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Welcome to the Questars Adventure Race Series

Questars Adventure Races

Welcome to Questars - The Adventure Race Series

Events in the Questars Adventure Race Series involve trail running, mountain biking and the option to do some kayaking as well.

Questars bring you the very best of adrenalin filled adventure racing, in some of the most spectacular UK locations. Questars appeal to everyone from beginners to experienced adventure racers.

Adventure Racing is one of the fastest growing adventure sports - become a part of it, enter a team and get involved today.

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Fri 13th Nov 2015 | A Record Opening Week

Thanks to everyone that has entered online this week and taken advantage of the opening offers on 2016 adventure race entries.

We have surpassed last year's record - in terms of the number of places sold during the opening week - and there are still 5 hours left to go!

Get your entry in before the opening offers end today at 1700 hrs - enter online here

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Mon 9th Nov 2015 | Opening Offers Available - This Week Only!

Entries are now open for all the events in the 2016 Questars Adventure Race Series.

A number of places for each race are available at the discounted opening offer price on a first come first served basis up until 1700 this Friday (subject to availability). Enter online now and save!

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Thu 5th Nov 2015 | 2016 Race Entries Open Monday

Entries for the adventure races in the 2016 Series will open on Monday 9 November and opening offers will be available as usual for the first people to enter each race.

These have proved popular in recent years, so be sure to get your entry in sooner rather than later to take advantage of the opening offers.

The number of opening offer places available for each race are limited. Opening offers end at 1700 on Friday 13 November if all the opening offer places haven't been taken up before this.

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Wed 4th Nov 2015 | A New Event for 2016

Next year marks Questars' 15th anniversary. We are excited to celebrate this by announcing the launch of a new event called Questars 360 (three-sixty). The inaugural Questars 360 adventure race will take place over the weekend of the 18 & 19 June 2016 to benefit from the long daylight hours which are coupled with a full moon.

This adventure race is one for those that like a big challenge - read more...

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Fri 30th Oct 2015 | More 2016 Races Announced

If you've been following the launch of the 2016 adventure races all this week, you might not be suprised to discover when and where the fourth one-day adventure race in the 2016 series will be - find out here...

And we've also got a new location lined up for the final event next year which promises to provide an exciting end to the 2016 Questars Adventure Race Series - discover more here...

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