New Forest

2022 Adventure Race

Provisional Results

Update: Sunday 27 March 2022

The scores and positions from the 2022 New Forest Adventure Race have been checked and a few corrections made where necessary. Click on the button below to view the updated results on the SportIdent website. And read the additional notes below for further guidance and information. 

On the results, when the display details box is ticked, you will see a column on the right-hand side called Bonus/Penalty and another one next to it called Manual Adj. Here is an explanation of what each of these columns contains…

Manual Adj 

This is the sum of all the post-download manual adjustments to your score.

In the example pictured above, a net manual adjustment of +5 points has been applied to this persons score (without this their score would be 560 points not 565 points as shown). Note, this person actually received two manual adjustments: one of +25 points and another of -20 points. Only the sum of these i.e. the net result (+5 points) is shown.


This is the total value of all the deductions (i.e. penalties). It includes…

  1. any points deducted for exceeding the time limit,
  2. the 50 point penalty for exceeding the kayak time limit if applicable, and
  3. the manual adjustment ONLY when the net manual adjustment is negative (i.e. a points deduction).

So in the example pictured above, this team has NOT had 29 points deducted (as a penalty) and another 25 points deducted (as a manual adjustment), which is what you might think at first glance. This team has had a total of 29 points deducted from the 425 points they collected to give them a score of 396 points. Of the 29 points that were deducted, 25 came from a manual adjustment/correction and the other 4 were deducted for exceeding the 5 hour time limit by 1 min and 42 secs (penalty is 2 points per minute, or part thereof, for Trio Novices).

Results Corrections

The following manual adjustments have been made where applicable…

  • 25 points added if you visited checkpoint B26 after the control was stolen.
  • 10 points deducted if you forgot to dib the kayak transition control either when you got on or off the water and were within the maximum permitted kayak time (40 mins for Masters and 45 mins for Novices).
  • 20 points deducted if you kayaked and only dibbed checkpoint B38 once (i.e. effectively giving you half points for B38).
  • 25 points deducted if you kayaked and only dibbed checkpoint B39 once (i.e. effectively giving you half points for B39).
  • Points for kayak checkpoints removed where you did not alternate between Group A (KA) kayak checkpoints and Group B (KB) kayak checkpoints. For example, if you went KB3 > KB2 > KA2 > KA1 > KB1, the points that you automatically received for KB2 and KA1 have been deducted in the form of a manual adjustment.
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