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Cotswolds Adventure Race Sold Out: Waiting List Now Open

All available places for the 2021 Cotswolds Adventure Race have been filled and a waiting list for places is now in operation. This event takes place over two days with the Masters race on Saturday 15 May and the Novice race on Sunday 16 May.

Both days have been hovering just below full capacity for a number of weeks now. Over this time a significant number of places were freed up as people made changes to their entry. However, these places that were freed up haven’t remained available for long. They have been quickly snapped up and were filled almost as quickly as they became available with a steady stream of new entries continuing to come in. 

The Novice race sold out last week and the final place in the Masters race was filled earlier this morning. If you have missed out and want to take part in either of these races, add your name to the waiting list and we will get in touch if and when a place becomes available. For example, when someone who has entered this event notifies us that they can no longer take part. We will then contact the next person on the waiting list to let them know that a place has become available for them to enter and take part.

What are the chances of taking part?

Fairly good if you can keep the day free. In the past we have been able to offer most people on the waiting list a place. However, most drop-outs occur in the fortnight before the race. In other words, this is when most places tend to become available. So, if you are keen to take part we would encourage you to keep the day free and be ready to enter at the drop of a hat.

Already Entered?

Please check your entry details are correct

It is very important that you double check your entry and make sure everything is in order and as you expect.

As all the places for the 2021 Cotswolds Adventure Race have now been filled, it may not be possible to make changes to your entry, such as changing your team size or switching over to a different day. You can find out how to view your current entry details on our FAQ’s page here

If you’re not sure which day you should be taking part on, then here is a reminder. 

Saturday 15 May 2021 is primarily for…

  • Trio (run, bike & kayak) Masters (6-hour time limit) participants
  • Duo (run & bike only) participants (5 hour time limit)

…plus any Trio (run, bike & kayak) Novice (5-hour time limit) participants who are unable to make it on Sunday 16 May. Your entry may have you down as Masters (as you are taking part with the Masters on the Saturday) but you will still be able to do the Novice race with a 5-hour time limit.

Sunday 16 May 2021 is for…

  • Trio (run, bike & kayak) Novice (5-hour time limit) participants
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