2021 Adventure Race


We look forward to welcoming participants to the 2021 Cotswolds Adventure Race this weekend.

As you are hopefully aware by now, this is event is quite different from usual due to the many Covid-19 control measures implemented to reduce the risk of transmission. 

All the details about this event and the actual race itself can be found from the menu on this page. Key information released this week include the following…


This provides all the information for participants about the event. It includes timings, directions and a map of the venue showing where things are.

Race Briefing Notes

Their will be no race briefing on the day. All the information about the actual race itself is contained within the race briefing notes document.

Please make sure you read everything carefully, even if you have done lots of Questars adventure race before. If you don’t, you won’t know what to do, which is not a great start to any race!

Course Map

A copy of the course map (minus the checkpoints, of course) will be added to this page on Thursday 13 May, so participants can familiarise themselves with it in advance.

It’s worth having a look at this so you can see where the start/finish and kayak transition is in relation to the map and course area. Plus you can see all the useful information that’s printed around the edge of the map for you to refer to during the race as necessary.

The copy of the map is only for participants to view online (click on image below to enlarge). It is not designed to be printed off as this would infringe copyright law.

CP Descriptions & Values

In addition a blank copy of the checkpoint descriptions and values sheet will be added to this page on Thursday 13 May. If you’ve never done a Questars adventure race before then it’s useful to have a look and familiarise yourself with it. And if you are familiar with it, it’s still a good idea to have a read of the notes on it, particularly those regarding the timeout controls when you get on and off the water to kayak.

Final Word

All other details about this event like kit list and start times etc. can be found using the event menu on this page.

On the day, please remember to…

  • Respect the area and the local community
  • Be great ambassadors for adventure racing
  • Stay on the permitted routes at all times
  • Give way to other members of the public
  • Give all animals a wide berth
  • Close and properly fasten gates behind you
  • Ensure that your competitive instincts do not override your common sense

Each team must carry a mobile phone (that works), a first aid kit and a whistle with them.

Have a good race. We hope you enjoy it. Stay safe!

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