The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

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The 2010 Questars Adventure Race Series - Race 4


Full race results, provided by EMIT, are available to download and view above, along with the 2010 series leaderboard which has been updated with the scores from this race.


Photos taken during the event by professional photographer Rob Howard are available to view on the sleepmonsters website here in an album called 'Questars AR (4) - Cannock Chase'. You can also purchase copies of yourself in action, but these photos are only available for 90 days after the event so do take a look at them before they disappear. 

Race Report:

The final event in the sell out 2010 Questars Adventure Race Series took place on Saturday across the wonderfully varied terrain of Cannock Chase.

At the pre race briefing teams were welcomed and advised that, to match the two C’s of Cannock Chase, all four of the 4 C’s of classic adventure racing had been arranged for them today. That’s great Countryside to explore on foot, bike and kayak, a lot of Choice with more optional Checkpoints to visit than ever before, a real Challenge to decide on route choices and contend with the contours and wet conditions of the trails and fourthly the all important Camaraderie of adventure racing. All teams were encouraged to cheer each other on as they meet or pass each other on the trails.

There were also more points on offer than usual and only one dummy checkpoint. It’s location was only revealed as teams picked up the all important Checkpoint Values & Descriptions Card as they started, at staggered intervals. Clouds miraculously parted and the sun came out just as the first teams set forth. After recent heavy rains weather conditions were near perfect on the day with just one brief but heavy squall just after lunchtime.

In order to give teams the opportunity to trail run over some of the best areas of the Chase a remote transition point was established, where teams left their bikes and explored the open Chase on foot. With the heather in full flower and the sun out the heathland areas of Brocton Field and the Sherbrook Valley were at their best as teams criss-crossed the myriad paths and tracks in search of blue checkpoints. A number of teams were navigationally challenged here or about. The Checkpoint Values and Descriptions cards were closely scrutinised as to the precise location of the checkpoints. Many were located by silver birch trees with split trunks or on hawthorn trees with their red berries.

Masters Solo Mens class winner Simon Proud had an excellent run, visiting all but one of the Trail Run blue checkpoints. Another Simon, Simon Liebling, went one better and amazingly managed to visit all 15 blue checkpoints in around 3 hours.

Due to the remote run and kayak transitions points (TPs) there were, unusually for Questars, three chances to pick up the red (mountain biking) checkpoints – as teams made their way to their first TP, between the two TPs and on the way back to the Finish after the second TP. This format and the splendid mountain biking terrain encouraged many teams to major on the biking stage of the event. Indeed five teams visited 20 of the 21 biking checkpoints – a remarkable feat.  Given the huge choice of optional checkpoints and plethora of route choices none of these teams followed the same route or sequence. If you wish to see what route choices they made do have a look at the category results showing split times & routes taken here.

The kayaking stage of the event was on a section of the nearby Staffordshire & Worcestershire canal. Here too was the sole dummy checkpoint. The furthest green checkpoint, number 42, did not exist to the relief of many teams who then resolved to try and visit all the other 5 green checkpoints. No less than seventeen teams managed to achieve this target.

As teams returned to the spacious sports hall at the event base they were full of the challenges they’d faced on their chosen routes. Sleepmonsters editor Rob Howard took pictures of all teams as they crossed the Finish line. His photographs can be viewed online here.

Hot beef and vegetarian chilli from the ‘Quest Kitchen’ was enjoyed by many. Others headed for a reviving hot shower and change of clothing before the Results and Prize Giving was soon underway.

Thanks were given to event partners, Mulebar and Infinit for the energy bars and sports fuel provided to teams. Other event partners, Timex and Silva were thanked for their tremendous series prizes of top of the range sports watches and head torches. Kathmandu the outdoor retailer has provided event prize vouchers at all Questars in 2010 and these are redeemable at their great online retail site at They currently have an end of season clearance sale on, which is worth checking out. These prize vouchers were awarded to teams in top position in each of ten classes.

Scores from this final Questars event of the 2010 series were included in the updated Series Leaderboard which records the best three scores from the four event series. The following teams in the top three overall positions were awarded Timex and Silva prizes:

1st with 2875 points - Patrick Meldrum (Adventure Sports Magazine)
2nd with 2530 points - Adam Stirk and Paul Scott (Detica A)
3rd with 2385 points - Tom Davies (Capita Symonds AR)       

Patrick was also awarded the coveted Questars Series trophy, the title of Questars Champion for 2010 and a much deserved rousing ovation from his fellow adventure racers.

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