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New Forest Adventure Race



Participant Information

Final details for those taking part in the 2014 New Forest Questars adventure race


Team Numbers & Start Times

Your team number, start time window and kayak timeslot can all be found on the Team List. Do make a note of these. You can start anytime within your allocated start window.

In a slight change from the past, we have removed the ambiguity regarding whether a Veteran team competes in the Veteran class or in the Non-Veteran Mens / Ladies / Mixed class by standardising it so all Veteran teams remain in their respective Mens / Ladies / Mixed class but are differentiated from Non-Veteran teams with the letter V in the Vets column. There will still be a prize for the overall highest scoring Veterans team and all Veteran teams will get a Veteran rank / position on the results in addition to their class (i.e. Mens / Ladies / Mixed) position.


Entry Amendments

Any entry amendments should now be made on the day itself. Inform the Quest staff at the front desk before the Race Briefing.



The event base will open at 0800. Please give us sufficient time to set-up by not arriving before 8am.

MASTERS (6 hrs)

0800-0845 Recommended Arrival Time
0830-0900 Team Pack Collection
0900-0915 Race Briefing
0940-1040 Teams Start
Time Limit – 6 hours from when you start
1540-1640 Teams Finish
1715-1730 Results & Prize Giving


NOVICES & DUO (5 hrs)

0900-0930 Recommended Arrival Time
0930-1000 Team Pack Collection
1000-1020 Race Briefing
1045-1145 Teams Start
Time Limit – 5 hours from when you start
1545-1645 - Teams Finish
1715-1730 Results & Prize Giving



Facilities at the event base include:

  • Changing rooms, showers and toilets
  • Food and drinks available including pre race bacon butties and post race pasta meal - see menu
  • An indoor area for collection of team packs, the race briefing and the prize giving
  • Map pens available to buy from the Front Desk
  • A medic on standby to provide first aid

If you are accompanied by spectators, there are also a number of other things at Gang Warily that might be of interest to them - especially the younger ones. These include a playground, playing fields, skate park and basket ball area which are all free to use, together with some activities for which there is a small fee including pitch and putt, use of a 5-a-side astro turf pitch and fishing - please see staff at reception if you want to do any of these activities.


Directions & Car Parking

Although there is alot of parking space on tarmac / gravel, there are alot of you taking part (the event is full having sold out weeks ago). So please do share transport if possible. There is sufficient parking for one vehicle for pairs and solo participants and two vehicles for teams of 3/4 people, but there is not enough space for every team member to bring their own vehicle so if you were going to do this please arrange to meet up off site (somewhere closer to home) and travel to the venue in one vehicle - it’ll be much kinder to the environment and you’ll also be able to talk team tactics on the way!

The event base for this adventure race is Gang Warily Recreation Centre, Newlands Road, Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 1GA - view map

The centre is well signposted from the A326 - follow the brown 'tourist' road signs which say 'Gang Warily'. The centre is on the north side of Newlands Road at grid reference SU 442 029.

Parking is on both sides of Newlands Road - follow event signage and/or marshals directions. Please follow marshals instructions and park close to the vehicle next to you otherwise there won't be enough room for everyone - you should be close enough so that you can't fully open the door to your vehicle. It is important you get it right and park closely first time otherwise you'll hold everyone else up whilst you manoeuvre closer.


On Arrival

Make your way to the event HQ in the Sports Hall see map. No registration is required.

Grab a bite to eat and drink from The Quest Kitchen

At the appropriate time, collect your team pack from around the edge of the room. These will be laid out in numerical order. If your team pack is not there, come to the Front Desk to collect it.

Each team pack contains:
1 course map (printed on waterproof paper and pre marked with all the available checkpoints)
1 race number (to be worn by one member of each team - must be clearly visible)
4 safety pins (for attaching your race number)
1 EMIT card (electronic scoring device)
1 piece of cord (to secure your EMIT card)
1 plastic wallet (to protect your map)

You will be given the checkpoint descriptions and values (printed on waterproof paper) as you start.

At the appropriate time, attend the race briefing (we recommend you leave your bike in / on your vehicle until after the race briefing, or you bring a lock so you can lock it up during the race briefing)

Bring your bike to the start and put it in the designated area for bikes when you are ready to begin.


After the Race

Proceed immediately to the download station (in the sports hall). Remove the cord and hand in your EMIT card. You’ll receive a printout showing your total time and the checkpoints you visited. Check this carefully and let us know before the prize giving if any checkpoints you visited don't appear on your print out.

This print out will not show your points. Results will be announced at the prize giving in the sports hall and put up on display afterwards.

Eating within 20-30 minutes of the finish significantly aids recovery. Food and drinks will be available from the The Quest Kitchen.

Changing rooms, showers and toilets will also be available.

A medic will be on standby throughout the day. If you pick up any minor injuries do see them afterwards as prompt attention can aid rapid recovery.

Prizes are awarded to those in the top team in each of the ten different race categories. There are up to £1000 worth of prizes up for grabs, thanks to support from Likeys, MuleBar & Muc-Off.


Final Word

Remember to:

•    Respect the area and the local community
•    Be great ambassadors for adventure racing
•    Give way to members of the public
•    Give all animals a wide berth


We look forward to seeing you on Saturday,

The Quest Team


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