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Participant Database

Search for a Participant ID Number

You can search the participant database below to find the Participant ID Number for any person that has previously saved their details. For example, if you’ve forgotten your Participant ID No. or just want to check what it is. Or, if you want to look up the Participant ID No. of a friend so you can add them to your team.

Add a Participant to the Database

Not got a Participant ID Number yet? Complete this online form to generate a unique Participant ID No. for yourself (or someone close to you e.g. your child/partner), and to be added to the Participant Database table below. This will save you having to enter all your/their details each time you register for a race.

Update Previously Submitted Details

To update the details that you’ve previously submitted for yourself/another team member (and are securely stored in the Questars participant database), click on the edit button in the right-hand column in the same row as their name. NB. You need to be logged in to do this (the edit button won’t be visible next to the names of the participant’s whose details you submitted unless you are logged in). 

Log in here and then return to this page to click on the relevant ‘edit’ button. After you’ve finished making the necessary amendments you must go to the end of form (i.e. go through all the pages) and click on the ‘update’ button on the last page in order for any changes to be saved.

Neither of the tables below are perfect but they are provided on the basis that they are better than the current alternative which is not to display this information at all. As the tables grow (and more participants are added) we will be looking at ways to make them more user-friendly and easier for you to search and find someone’s Participant ID Number. In the meantime please bear with us and remember, if you are struggling to find your team member’s Participant ID Number from the tables below, you can always ask them (and get them to search their emails for this if necessary).

Questars Participant Database

Click on the name of a column to sort the data in the table by the data in that particular column. This will display the data in that column in alphabetical or numerical order. For example, click on ‘Team Name’ to arrange all the last names in alphabetical order. Click on the column name again (i.e. a second time) to reverse the order (e.g. change from A-Z to Z-A). NB. Please note, all names/words starting with a lower case letter appear to be listed after all those starting with a capital letter when sorted alphabetically, so remember to check both. Use the page buttons at the bottom of the table to scroll between the different pages.

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[formresults id=10 fields="369,347,348,392" order="ORDER BY meta_355 DESC" edit_link="Edit" page_id=11293]
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