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It's all about the taking part

Questars adventure races are all about having a go and taking part. The race format has been carefully designed with this in mind, to be as flexible and inclusive as possible, to enable people to participate irrespective of their ability or experience.


As this is an adventure race, the running takes place off road and on local paths and trails where possible. Although we call this 'trail running', you don't have to run of course - you just have to travel on foot.


Courses are designed to keep you off the asphalt and on permitted off-road routes (e.g. bridleways) as much as possible. For ease, this discipline is referred to as 'mountain biking', but you can use any suitable off-road bike you like.


The kayaking is the highlight for many people. It usually takes place on flat water e.g. a canal, river or lake, but don't let this misguide you. It's not unheard of for there to be small waves on the surface when it's very windy.

Kayaks, paddles and buoyancy aids are all provided.
The kayaks can easily be paddled by either one person or two.
A kayak being paddled by one person.
A kayak being paddled by two people.
Cyclexperience have been providing a hire bike service at Questars adventure races for more than 10 years.
Collecting in the hire bikes at the end of another Questars event.
International adventure racers with their hire bikes at the finish.
A participant records their visit at a trail run checkpoint.

Visiting Chekpoints

There are a number of checkpoints available to visit for each of the three disciplines. The trail run checkpoints must be visited on foot, whilst a bicycle and a kayak must be used to reach the mountain bike checkpoints and the kayak checkpoints respectively. You can visit as many or as few of the checkpoints as you like.

Scoring points

Each checkpoint has a points value, and these are the points you will earn by visiting that checkpoint. The winners are those that score the most points within the time limit. 

Deciding which checkpoints to visit based upon their value.
Participants in transition from run to bike or vice versa.

A non-stop race

The race is continuous (non-stop). Transition from one discipline to another is all part of the race. You will have some choice in the order that you undertake each discipline (how much depends on the course and whether you kayak).

eASY Navigation

Navigating between the checkpoints is simple and straight forward. For example, the run checkpoints are positioned so that the quickest route between them is typically along existing public rights of way (footpaths and bridleways) which are often well marked on the ground.

A pair deciding on the best route to take between checkpoints.
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