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2020 Entry Transfers Processed: Check New Details Carefully

All transfer requests received up to and including the 31st January 2021 have now been processed. So everyone that submitted a transfer request before the end of January should have received an email confirming this by now. Remember to check your junk / spam folder if you can’t find this email in your inbox.

Due to the large number of transfer requests received, it is not possible for us to double check every transfer made or ensure that no requests have been overlooked by accident. It is therefore very important that you check the details on your new entry confirmation email carefully. Please pay particular attention to the event name and date shown, and make sure these are correct. If a mistake has been made, you must notify us as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to do this.

Similarly, you are responsible for ensuring your transfer request has been acted upon. The Quest Team can not be held responsible for any errors or oversights however so caused. If you are…

  1. struggling to locate your entry confirmation email, or
  2. just want to check to see which event your are currently entered into (and hence see whether your entry has been transferred or not)

…then the team leader (as designated on your entry) can use their email address to log in here. Once logged in, you will be able to see which races you are currently entered into. If this shows that you are entered into a 2020 adventure race then you need to submit / resubmit an online Transfer Request Form to transfer the entry over to an event in 2021.

Transfers Subject to Availability

All the unused places for 2021 events that were ring-fenced for 2020 race entrants have now been released for sale to the general public. So if you entered a 2020 adventure race and you haven’t transferred your entry over to a 2021 event yet, your place in a 2021 event is no longer 100% guaranteed. All transfer requests from now on are subject to our standard entry transfer terms and conditions

Final Reminder

If you haven’t transferred your 2020 adventure race entry over to one of this year’s events yet, then you can find all the information about how to do this this by clicking on the button below…

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