713 pts        810 pts        790 pts             2350 pts         (750+810+790)

Person 2          525 pts         555 pts        487 pts        562 pts             1642 pts         (525+555+562)

About taking part

Series points and hence a series score will automatically be calculated for every finisher in every race so you do not need to register or apply separately to take part in the series. The top hundred or so series scores at the present time will be included on the series leaderboard.

Series points are calculated per individual participant / team member. So if you change your team composition between races your series points are unaffected. Individuals in teams with the same team members throughout the series will gain the same series points and ranking on the series leaderboard.

You can take part in as many or as few races in the Questars series as you wish (you do not have to do three one-day Questars adventure races) but only series points from your top three one-day Questars results or equivalent will count towards your final series score.

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