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Details Released for First Race Next Year

We are pleased to reveal our plans for the first adventure in the 2021 Questars Adventure Race Series. The first event in the Questars Adventure Race Series traditionally takes place at the end of March. But this will not be the case in 2021 as we try to mitigate any potential impact of Covid-19.

The first race of 2021 will instead take place a couple of months later in May. We understand that this means those of you who are keen to get back to adventure racing will have to wait a little longer, but we think this is prudent given the current situation (and where we were a couple of months ago when we started the planning for the 2021 events).

The 2021 Questars Adventure Race series will still consist of the usual four separate events. They will just be taking place slightly later in the year. So rather than the series starting at the end of March like it usually does, in 2021 the series will kick off with the Cotswold adventure race in May.

A Slightly Different Event

The 2021 Cotswolds Adventure Race will also be slightly different from normal in that it is to be held over two days. No, it’s not a two-day adventure race. It’s still a one-day adventure race that follows the usual race format, just with half the entrants taking part each day. The reason for splitting the event up and holding it over two consecutive days like this is to accommodate more participants and to facilitate social distancing if restrictions are still in place.

The Trio Masters race and the Duo race will take place on the Saturday as normal, whilst the Trio Novice race has been moved to the following day – the Sunday. If you are already down to take part in the Trio Novice race and can’t make it on the Sunday, then please don’t contact us just yet. We will be sending an email out to all Trio Novice race entrants later this week with further details. So please wait for this before contacting us and keep an eye out for it. Don’t forget to check your junk/spam folder if necessary.

When will Race 2, Race 3 and Race 4 be? You won’t have to wait too much longer to find out. We’ll be making the next announcement tomorrow about one of these adventure races.

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