The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

Wiltshire Downs Q2 Adventure Race


Race Day Information

Final details for those taking part in the 2017 Wiltshire Downs Q2 adventure race.


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Race Numbers & Start Times

Your race number and start time for Stage 3 & Stage 4 can all be found on the Start List - make a note of these details; you'll need your race number at registration. If you are wondering why kayak slots are being announced on the day, please see the kayaking section on the About the Race page.

To work out your start time for Stage 3 & Stage 4, add the number of minutes shown on the Start List to the time that the first team in your category starts.

Stage 3 - The first Novice teams start at 20:00 & the first Masters teams start at 20:15

Stage 4 - The first Masters teams start at 09:00 & the first Novice teams start at 09:15

So for example, if you are a Novice team and your start time is +10 mins, you will start Stage 3 at 20:10 and Stage 4 at 09:25


Entry Amendments

Any entry amendments should now be made on the day itself - just let us know at Registration.


Event Timings

Friday 06 October

1700 Event Base, car park and camp field opens. Please give us the time we need to set up by not arriving before 1700. The event caterers will be onsite serving hot food and drinks from 1830 until 2130.

2000 - 2130 Registration open. Come to the hall to register and collect your team pack. You will need to register on Saturday morning if you arrive after 2130.

Saturday 07 October

If arriving on Saturday morning we recommend you aim to arrive before 0830.

0800 – 0845 Registration re-opens. Come to the hall to register and collect your team pack.

0900 – 0920 Race Briefing in the hall

1000 – 1730 Stage 1 & 2 - kayaking, trail running & mountain biking

2000 – 2200 Stage 3 - night navigation / trail running

Sunday 08 October

0900 – 1330 Stage 4 - mountain biking & trail running

1400 – 1415 Prize Giving


Directions & Event Base

This adventure race is based at Kennet Valley Hall, Overton Road, Lockeridge, Wiltshire, SN8 4EL

Kennet Valley Hall is midway between the villages of West Overton and Lockridge, on the north side of the minor road that links the two villages.

The car park is small and spaces are limited, so please share transport / lifts if possible. Don't turn up in an over-size vehicle / motorhome because there won't be room for you. Your vehicle must be able to fit in a standard size car parking space (unless of course you are bringing a large group in a minibus for example).

The event field is the cricket pitch / playing field behind the Kennet Valley Hall and car park. There may be some parking on the grass in the event field if the ground is firm enough. Please only park on the grass if you are camping and not planning to move your vehicle again until the event has finished on Sunday afternoon. DO NOT drive on the grass unless directed to do so by a member of the Quest Team.

NB. There is no tap in the event field so we suggest you bring as much water with you as you can.



Facilities & Services

Facilities at the event base include:

 - Toilets & Changing Rooms

 - Hot Food & Drinks see event catering section below

 - Indoor Space to sit down in the dry between stages, for registration, briefings, download (after each stage), the results (after each stage) and the prize giving.

 - Medic on standby to provide first aid


Available to purchase (cash only):

 - Map Pens fine permanent pens for marking your map - £1.80 each view pen

 - Bike Map Boards with reusable cable ties for mounting on your handlebars; bulldog clips & rubber bands for holding the map - £5 for A5, £8 for A4

 - Questars 2017 T-shirt technical wicking t-shirt, 100% polyester - £15 each (SRP £18) - see t-shirt


Accommodation / Camping

Participants wishing to camp can do so at the event base on both Friday and Saturday night. You will need to bring your own camping equipment i.e. tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat etc. The event caterers will be onsite throughout the event so you don’t have to bring cooking equipment if you don't want to.


Event Catering

The event caterers will be in the hall, serving a range of hot and cold, food and drink throughout the weekend from around 1830 on Friday evening onwards. The sort of things that you can expect at certain times (subject to availability) are:

  • Pasta Bolognaise / Vegetarian Pasta (Fri evening)
  • Bacon / Sausage / Egg Baps (Sat & Sun morning first thing)
  • Porridge with a choice of toppings (Sat & Sun morning first thing)
  • Chilli con Carne with rice / Mixed Bean Vegetarian Chilli (Saturday after Stage 2)
  • Cake & custard (Saturday after Stage 2)
  • Soup of the Day with a bread roll (Saturday after Stage 3)
  • Jacket Potatoes with a selection of fillings (Sunday after Stage 4)
  • Filled Rolls - choice of fillings available (made to order)
  • Cakes, Pastries, Chocolate Bars & Crisps
  • Teas, Coffees, Soft Drinks etc.

Check the menu board or have a word with the caterers on the day to find out what is available & when.



As this is the last event in the 2017 Questars adventure race series, both event and series prizes will be handed out at the prize giving.

Event prizes are awarded to each person in the winning team, in each of the six different race classes.

Series prizes are awarded to the top three (sometimes more - if more prizes are available) individual men and women on the series leaderboard at the end of this event.

There are over £1500 of prizes to be handed out, thanks to the generous support from...


Final Word

Remember to...

• Respect the area and the local community
• Be great ambassadors for adventure racing
• Stay on permitted routes at all times
• Give way to members of the public
• Give all animals a wide berth


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