2023 Adventure Race

Race day information

RACE day information

All the information you need for a successful race can be found here:

REGULAR RACe Information

All our regular race information can be found here:

Start Times

Those kayaking first have a set start time. These are staggered to ensure everyone can get on the water safely. Everyone else has been given a start time window. You can start anytime within this window.  

Make your way to the big yellow inflatable arch when you’re ready to start. Your race time (5/6 hour time limit) begins when you dib the start control.

The maximum time allowed for the kayaking is 60 minutes. Those not kayaking first have a kayak window of 90 minutes, however only 60 minutes of this can be used.

Exceed the maximum permitted kayak time (even by 1 second) and you will incur a 50 point penalty, so don’t go over!

You can only kayak within your kayak time slot. You must have finished kayaking (i.e. be off the water having dibbed the kayak transition control) before the end of your kayak time slot, otherwise you will incur a 50 point penalty.

So if you arrive at the kayak transition halfway through your kayak time slot, you’ll only have the half of your kayak time slot that’s left remaining in which to visit kayak checkpoints.

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