Child Policy

Can under 16's take part?

Our Approach

Questars adventure races are about encouraging people to have a go and take part. We, therefore, don’t want to be the one that prevents a capable child from taking part just because they are under a certain age. However, such an approach cannot be allowed at any cost. We have a duty to balance this ideal with our responsibilities as the event organisers, not just to the child in question, but to all the other participants, staff, volunteers & helpers, the general public and the event as a whole, as well.

Let's look at an example...

A few years ago a dad got in touch to ask if they could take part in a Questars adventure race with their daughter who was twelve. Whilst Questars adventure races wouldn’t be suitable for your average twelve year old, or indeed most twelve year olds, we understand that there might be a few exceptions. And this instance was one of them. 

The daughter was very active, well beyond her age. She regularly went running and cycling with her dad and they’d enjoyed many other adventurous activities together (e.g. mountain walks). What’s more is the dad had taken part in several Questars adventure races before. So he knew what was involved and had a good idea of what to expect. 

They took part in the Questars adventure race together and decided to call it a day and finish after 4 hours. Despite this they still gave some of the teams that stayed out for the full 5 hours a good run for their money!

In Summary

You know your child’s ability and experience far better than we do. Therefore, you are much better placed to decide whether or not your child is ready to take part in a Questars adventure race. However, it’s not quite that simple as you might not know Questars adventure races that well. 

For this reason, we recommend you have completed at least one Questars adventure race before you take part with a child. This is so you know what is involved and will enable you to make a better judgement call. However, if this is not possible, then we are here and best placed to answer any questions you have about the race, that would enable you to make an informed decision. Please contact us first, if you have any questions.


It’s important for you to know and understand that Questars adventure races are not designed with children in mind. The course (e.g. positioning and spacing of checkpoints) is geared towards a range of adult abilities. So if you are taking part with a child you may need to moderate what you do and set your expectations accordingly (i.e. you may only cover a small fraction of the course and visit a handful of checkpoints in total, and you may decide not to use the full amount of time available).

The Bottom Line

The decision as to whether a child is ready to take part in a Questars adventure race with you is ultimately yours. However, you must be open and honest with yourself when making this decision. Please don’t put us in a difficult position on race day, especially in front of your child. Remember, we reserve the right – and won’t hesitate – to withdraw anyone from the race if necessary (e.g. for your own safety or the safety of others), as per our standard entry terms and conditions.

How can i tell if A child is ready?

If you are asking this question then you probably shouldn’t be thinking about doing a Questars adventure race with a child just yet. Best to take part in a Questars adventure race yourself first (without a child) so you can make a better decision. However, as a general guide, if the child is starting to keep up with you when you go out for runs and rides together then this is a good indication that they might be ready to do a Questars adventure race together with you.

Terms & Conditions

Children under the age of 16 may participate with a designated adult, subject to the following terms and conditions (which are in addition to our standard entry terms and conditions):

  • The designated adult takes full responsibility for the child at all times (i.e. from the moment you arrive at the event until after you leave the event), and has permission to do so from the parent / guardian of the child (if they are not the child’s parent / guardian themselves).
  • The designated adult accompanies the child at all times during the race (i.e. from the moment you start until after you have crossed the finish line).
  • You can only be the designated adult for one child at each event (i.e. each child must have a different designated adults that takes full responsibility for them and accompanies them throughout).

In addition to the above, the following terms and conditions apply if you wish to kayak:

  • The child can swim unaided & is comfortable in deep water where they can’t touch the bottom.
  • The designated adult is a competent swimmer who would be able to assist the child get out of the water in the unlikely event that both child and adult end up in the water at the same time.
  • The child is large enough to fit the buoyancy aids provided, or if not you will bring your own child’s buoyancy aid that fits them. The smallest buoyancy aids provided are those for a small adult and are rated by the manufacturer for individuals weighing >40 kg (>80 lbs) with a chest size of >86 cm (>34 inches). Please contact us if you require further details.
  • On the day, the designated adult must make their own decision as to whether they kayak or not, based upon the conditions faced and their abilities (both kayaking and swimming). Just because other participants are kayaking doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe for you to do so. We can advise if necessary. Speak to us on the day if you are in any doubt.
  • The designated adult must be in the same kayak as the child they are accompanying. For example, if a team consists of two children and their two designated adults, the children are not allowed to be in one kayak and the adults in another.

Declarartion Form

If you are happy to abide by the terms and conditions above, and would like to take part in a Questars adventure race with someone under the age of 16, then please complete the declaration form below. Once you have submitted the form, we will review the information you provide and confirm that we’re happy with everything. You can then go ahead and enter online in the normal way.

If you haven't done a Questars adventure race before please give us an indication of your previous experience in the additional notes box below.
Name of the child that will be accompanying you.
The child's age on race day (if you wish to enter multiple events please give the age of the child at their first event).
Your relationship to the named child.
Use the box above to provide details of your experience and/or the child's suitability if applicable.
As the designated adult for the child named above on this form, I confirm that...
- I am over 18 years old and understand that we take part entirely at our own risk.
- I take full responsibility for the child named above at all times during the event.
- I will accompany the named child at all times during the race.
- I will not be the designated adult for another child at the same event (each child must be accompanied by a different designated adult).
If no, you can ignore the remainder of this form and just click on the submit button at the bottom
I confirm the named child can swim unaided and is comfortable in deep water where they can't touch the bottom.
I will make sure I am in the same kayak as the named child, at all times when on the water.
I am a competent swimmer who would be capable of assisting the named child get out of the water if needed.
I will not permit the child named above to go out on the water without first making sure they are wearing a certified buoyancy aid, that is in good condition, fits them snugly and is properly done up.
I understand that just because other participants are kayaking, it doesn't necessarily mean it's safe for us to do so. I understand that I am responsible for assessing the conditions on the day and making our own decision as to whether we kayak or not.
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