The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

Family league tables are available to download by clicking on the relevant file attached above. Full details about the Questars Adventure Race Family League can be found below.


Family League Information

Questars adventure races are family friendly events and a great number of family teams regularly participate in Questars adventure races. What better way to show this and encourage even more family teams to take part than have a separate league table for family teams?

The league table allows teams with more than one member from the same family to see how their performance ranks against other similar teams. It creates a healthy informal competition amongst family teams as they try to finish as high up the league table as possible at the end of the year. And it gives family teams a little bit of recognition and the opportunity to earn a muchly deserved title - 1st / 2nd / 3rd etc. Family Team in the 201X Questars Adventure Race Series.

Obviously if you qualify as a family team but would rather opt out of the above then that is fine. Simply don't tick the family team option when you enter online.


Summary Points

  • Only your best one-day adventure race result will count towards your position within the league. Teams can try to improve their position by taking part multiple one-day adventure races throughout the year.
  • The league runs annually. Positions and scores will be finalised after the last one-day adventure race of the year (which is typically in September).


How League Points Are Calculated


League points are the same as series points and are calculated in the same way.

The Details

League points are calculated by dividing your race score by the overall race winner’s score and multiplying by 1000 for one-day adventure race.

An example is shown below:                    

Race Position      Race Score          League Points           How Calculated?

1st                          895 pts                1000 pts               (895/895)*1000

28th                        530 pts                  592 pts               (530/895)*1000

Calculating league points like this allows results from different adventure races to be compared on an equal level by minimising the impact any variable conditions, which are beyond the course planner's control (e.g. the weather), might have.


Information About Taking Part

  • You will be automatically included if your team has two or more family members that are related to each other and you ticked the 'Family Team' box when you entered.
  • You can take part in as many or as few races in the Questars adventure race series as you wish but only your best one-day adventure race result will be used for your league ranking.
  • If you qualify as a family team but would prefer not to be included in the family league table, leave the 'Family Team' box blank when you enter online.
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