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2021 Chilterns Adventure Race: Important Update for all Participants

We are looking forward to welcoming participants to the 2021 Chilterns Adventure Race on the 3rd July.

Last week the Government announced that the removal of all legal limits on social contact (Step 4 of the Roadmap out of Lockdown) will not take place in England on the 21 June as hoped. This event will therefore be slightly different to a normal Questars adventure race due to the Government’s current guidelines and Covid-19 control measures that still need to be followed, to reduce the risk of transmission.

We’ll confirm everything in the usual race information published early next week. But if you want a heads-up then you can get an idea of the sorts of things that will be different by looking at the Covid-19 risk assessment for this event. This is an evolving document that will be reviewed and updated as necessary in the run up to the event. It has been made publicly available to…

  • show that the risks have been properly assessed
  • reassure you that measures will be taken to reduce the risks where possible
  • show you that many of the risks are no greater than (i.e. comparable to) situations encountered on a daily basis by members of the public

This is a legal requirement of being allowed to hold the event.

Start Time Preferences

As a result, and in preparation for the event, we are asking each team leader (as named on your entry) to i) check their team details are correct and ii) update their entry with the following additional information…

The deadline for updating your entry with this information and making any changes to your team details is Saturday 26th June 2021.

Further details about each of the above can be found below together with some other important notes. Please read everything below carefully before updating your entry. Details on how to update your entry can be found at the bottom.

We need to know how many vehicles your team intends to bring to the event (if more than one). This is so we can ensure their is enough parking space for everyone. If you can share transport with another team member, or meet up on route and arrive at the venue in one vehicle rather than two, then that would be most appreciated and ease the pressure on parking spaces.

The deadline for letting us know is Saturday 26 June 2021.

Details on how to let us know this by updating your entry can be found at the bottom.

Please do not bring any vehicle bigger than a VW Transporter to the venue as you won’t get in and you will block the only access route which will cause significant congestion. Access to the parking area is tight and restricted when vehicles are parked in the marked bays on either side of the driveway leading up to the hall. Any vehicle you bring must therefore fit within a standard sized parking bay (e.g. in a supermarket / shopping centre car park) to avoid congestion and causing a blockage.

Start times will be staggered and spaced evenly throughout the morning. You should plan to arrive about one hour before your start time. You can select one of the following start time options…

  • As early as possible
  • 09:00-10:00
  • 10:00-11:00
  • 11:00-12:00 (Novice & Duo participants only)
  • As late as possible
  • After the hire bikes are delivered (if hiring a bike from Cyclexperience)
  • Don’t mind (no preference)
  • Same time as another team (provide details of the other team in the additional notes box)

If you do have any strong reasoning behind your choice, please provide this in the ‘Additional notes/comments‘ box. For example, if you have a long journey to the venue on the morning of the event and would therefore find it difficult to make an early start time then you need to provide details in the ‘Any notes/comments box’. Simply saying you have a long journey won’t suffice. We need the postcode you’re travelling from on the morning of the race (not the night before), the distance in miles (one-way) and the estimated journey time. This way we can compare you against others who think they are in a similar situation and prioritise those who do genuinely have the longest journeys to make on the morning of the race.

If it is not possible to accommodate everyone’s start time preference then priority will be given to those that have to travel the furthest followed by those that entered first/earliest.

The deadline for letting us know your start time preference is Saturday 26 June 2021.

Details on how to let us know this by updating your entry can be found at the bottom.

If you, or anyone in your team, is hiring a bike from Cyclexperience for this event please let us know. This is so that we can ensure i) you have sufficient time to sort out your hire bike before you start and ii) those people that have hired bikes are suitably spaced out (so you don’t all need to collect your bikes at the same time).

The deadline for letting us know is Saturday 26 June 2021.

Details on how to let us know this by updating your entry can be found at the bottom.

Sorry but Covid-19 restrictions and control measures mean no spectators are allowed at this event. This is a participant only event. You should therefore plan to travel without anyone (e.g. supporters / friends / family) who is not taking part themselves. And you should not arrange for other people to come and watch you. We understand that this might disappoint some of you but the alternative is to not hold the event at all. So we hope you’ll agree it’s a small price to pay for being able to take part and race. We appreciate your cooperation with this.

The person that made your entry (this is usually the team leader – as designated on your entry) – can edit / update your team details, by using their email address and password to log in to the online entry system here (circled in red on image of screen below).

If you have any difficulty logging in to the online entry system (and you are the named team leader on your entry), please refer to our FAQ’s where you’ll find information on what to do.

Once logged in…

  • Under Upcoming Events (highlighted in yellow on image of screen below), select the relevant entry to open and view it by clicking inside the grey box outline, on your name (i.e. where it says Public Guest circled in red on image of screen below). Don’t click on the event name as this opens the event details and not your entry.

  • Click on ‘Edit entry details‘ in the column on the left-hand side in the grey box near the top (circled in red on image of screen below)

  • Scroll down to Step 3 where you will see the new spaces for you to enter your start time preference and other information as applicable (highlighted by the yellow box on image of screen below).

  • It’s also a good time to check all your team details are correct. You can add any missing team details in the blank spaces provided and/or update any existing team details by overwriting them with the new details. NB. You can only change your team details (i.e. the data fields under Step 2, 3 and 4). For most other things such as switching race category (e.g. upgrading from the Duo to the Trio race) or adding team members / extra items, you will need to contact us (the system may let you change these options but they won’t be saved).
  • Then scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Save Changes at the bottom when you have finished making changes (circled in red on image of screen below)

  • Finally, double check to make sure all the changes you made have saved correctly!
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