2021 Adventure Race

RACE Results

The scores from the 2021 Chilterns Adventure Race can be found on the results reports below.

Update: Saturday 10 July 2021

We discovered that three teams had been accidentally overlooked and were still not included in the results. These three teams have been added today, and now appear on the results. But, two of these teams have outstanding issues with the data from their EMIT card which we are seeking to rectify asap. These two teams are in the Novice category. So if you are in the Novice category your position may yet change by one, or at most two, places, but your score won’t change unless you are one of the two aforementioned teams.

The Masters category and the Duo category are now complete, and barring any errors, the scores and positions of teams in these categories won’t change.

Update: Thursday 08 July 2021

The data for a few more of the teams that had problems downloading their EMIT card have come in this morning. This data has been fed into the scoring database and the provisional results reports below have been updated accordingly to include/show these teams.

Update: Wednesday 07 July 2021

The scores of a few more of the ‘missing’ teams have been added to the results this morning. The provisional results reports below have been updated accordingly to include/show these teams.

Update: Tuesday 06 July 2021

We’ve spent the day manually adding the data from those teams who had a technical problem with their EMIT cards. This is a time consuming process and can take up to an hour per team (depending on the number of checkpoints they visited of course). Thank you for your continued patience whilst we carry out this work in order to ensure the results are as complete and accurate as possible. 

The provisional results reports below have been updated accordingly, to include all those teams that have been added today.

Update: Monday 05 July 2021

All the last minute team amendments have now been processed and corrections / adjustments made to times / scores where necessary. Time data has also been retrieved from a few more EMIT cards, that couldn’t be downloaded on the day. The provisional results (below) have been updated accordingly to include these team’s times and scores, and show the aforementioned changes.

However, please note that these results are not yet complete. Some teams do not appear on the results yet, due to a technical problem with their electronic score cards. We are working hard to ensure that these teams can be included in the results as soon as possible.

This issue doesn’t affect the scores of those teams currently shown on the results. But, it will affect the current position of some teams – particularly those in the lower positions – as each time a team’s result is added, every team below them will drop a place/position. So please don’t read too much into the positions shown on the results at the moment.

We apologise for this ongoing technical issue, which is beyond our control. And we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding whilst it is resolved.

Update: Sunday 04 July 2021

We returned the electronic score cards to EMIT in person today – a special journey of over 3 hours –  so one of their technical guys could try to extract the data from the cards that couldn’t be read at the end of the event yesterday.

They had mixed results. They were able to retrieve the data from some of the cards but not others. EMIT (UK) are going to send the ones that still can’t be read, back to Finland (EMIT HQ) – where they are manufactured – for inspection and analysis.

We’re extremely sorry about this. It is deeply frustrating for all concerned, including us. If you are one of the teams affected by this, we apologise unreservedly and would like to reassure you that we are taking this with the utmost seriousness indeed. It falls well short of the high standards we set ourselves and simply isn’t acceptable.

Update: Saturday 03 July 2021

The scores for those who took part in the 2021 Chilterns adventure race earlier today are now available on this page. 

Please note that these are provisional results and that they are incomplete. We are aware that a number of teams are missing from the results altogether, and the data has not downloaded correctly from some other teams’ EMIT cards. We will be taking these back to EMIT tomorrow to resolve this and will update the provisional results just as soon as we are able to.

If we were able to download the time data from your EMIT card and provide you with a print out then you should appear on the provisional results. Please check your score is correct and let us know if you spot anything that doesn’t look right. NB. We haven’t had a chance to make all the last minute team amendments, but will do so tomorrow.

If we were unable to download the time date from your EMIT card and provide you with a print out then you’re unlikely to appear on the provisional results yet (although one or two teams do at the bottom of each category with a score of zero). We apologise for this, and thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we rectify this.

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