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Welcome to the Questars Adventure Race Series

Questars Adventure Races

Welcome to Questars - The Adventure Race Series

Questars adventure races involve trail running, mountain biking and the option to do some kayaking.

Questars bring you the very best of adrenalin filled adventure racing, in some of the most spectacular locations in the UK. Questars appeal to everyone from beginners to experienced adventure racers alike.

Adventure Racing is one of the fastest growing adventure sports - enter a team and get involved today...



QUESTars Notice Board

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Final Details for the Cannock Chase Questars on 11 September 2010

These notes are a little longer than normal in order to give you the fullest information upfront. Do take time to read them thoroughly in advance of Saturday.

Team List & Start Times

Do take a look at the Team List above and note down your team number, start time and kayak time slot. Team packs will be laid out around the edge of the hall at the event base in numerical order. There is no need for you to queue up at the Enquiries Desk – simply collect your numbered team pack on or after the time specified below. The Team List can be downloaded here

Entry Amendments

If any of your team details need amending, please just advise the Enquiries team on the day of the event. 


These are different for teams taking part in the Masters category and those taking part as Novices or are in the Questars Duo event (without kayaking) as set out below :



  • Team pack collection opens 0900
  • Race Briefing 0920 - 0940
  • Starts from 0955
  • Finishing times between 1555 and 1635
  • Results and prize giving 1715


  • Team pack collection opens 1000
  • Race briefing 1030 -1050
  • Starts from 1100
  • Finishing times between 1600 and 1628
  • Results and prize giving 1715

Directions & Car Parking

The Questars event base is at Penkridge Leisure Centre, adjacent to Wolgarston High School off Cannock Road, just to the east of Penkridge which is 5 miles south of Stafford. Post code : ST195RX

If travelling from the south exit the M6 at J12 and take the A5 and then A449 to Penkridge and then follow the signs to the Leisure Centre through Penkridge.

If travelling from the north exit the M6 at J13, join the A449 to Penkridge and follow the signs to the Leisure Centre through Penkridge.

View map showing event base location here

Its suggested that you download and print off the aerial photo of the event base so that you know where everything is located.

Download aerial photo of the event base here (1MB)


Quest signage and Quest marshals will direct you where to park. Do look out for and follow the Quest signs as you approach the Leisure Centre/school. There is a strict one way system within the Leisure Centre/school campus with just one Entrance and one Exit route which are clearly signed.

No parking of Questars participants' vehicles is allowed near the swimming pool as these spaces are being used by users of the swimming pool.

Please do share transport if possible. If each team comes in one vehicle it’ll be much kinder to the environment and you’ll also be able to talk team tactics on the way!

Transition Points

Upon arrival take your bike to the bike depot which is located within the fenced area of the tennis courts. After setting up your bike in the bike depot follow the taped route to the back entrance of the Leisure Centre which gives direct access to event HQ in the Sports Hall. A Quest marshal will supervise this bike depot up until the last teams Start and again from the time of the first finishes up until prize giving at 1715. Please make sure you collect your bike, after the race, before 1715.

This Questars is slightly different from others. All participants will start and finish the event on mountain bikes. There are two transition points. One is a Bike/Kayak Transition Point. Questars Trio particpants (ie Masters and Novices taking part in the three stage event) will bike there to leave their bikes, kayak and then return to continue on bike to visit more bike checkpoints. The other transition point is in another location and is a Bike/Run Transition Point. All participants will visit this location on bike, leave their bikes there whilst they do their trail run stage and then return to their bike to continue to visit further bike checkpoints. See more details in the Amendment to Race Format section below.

What to do Next

Team packs will be placed in numerical order around the edge of the Sports Hall. You can simply collect your team pack at or after 0900 for Masters or on/after 1000 if a Novice or Questars Duo participant. There is no need to queue up at the Enquiries Desk for your team pack. Make a note of your team number so that you know in advance which team pack to collect. A full listing of all teams will also be displayed on the wall of the Sports Hall.

Also on display will be copies of the Questars 'What to do Next'. Its recommended though that you look at these useful pages now so that you come to the event fully prepared. You can download a copy to read here.

Amendment to Race Format

Teams will therefore not return to the event base at Penkridge until the end of their race. Accordingly you need to carry with you all that you need for the day including your first aid kit, waterproof outer clothing, whistle and team mobile phone. A small rucksac is therefore recommeded. Those who wear spd shoes to bike will need to carry with them trail running shoes. Water will be available for you to refill your water containers at both Transition Points. Water will also be available near the Start & Finish.

All teams will start from the Start arch just behind the Sports Hall of the Leisure Centre. Get here on foot all ready to race a few minutes before your start time. Line up in order of your team number. Have your EMIT card (electronic scoring device) out ready on the string provided so that you can start your race by using it on the START checkpoint. Don't forget to also collect from Quest the all important Checkpoint Descriptions and Values card as you start.

As all teams will be leaving the event base by bike after you Start go directly on foot to the bike depot to collect your bike and depart onto the course via the one way EXIT route. Do be careful as you leave as the Cannock Road is a busy one. Its recommended that you do not leave any items in the bike depot during the day. No bikes are to be taken to the Start or to the Finish.

Everyone starts on bike and can visit bike checkpoints en route to either Transition Point. Depending upon your allocated kayaking time slot you decide which of the two Transition Poinrs to visit first. After you've completed all your kayaking or trail running you return to your bike and can collect further bike checkpoints en route to the other Transition Point. After completing the third elelment of your race (either kayaking or trail running) you can visit still more bike checkpoints on your chosen route back to the event base. Remember you need to leave your bike in the bike depot in the tennis courts before running the short distance to the Finish arch.

Download a flowchart diagram here which shows the different options available to Questars Trio teams

The Race Structure & Format pages of the Questars website are amended slightly by the above paragraphs. These pages are full of useful information including some further hints and tips.

The format for Questars Duo teams is largely unchanged except that these teams will also all bike first as the Bike/Run Transition Point is remote from the event base.

After the Race

When you have finished visiting checkpoints return to the event base by bike. Leave your bike in the bike depot and then run the last few hundred metres to the Finish arch and use your EMIT card on the FINISH checkpoint to record your finishing time. Then immediately proceed into the Sports Hall to the Download Station where you hand in the EMIT card and receive a print out showing your overall elapsed time and split times between all the checkpoints you visited. This print out will not show your points. Overall results will be announced and published at the Prize Giving that will be in the Sports Hall at 1715.

The Sports Hall also contains the 'Quest Kitchen' where you can obtain pre and post race drinks and hot and cold food. Its proven that eating within 20-30 minutes of the end of significant exercise aids recovery via the restoration of all important glycogen levels within the body.

Through the Sports Hall are changing rooms with showers and toilets.

Do then return to collect your bike and return it to your vehicle before joining your fellow participants to hear and see the event results and to learn more about the exciting programme of Quest events in 2011. These will be announced at the Prize Giving along with presentation of event and 2010 series prizes and trophies.

Your Safety

Its very important that you stay safe throughout the day. Always wear a bike helmet when on your mountain bike. Always wear a correctly fastened bouyancy aid when on a kayak.  

Do ensure that your competitive instincts do not override your common sense. Always follow the Highway and Mountain Bike Codes. You'll be riding on a variety of terrain, including some minor roads and crossing some busy major roads. Do take care. Some country lanes are very narrow with high hedges and blind corners. Always expect to find oncoming traffic around the next corner. Some tracks are steep and rocky. Do keep within your technical riding capabilities. It's much safer to dismount down any slope about which you are uncertain.

The Countryside Code and Mountain Bike Code can be found at the bottom of the Questars Race Format page here.

All teams must carry a first aid kit with them and a whistle. By keeping in control and looking out for yourselves, fellow team mates and others you'll keep safe. If you do have an accident use your first aid kit. If you need assistance from another team do ask them. We can adjust times of teams that give assistance to others. If the accident is more serious summon help by six short blasts on your whistle every minute. If you hear this go immediately to assist. If the accident requires an ambulance phone 999 and tell the ambulance service where you are. Then immediately phone one of the Quest emergency numbers (shown on your map) and tell us where you are and we'll get to you probably before the ambulance.

Additionally there is an emergency medical technician on standby at the event base throughout the day. If you pick up any minor injuries during the day do see them afterwards as some prompt attention can aid rapid recovery.

If you are uncertain about kayaking technique, please do ask for guidance from the Quest marshals at the kayak Transition Point. The double sit on top kayaks are like giant floats, cannot sink and very rarely capsize. They are great fun to paddle. Do follow the Navigation Code whilst on the water. Essentially this means keeping in control, away from all other craft including other participant's kayaks, anglers and barges and locks. Always pass other craft on the right - just as if you were driving on the Continent!

The kayaking checkpoints are all attached to rope to the canal bank with a white float and will be accessable from your kayak. No need to get out of your kayak. Just glide upto the checkpoint in your kayak, dib with your EMIT card as normal and kayak on. Do not overlean out of the kayak as this may cause you to over balance. Do not pull on the rope or use it to aid your steering. This may cause the checkpoint to become dislodged. If this does happen please reattach the checkpoint to the rope and secure it to the tree it was previously secured to. Please also report this to the Quest marshals at the Kayak Transition Point.


Facilities at Questars event base include:

  • a large indoor Sports Hall for the Race Briefing and Reults/Prize Giving and
  • changing rooms, showers and toilets 
  • food and drinks available throughout the day from the Quest Kitchen in the Sports Hall - a range of refreshments will be available including breakfast baps (bacon or sausage) upon arrival and throughout the day, and a hot dish (chicken or vegetable curry) after the race.
  • map pens available to buy from the Enquiries Desk  
  • emergency medical technician on stand by to provide any necessary first aid

Equipment List

A list of things you need to bring and a list of things we advise you to bring can be found midway down this webpage here.

Event Photographer

A professional photographer from Sleepmonsters will be at the event to capture images of you in competition. Some photographs from previous events can be viewed on the Sleepmonsters website here where after the event you can purchase images of yourselves.

Energy Drink Deal

INFINIT nutrition have put together a special deal for Questars competitors, find out more here.

Bike Hire

Information about hiring a bike can be found towards the bottom of the event page here. Due to unprecedented demand these hire firms have now fully allocated their hire bikes to Questars participants. Anyone still requiring a hire bike may wish to contact Midland Cycle Hire (01562 711144) who already have a number of Questars particpant orders. A few more will enable them to deliver bikes to the event base on Saturday.


Do make a note of the timings above along with your team number, start time and kayak slot time (available here).

Have a great race on Saturday

The Questars Team


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