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Participant Information

Final details for those taking part in the 2014 Brecon Beacons Questars adventure race


Team Numbers & Start Times

Your team number, start time window and kayak timeslot can all be found on the Team List. Do make a note of these. You can start anytime within your allocated start window.

The maximum time you are allowed on the water to kayak is 70 minutes - this is the same for everyone. You will notice that your kayak timeslot is longer than 70 minutes - this is deliberate to give you more flexibility and to make it less time critical. To be fair to everyone, the usual penalties apply; so go over 70 minutes (even if you stay within your kayak timeslot) and/or go beyond the end of your kayak timeslot and you'll get a 50 point penalty. More about this on the day in the race briefing.


Entry Amendments

Any entry amendments should now be made on the day itself. Inform the Quest staff at the front desk before the Race Briefing.



The event base will open at 0815. Please give us sufficient time to set-up by not arriving before 0815.

MASTERS (6 hrs)

0830-0900 Recommended Arrival Time
0845-0915 Team Pack Collection
0915-0930 Race Briefing
1010-1020 Teams Start
Time Limit – 6 hours from when you start
1610-1620 Teams Finish
1700-1715 Results & Prize Giving


NOVICES & DUO (5 hrs)

0915-0945 Recommended Arrival Time
1000-1030 Team Pack Collection
1030-1050 Race Briefing
1115-1130 Teams Start
Time Limit – 5 hours from when you start
1615-1630 Teams Finish
1700-1715 Results & Prize Giving



Facilities at the event base include:

  • Changing rooms, showers and toilets
  • The Christ College catering team will be serving the usual range of hot and cold, food & drinks
  • An indoor area for collection of team packs, the race briefing and the prize giving
  • Map pens, map boards & Mulebars all available to buy from the Front Desk
  • A medic on standby to provide first aid


Directions & Car Parking

The event base for this adventure race is Christ College Brecon, Bridge Street, Brecon, Powys LD3 8AF. Download directions here.

The college is on the south side of B4601 (grid reference SO 042 284). Parking is in three different areas on the college campus - download site map here. These will be filled in turn so follow signs / marshals instructions to the current entrance being used. Please do not drive on the grass.

View map showing event base location here


On Arrival

Leave your bike in / on your vehicle and make your way to the event HQ in the Sports Hall - see map. No registration is required.

Grab a bite to eat and drink from the Christ College caterers.

At the appropriate time, collect your team pack from around the edge of the hall. These will be laid out in numerical order. If your team pack is not there, come to the Front Desk to collect it.

Each team pack contains:
1 course map with all the checkpoints marked on it (printed on waterproof paper)
1 race number (to be worn by one member of each team - must be clearly visible)
4 safety pins (for attaching your race number)
1 EMIT card (electronic scoring device; take care of this and do not lose it!)
1 piece of cord (to secure your EMIT card)
1 plastic wallet (to protect your map)

You will be given the checkpoint descriptions and values (printed on waterproof paper) as you start.

All team members must attend the race briefing where further information about the course will be given (leave your bike in / on your vehicle until after the race briefing, or you bring a lock so you can lock it up during the race briefing)

Bring your bike to the start and put it in the designated area for bikes when you are ready to begin.


After the Race

Proceed immediately to the download station (in the sports hall). Remove the cord and hand in your EMIT card. You’ll receive a printout showing your total time and the checkpoints you visited. Check this carefully and let us know before the prize giving if any checkpoints you visited don't appear on your print out.

This print out will not show your points. Results will be announced at the prize giving in the sports hall and put up on display afterwards.

Eating within 20-30 minutes of the finish significantly aids recovery. Speak to the caterers to see what the hot-dish of the day is - it's likely to be the usual offering of either chilli or pasta bolognaise.

Changing rooms, showers and toilets will also be available.

A medic will be on standby throughout the day. If you pick up any minor injuries do see them afterwards as prompt attention can aid rapid recovery.

Prizes are awarded to those in the top team in each of the ten different race categories. There are up to £1000 worth of prizes up for grabs, thanks to support from Likeys, MuleBar & Muc-Off.


Final Word

Remember to:

•    Respect the area and the local community
•    Be great ambassadors for adventure racing
•    Give way to members of the public
•    Give all animals a wide berth


We look forward to seeing you on Saturday,

The Quest Team


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