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Participant Information

Final details for those people taking part in the 2018 Ridgeway Challenge (includes The Ridgeway Ride and The Ridgeway Duathlon) on Sunday 24 June 2018.

Start List

The Start List has been updated with recent changes. NB. After clicking on the link, you may need to refresh the webpage (press F5) to see the latest version if your web browser has saved a temporary copy of a previous version on your device.

Please make sure your team details are correct and contact us before midday on Thursday 21 June if anything is not shown correctly and needs updating.

Key Locations

Look at this annotated Google Map which shows where everything is located - it’s probably a good idea to save it to your phone.

NB. The GPX route files have been imported onto this Google map for reference. To view the route, select the relevant option on the bottom of the LHS menu. If you zoom in too much you will see the route is not that accurate as the GPX files have been created for 1:50000 OS maps (not Google maps).

Parking at the Finish

If you are parking at St Francis School on Saturday afternoon and catching the train to Cholsey, please familiarise yourself with this map (and save it to your phone) which shows you where to park. If you need to contact anyone from Quest please make your way to the sports hall where you should find the Quest Team member on duty. If they are not there and you need to speak to someone, please ring 07967 502226.

Parking at the Start

If you are getting dropped off / parking in Cholsey on Sunday morning please remember there is no parking at the scout hut and the pub car park is for patrons only so you will need to find somewhere to park on the surrounding residential streets. Please park considerately so as not to be in the way / cause congestion / upset the local residents.


Registration will be open from 08:00. Registration will take place outside near the gated entrance to the Scout Hut (or inside if it's wet). At registration you will given a team pack which will include a copy of the map with the route marked on, printed on waterproof paper (one map for every 2 people in a team).

Bag Transfer

If you want us to transport a small kit bag to either the transition point or the finish, please hand it in to us either at registration or just before you start.

Here's a reminder of what we will transport...

We will transport one small kit bag for solos / pairs and two small kit bags for teams of 3 / 4 people from the start (at Cholsey) to either the the finish (at Pewsey) or the transition point if you are doing the Duathlon.

Each bag must be no bigger than 40 Litres in size and 10 kg in weight. No liquids are permitted in kit bags except factory sealed bottles (bags will be stacked on top of each other).

Remember to use a waterproof bag or liner to keep your contents dry if necessary.

Camping at Cholsey

If you have paid to camp at Cholsey Scout Hut on Saturday night then you can arrive at anytime from 18:00 onwards but please note there is nothing much to do after you have arrived and set up your tent so there is no need to arrive that early - after 20:00 and before 23:00 is fine. If you arrive before 20:00 and the gate to the scout hut compound is locked, please call 07834 494876 to be let in by the Quest Team member on duty (they will be setting up inside the building).

In addition to your small kit bag (mentioned above), we will also transport your overnight bag and tent for you. Please note these will be taken directly to the finish at St Francis School in Pewsey. You won't be able to access to them at the duathlon transition point. Anything you want at the duathlon transition point must be packed separately in your small kit bag.


When you are ready to start, bring your bike and everything you need whilst cycling to the entrance of the Scout Hut to start. We'll then attach your tracker and set you off on your way.

The start is open from 08:30 until 09:30. You can start anytime during this period, but we recommend you start between 08:30 and 09:00 if you are not sure how long it is going to take you and / or you plan to take it steady.

Kit List

For a check list of things you may wish to bring, please see the Kit List.

Water will be available at the start, duathlon transition point and finish for all participants - see map. Please ensure you have the ability to carry sufficient water with you for up to 6 hours whilst cycling and for 1-2 hours whilst running.


No one likes lots of rules and regulations, so we have just a few in the interest of safety and fairness...

  • Cycle helmets must be worn at all times when cycling
  • Trackers must be carried at all times and must remain sealed. No tracker equals no time. You must not do anything to tamper with them / interfere with their signal.
  • You must hand in your tracker to a Quest marshal before heading home (i.e. after you finish or if you withdraw). If you don't, you will be responsible for any additional costs that are incurred as a result of the late return of your tracker (we hire them on a per day basis).
  • You should follow the prescribed route where ever possible. If this is not possible for whatever reason (e.g. road closed due to an accident / footpath closed for maintenance) then you should follow the signed diversion if present. If there is no signed diversion then you should follow the original route as closely as possible, remaining on permitted public rights of way at all times, and rejoin the prescribed route as soon as you are able to.
  • If you inadvertently take a different route to that marked on the maps, we will adjust your time accordingly so you don't gain any unfair advantage e.g. by taking a short cut. We will not penalise you as such (unless you've done something that's not allowed e.g. taking a bike on a footpath, or deliberately sought to gain an unfair advantage), but we will err on the side of caution.
  • If you take one of the short course options shown on the maps then you will still be ranked, but you will be ranked below the teams that completed the full course and may have your time adjusted accordingly so you can be fairly ranked alongside other teams that took a different short course option.
  • Teams must stay together at all times (except of course in the case of an emergency).

Route Maps

The route will be marked on 1:50000 scale Ordnance Survey Landranger maps. Teams of 2 will be given one copy of each map, whilst teams of 4 will receive two copies of each map (one for the 2 people kayaking and one for the 2 people trekking / running), so you can keep track of where you are.

No event signage will be put out on the route to show you where to go as the Ridgeway trail is easy to find and follow - it is well signposted along its entire length.

The route map will be very similar to the Stage 3 route map used for the 2016 Questars 360 Challenge which can be viewed below if you wish to familiarise yourself with the layout and format of the map in advance...

There is no key marked on the map. If you are not familiar with 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey maps please see the key for these maps, which you may like to also print off and bring with you.

GPS devices and apps may be used to assist you. Download the GPX route files below...

GPX Route Files

A GPX file of the route for each stage can be downloaded by right clicking on each of the following links and selecting 'save link as'...

NB. The GPX route files have been created for use on 1:50000 scale Ordnance Survey maps - this is why if you zoom in too much (i.e. in to the 1:25000 scale maps) the route may not appear as accurate.

Live Tracking

Friends and family can follow your progress on the Live Tracking page - feel free to forward this link on to them. Please note the route shown on the Live Tracking page is that for the Questars 360 Challenge. Your route is similar to that shown for the final leg from Cholsey back to Pewsey but it differs in a couple of places on the final run into Pewsey so please don't use this map to navigate (use the GPX files above and paper maps provided on the day for navigation).

Also note, the route shown on the live tracking page has been compiled from the GPX files, and as mentioned previously these have been created for use on 1:50000 scale Ordnance Survey maps - this is why if you zoom in too much (i.e. in to the 1:25000 scale maps) the route may not appear as accurate.

Final Word

Remember to:

• Respect the area and the local community
• Be great ambassadors for adventure racing
• Stay on existing paths and tracks at all times
• Give way to members of the public
• Give all animals a wide berth
• Keep voices down when passing buildings especially in Cholsey


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