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Welcome to the Questars Adventure Race Series

Questars Adventure Races

Welcome to Questars - The Adventure Race Series

Events in the Questars Adventure Race Series involve trail running, mountain biking and the option to do some kayaking as well.

Questars bring you the very best of adrenalin filled adventure racing, in some of the most spectacular UK locations. Questars appeal to everyone from beginners to experienced adventure racers.

Adventure Racing is one of the fastest growing adventure sports - become a part of it, enter a team and get involved today.

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Tue 18th Nov '14 | More 2015 Race Locations Announced

Following yesterday's site visits, we're pleased to announce the locations of both the June and July one-day adventure races next year.

We've updated the respective pages, so see the 2015 Race Programme page and follow the links to the June and July events to discover more.

We'll be adding the full race details to each of next year's event pages over the remainder of this week, and we plan to open entries up on Monday - the 24 November.

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Thu 13th Nov '14 | Update on 2015 Adventure Races

The dates for the remaining 2015 adventure races are virtually set in stone now and are unlikely to change - see each individual race page for details. And we're very close, we hope, to being able to announce / confirm the locations of these adventure races too.

We're off on a couple of site visits early next week to ensure the venues & kayak access points, that we've lined up for the April adventure race and June adventure race, will work. Assuming they are suitable, we will be able to confirm the details of all the remaining 2015 adventure races later next week. We aim to open online entries before the end of this month.

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Wed 5th Nov '14 | March 2015 Race Date Confirmed

We're pleased to now be in a position to confirm that the first race next year will take place on Saturday 28 March 2015.

Regular adventure racers will not be surprised to hear that we are returning to the New Forest for this the first race in the 2015 Questars adventure race series. See the race page for more details...

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Thu 23rd Oct '14 | Provisional 2015 Race Dates

We’ve starting to put the details up about our plans for the first few adventure races next year - see the 2015 Events box (upper LHS).

We will be finalising the dates and locations of all the 2015 adventure races over the next few weeks. Full race details will be up and entries open by the end of November if not before. In the meantime...

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Mon 6th Oct '14 | 2015 Race Dates

We hope to be able to announce the race dates for next year by the end of October (that's what we're aiming for).

It could be sooner or it might be a bit later - it depends on how long it takes us to get the green light from all the various venues, organisations and landowners etc.

Keep an eye on this noticeboard for updates later this month. Want to be the first to know? Follow us @QuestarsRaces, Like us on Facebook or Subscribe Here to be kept informed.

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