South Downs

2022 Adventure Race

Start List

If you are taking part in the 2022 South Downs Adventure Race, your race number, start time window and kayak time slot can all be found on the start list. Do make a note of these details – you’ll need them on race day!

Please also read all the accompanying notes below which provide further important details.


You will need to know your race number (see the Start List) in order to collect your race pack. It’s also a good idea to have some form of ID with you just in case we need to verify you are who you say you are.

NB. If you know your race number then that will suffice. You will only be asked for your race registration number and/or your race entry order confirmation number if you are not on the start list i.e. you don’t have a race number

Start Times

Each team has been given start time window (see the Start List). This is based on when your kayak time slot is, how long it’ll take most people to get to/from the kayaking and the fact the course closes at 16:20 (i.e. you must finish before this). 

You can start anytime within your suggested start time window. But remember if you are kayaking early on, you will need to allow enough time to get to the kayak transition (i.e. you will probably want to start at least 45-60 minutes before your kayak slot time). And if you are kayaking towards the end of the day then you will need to allow sufficient time to get back to the finish after you kayak (i.e. 45-60 mins plus).

Make your way to the big yellow inflatable arch when you’re ready to start. Your race time (5/6 hour time limit) begins when you dib the start control.

Kayak Slot Times

The maximum time allowed for the kayaking is:

  • 60 minutes for Masters
  • 60 minutes for Novices

Exceed the maximum permitted kayak time (even by 1 second) and you will incur a 50 point penalty, so don’t go over!

Your kayak time begins when you punch the kayak transition control to get on the water. And your kayak time ends when you punch the kayak transition control again (i.e. a second time) to get off the water. Not punching the kayak transition control both when you get on and off the water is a serious infringement, whether done intentionally or not, so don’t forget!

You can only kayak within your kayak time slot (see the Start List). You must have finished kayaking (i.e. be off the water having dibbed the kayak transition control) before the end of your kayak time slot, otherwise you will incur a 50 point penalty.

So if you are in the 14:00-15:00 kayak slot, and you get on the water at 14:30, you’ll only have up to a maximum of 30 minutes in which to visit kayak checkpoints and return to the kayak transition point.


The layout of the course is such that…

  • everyone will start and finish the race on bikes
  • the trail run takes place from a remote transition point (that you cycle to/from)
  • the kayaking takes place from a remote transition point (that you run to/from)

This means that…

  • Once you start, you will not return to the event base again until you finish (up to 5/6 hrs later).
  • If you wear different footwear running to cycling, you will need to carry your running shoes with you on the bike.
  • The kayak transition is 2 km from the run transition. If you are not able to walk/run this distance (e.g. due to medical reasons) you may cycle to the kayak transition but please take a lock with you as the marshals at the kayak transition will be supervising the kayaking (they won’t be keeping an eye on bikes).

How long you spend running, biking and kayaking is up to you. But if you’ve never done a Questars Adventure Race, it can be difficult to know how long to run / bike for and how to fit everything in around your kayak time slot.

The course planners guide below gives an idea of how long they would spend on each discipline (assumes an equal level of running and biking in terms of ability). And the guide also gives an example of one way you can do this and fit the running and biking in around your kayak timeslot.

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