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New Website Launched

We are pleased to unveil our brand new Questars website in preparation for the launch, next week, of the 2021 Questars adventure races. It has been purpose-built from scratch and has been over six months in the planning.

You don’t need us to tell you that the previous website was showing its age and things had moved on a lot since it was first created. Rather than keep adding “sticking plasters” to make the old Questars website work, we decided earlier this year (in lockdown #1) that the time had come to bite the bullet and start again with the latest technology to build a brand-new website that was fit for today’s world.

The key objectives, all with the aim of improving the experience for you, the user, were to…

  • Bring the Questars website design “up-to-date” so it doesn’t look and feel dated
  • Make the Questars website fully responsive so it displays well on desktop screens, tablets and mobile devices
  • Make the Questars website simple and easy to navigate around

We have tried to i) avoid too many big blocks/pages of text and ii) incorporate images where possible to supplement and break up the pages of text that were on the old website. 

You will also see that we have replaced the race information page with several new pages. These include an Introduction to Questars which gives a summary of the key features for those that are new to Questars and a separate Race Format page that gives an overview of the standard race information itself. Some of this information used to be covered off in the race briefing but we’ve put it online instead. This is to try and shorten the length of the race briefing by concentrating the briefing on things specific to each particular event (and not the general information applicable to all events which is now available online instead).

There is still a lot of content to be added to this website and this will continue to be done over the coming weeks and months. However, we’ve decided to do the switchover today so next year’s events can be announced at the beginning of December as planned. And as you can see the foundations and building blocks of the new Questars website are all in place, so it makes sense to do the switchover now.

We hope you like and enjoy the new Questars website as much as we do. Happy exploring!

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