2021 Adventure Race

Start List

If you are taking part in the 2021 Cotswolds Adventure Race, your race number, start time and kayak time slot can all be found on the start list. Do make a note of these details – you’ll need them on race day!

Please also read all the accompanying notes below which provide further important details.

NB. We have accommodated as many people’s preferences as possible, in particular with regards to which start wave you are in. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make any changes to start/kayak times as these are linked to your race number and there is no room to manoeuvre or for any flexibility (as the event has sold out). Plus all the lists that will be used by marshals on the day have been printed, and this information has been sent to EMIT (who do the timing for us). So, please do not ask. We’re sorry, but changing your start/kayak time now simply isn’t compatible with the event running smoothly and safely for everyone else on the day.


You will need to provide both your race number and your entry ID number at registration on the day. You won’t be able to collect your race pack (includes map) without them.

Please clearly write both your race number and your entry ID number on an A4 piece of paper and bring this with you to registration. Both numbers need to be large enough so they can be easily read from 2m away when you hold the piece of paper up. You can download and print off one of the templates below to use for this if you wish.

Your race number is required to give you the correct race pack. This number is publicly available so anyone could turn up with your race number and collect your pack. Therefore, we also require your entry ID number, to confirm who you are, as only you know this.

Your Entry ID Number (also called Unique Entrant Reference Number) is included in your entry confirmation email, in both the subject line and the body of the email. It is a five digit number often preceded with #.

If you are unable to locate your entry confirmation email, then the person that made your entry (this is usually your team leader – as designated on your entry) – can use their email address to log in to our entry system. Once logged in…

  • Under Upcoming Events, select the relevant entry to open and view it (NB. you need to click inside the box on the team leader’s name – don’t click on the event name as this opens the event details and not your entry)
  • When you open an entry, you will see a Unique Entrant Reference Number near the top (under the event name and above Step 1: Event Details). This is your Entry ID Number.

Start Times

Your start time is the latest time by which you must report to the start enclosure, and be ready to start, in order to avoid a start penalty and potentially having to wait until the end to start. It is not the time that your race actually starts and your race time begins.

Your race time begins when you place your electronic score card (EMIT card) on the start control. Once you report to the start enclosure you must not leave the start area until you have done this and your race time has begun. 

We will endeavour to start you as close to your start time as possible. However, it will take a few minutes to line you up and set you off at one minute intervals. So if you are keen to start on your stated start time, you need to be at the start enclosure 3-5 minutes before your start time. 

Just to confirm, and to avoid any confusion…

  • if your start time is between 08:30 and 09:30 you are in Wave 1
  • if your start time is between 10:30 and 11:40 you are in Wave 2 and therefore you must not arrive at the venue before 09:30 (this is due to Covid control measures and also for Wave 1 participant’s safety as they will be setting off)

Kayak Slot Times

The maximum time allowed for the kayaking is 60 minutes. This is the same for everyone irrespective of your kayak time slot. Exceed 60 minutes (even by 1 second) and you will get a 50 point kayaking penalty.

NB. The kayak slots are longer than 60 minutes to allow participants/teams to get on and off the water one at a time, and to cater for the staggered start times. This means that your kayak time slot may actually begin before you start time (or end after your 5/6 hr race time limit) but this doesn’t matter because you only have a maximum of 60 minutes. And the kayak slots are sufficiently long enough to allow you to kayak for the full 60 mins if you wish to.

You can only kayak within your kayak time slot. You should have finished kayaking (i.e. be back at the kayak transition and ready to get off the water) before the end of your kayak time slot.

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