2023 Adventure Race

Pre-Race Information

The countdown is on to our first event of the 2023 Questars Adventure Race Series! With just over two weeks to go, read on to find out about how to submit your team details, race day information and details on how to join our digital pre-race briefing.

We can’t wait to see you in Wiltshire on Saturday 22 April 2023!

Submit your team details

Please click here to enter your team details (team name, individual contact details, individual emergency contact details, details of medical conditions/allergies).

To add your details, please input your order number and the email address used for sign up. You can find your order number on your Order Confirmation (you should be able to find this by searching ‘Questars: Your Order Confirmation’ in your emails).

event timings

The event base will open at 08:00. Please give us sufficient time to set-up by arriving before 08:00.

MASTERS (6 hrs)

0800-0830 Recommended Arrival Time
0830-0900 Race Pack Collection
0900-0915 Event Briefing
0945-1010 Teams Start
Time Limit – 6 hours from when you start
1545-1610 Teams Finish
1700-1710 Results & Prize Giving

NOVICES & DUO (5 hrs)

0900-0930 Recommended Arrival Time
0930-1010 Race Pack Collection
1015-1030 Event Briefing
1050-1120 Teams Start
Time Limit – 5 hours from when you start
1550-1620 Teams Finish
1700-1710 Results & Prize Giving

Facilities & Services

Facilities at the event base include:

Toilets, Changing Rooms & Showers

Food & Drinks available for purchase including pre-race hot drinks and post-race hot meal

Indoor Hall for collection of team packs, the race briefing and the prize giving

Medic on standby to provide first aid

Water at the transition points

Available to purchase on the day (cash only):

Map Pens fine permanent pens for marking your map

Questars Bike Map Boards with reusable cable ties for mounting on your handlebars

Questars Race T-shirt technical wicking t-shirt

Questars Swag buffs, caps & mugs

BYOM discount

To help reduce waste, we will be offering a £1 discount on all hot meals and hot drinks for those who bring their own mug, plate/bowl and cutlery.

Event HQ & parking

This adventure race is based from St Francis School, Marlborough Road, Pewsey SN9 5NT.

Please follow the event signage / marshals instructions to the car parking area in front of the school. Follow signs and marshals instructions on where to park.

Please share transport if possible. If each team comes in one vehicle it’ll be much kinder to the environment and you’ll also be able to talk team tactics on the way!

Virtual pre-race briefing

To help make your race day as successful as possible, we will be running two separate Microsoft Teams briefings. The briefings are aimed at new/first-time Questars adventure racers. We expect the briefings to last for approximately 30 minutes followed by Q&A. Please feel free to send any questions in advance to info@questars.co.uk.

The sessions will cover:
What happens on the day
What to bring
Tips for a successful race

Briefing one: Wednesday 12 April at 11:00 joining link: https://teams.live.com/meet/9446318161298

Briefing two: Wednesday 12 April at 20:00 joining link: https://teams.live.com/meet/9473641791762

coming soon...

We will publish final race day information two to three days before the event with: race numbers, start time window, kayak time slot and final race day details.

bike hire still available

Our friends at Cyclexperience will be providing bike hire at Wiltshire.

Bikes can be hired by clicking Wiltshire

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