The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

New Forest Adventure Race


Race Results

All the results from the 2019 New Forest Adventure Race can be found towards the bottom of this page

Below is a summary of the race results showing the top three in each class...

Trio Masters


1) 1000pts Carl Silver
2) 915pts Magnus Mill
3) 895pts Tom Hards


1) 815pts James Bennett & Jacob Hibberd
2) 800pts Simon Jennison & Oliver Allenby-Smith
3) 775pts Graeme Williams & Phil Jaycock


1) 900pts Helen Chapman
2) 850pts Laura Frowen
3) 750pts Katherine Bond & Emma Johnson


1) 900pts Sally Hay & Andrew Hay
2) 785pts Natalie Taylor & Ian Grace
3) 765pts Stephen Cox & Jenny Symons

Trio Novice


1) 670pts Andy Prince
2) 503pts Phil Pattullo
3) 500pts Mervyn Haumann


1) 649pts Mark Lowden & Jonathan Coleman
2) 600pts Barry Pullen & James Cameron
3) 599pts Simon Fitzpatrick, Paul Trayler, Danny Carter & Chris Pulham


1) 420pts Jo Hall, Jo Smith, Emily Harris & Victoria Wickins
2) 406pts Jennifer Goddard
3) 392pts Sarah Watson


1) 594pts Zoe Douglass, Dougal Douglass, Amy Nunn & Jo Fleming
2) 553pts Emily Batt, Oliver Elliott, Jack Udale & Max Harwood Connor
3) 475pts Grace Bovis & Tom Squire


1) 630pts Sid Hardy
2) 560pts Mark Montgomery
3) 535pts Paul Oldfield



A full set of results for the 2019 New Forest Adventure Race can be found below...

Update: The results have now been verified by the race director and corrections made where necessary. Teams that did not visit the kayak controls in consecutive order have had their scores adjusted accordingly. This adjustment appears as a penalty on the results reports above but they are not penalties as such - they are just manual corrections to bring your score in line with the vast majority of teams that followed the kayak rules. In addition, two teams that went round together have been combined (into one team) so you may find you have moved up a position as a result.


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