Entry Transfers

How to Request a transfer

Entry Transfer Request Form

Use the form below to request to transfer a place/entry over to another Questars Adventure Race. Please provide as much information as you can. Incorrect or missing details may result in us being unable to process your transfer request. Terms and conditions apply as detailed in our Transfer Policy. Please do not waste our time and yours by requesting to transfer your place/entry less than 14 days before the event as it will not be accepted.

Transfer Request Form
Order #
Enter the order number for the race entry that you wish to transfer to another race (this can be found on your payment confirmation email).
Entry Type
Terms & Conditions

What Happens Next?

After submitting a transfer request, you should receive confirmation of this on screen, almost immediately. A copy of your transfer request will also be sent to the email address provided. Please check your junk/spam folder for this if necessary.

All transfer requests will be collated and processed in one go, usually at the start of each week. Occasionally this may be longer if we are away (on annual leave or with other work, for example). But don’t worry, any delay won’t affect your entitlement to a transfer, as it is the date that you submit your transfer request that counts.

Your transfer request will be checked and if it is valid (i.e. meets the transfer criteria) then…

  1. your original race entry will be updated/cancelled to remove the places being over transferred to another race.
  2. you will be issued with a credit note for what you paid for the place(s)/entry that you wish to transfer (minus the transfer fee if applicable). This credit note can be redeemed by purchasing a new race entry (for the race that you wish to transfer your place[s]/entry over to) by entering the code in the coupon box at the checkout when you enter online in the normal way.

If you have any queries or problems, please contact us.

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