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2014 Questars Adventure Race Series - Race 4

Race Results

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Remember you can learn a lot for your next adventure race by looking at the split times in conjunction with your map to see which checkpoints other teams visited, and the order in which they visited them.

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Race Report

The Chilterns were the setting for the penultimate race in the 2014 Questars Adventure Race Series. Masters teams set off first just after 10am and had up to a maximum of six hours in which to visit as many checkpoints as they could. It was spitting with rain as they punched the start control and picked up a copy of the checkpoint descriptions and values from under the big yellow start arch. Although the light rain hampered some people’s attempts to write on the map and cross off those dummy checkpoints, it was refreshing in the hot and humid conditions. But the rain did not last long and by the time novice teams started an hour later, the clouds were beginning to break up and it was already beginning to feel quite oppressive. And with the temperature only likely to rise further throughout the day, many teams chose to run first.

The trail run made good use of the extensive network of footpaths, which gave plenty of different options in terms of both the checkpoints that participants visited and the order in which they did so. The terrain was varied with fast flat sections on the towpath down by the canal, which offered some shade as the sun came out, and some nice running along the rolling grassy Ridgeway giving good views over the surrounding area. Roy Sievers was the only person to visit all the run checkpoints (370 pts), covering more than the minimum 25 km with 500 m of ascent required to do so.

Kayaking on the Grand Union canal gave participants a welcome respite from the sultry weather as the water dripped off people’s paddles, cooling them down. Many people made full use of the 65 minutes they were allowed on the water, with eighteen teams paddling the 6.5 km round trip to visit all the kayak checkpoints (200 pts) within this time limit. The fastest to do so was rather unusually a novice team; men’s pair David Hobbs & Darryn Lapham recorded a time of 56:10 just five seconds quicker than the Masters mixed pair of Nicola Wood & Magnus Mill.

With the shortest distance between all the mountain bike checkpoints just 40 km it was not a particularly big mountain bike course but it was a hilly one with over 750 m of ascent. It was also a rather committing linear course area - out and back over the Chiltern Hills to the south west of Tring, to Wendover and beyond, from where it was a long way back to the finish. However those that made it to these furthest checkpoints were rewarded with some super mountain biking over challenging terrain. Torrential downpours the day before meant the surface of the bridleways were wet and muddy. But on the whole they held together well and were still very much ride-able. The only exception were one or two places in the woods where the ground rarely dries out and is quite cut up as a result. Five teams visited all the mountain bike checkpoints (430 pts) with Carol & Andy Yarrow being the highest placed finishers to do so.

The thunderstorms and lightening that had been forecast for the afternoon thankfully didn’t materialise and participants returned to the event base in glorious sunshine - albeit rather hot for racing - but at least the fine weather could be enjoyed once the finish line had been crossed. Prizes from event partners Likeys, MuleBar, MapDec & Muc-Off were awarded to all the class winners. Kris Smith’s (Team Endurancelife) score of 870 pts was the highest of the day and saw him take the overall race win. Ten points behind, and in second place overall, were the top mixed team of Carol & Andy Yarrow, who were also the top Veteran team with 860 pts. David & George Salter scored 740 pts to win the men’s teams class whilst 725 pts saw Charlotte Richardson & Rebecca Green finish top of the ladies class at their first attempt in the Masters category.

Novices had an hour less in which earn as many points as possible and out of all 73 teams it was Andi Flint who did so. Andi’s final score of 654 pts was almost 50 more than David Hobbs & Darryn Lapham who came second in both the novice category and the men’s class. Five points behind them in third place in the novice category was the top mixed team of Elizabeth Jones, Mick Kenyon, Ali Watkins & Paul Badger with 600 pts. Claire Briggs & Emma Bentley scored 495 pts to finish first in the novice ladies class which was well represented with a good number of all-female teams taking part. Meanwhile Sid Hardy did the double by winning the Duo race (does not include kayaking) for the second time on the trot. Sid's impressive score of 635 pts was 120 more than his nearest rival.

Well done to everyone that took part in what were some pretty sweltering conditions. The next race in the 2014 Questars Adventure Race Series takes place on Saturday 6 September in and around Poole Harbour. Like all Questars adventure races, it is suitable for both novice and experienced teams of 1, 2, 3 or 4 people. Enter online now before all the places go!


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