Questars Winter Series Championship – a reminder

The Questars Winter Series Championship covers our four winter races. Everyone’s top three results count towards their series score, with a minimum of three races required to be considered for prizes. Series points are calculated per individual participant / team member. If an individual’s team composition between races changes, their series points are unaffected. Individuals in teams with the same team members throughout the series will gain the same series points and ranking on the series leaderboard.

In the event of a tie at the top, head-to-head race results will be used to determine the series winner (i.e. who beat who in the races in which all the tied participants took part). If this is also tied (e.g. everyone beat each other once) then the combined times (only for these head-to-head races) will be used, with the person with the fastest cumulative time being the series champion.

Race scores are converted into series points and series points from different races are added together for each person, to give their series score.

Series points are calculated by dividing an individual’s race score by the overall race winner’s score and multiplying by 800.

An example is shown below:

Pos. Race Score Series Points How Calculated?
1st  720 points 800 points (720/720)*800
28th 560 points 622 points (560/720)*800  

Calculating series points like this improves consistency throughout the series by minimising the impact of variable conditions between races which are beyond the course planner’s control e.g. the weather.

The state of play with one race to go

With one race the go the Championship really is a tale of two parts. The Open category is all but sewn up whilst the female category is going to go right down to the wire. We have looked at the current leaderboard and also compared results looking at each individual’s best two scores and here is the state of play:

In the Open Category, Campbell Walsh has once again engraved his name into Questars’ history by winning the series. Dan Thorby (our summer series Champion) is close behind but just out of reach, confirming second place overall. James Brown is leading the chasing pack for the final place on the podium with Rob Smart and Eddie Winthorpe in with a chance should either have a strong race at the weekend needing 752 and 755 points respectively to overhaul James.

In the female category, Jennifer Hunt leads the way with Liz Jones and Maggie Salter in joint second place and Mandy Hibberd in third but there are lots of possible permutations! Looking at the scores taking just the top two results, Helen Chapman leads the way by 60 points from Emma Gill with Jennifer Hunt in third place and Mandy Hibberd, Sian Davies, Maggie Salter and Liz Jones are all within a couple of checkpoints. We will be bringing our abacus with us at the weekend and it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

Changes afoot

With the 2024 Summer Series just around the corner we will be refreshing our Series Championship. Our 2024 Summer Series runs from March to September and comprises four one-day events and one two-day event. For the overall Series Championship, an individual’s top four one-day races count (our two-day event counts as two-one day events for the overall Series).

As well as the Summer Series Championship and the Winter Series Championship we will also be running an annual National Championship which will combine our summer and winter series with three summer races and two winter races counting towards the Championship.

We will also be refreshing our Vets category to make this more relevant.


Further details on all of the above will follow shortly.

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