The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

Questars 180 Challenge



Kit List

What you NEED to bring...

Per Person

  • Cycle Helmet
  • Suitable Offroad Bike - Mountain bikes (with front suspension) are recommended. Other types of bikes (e.g. cyclocross bikes) may not be as suitable and may restrict your progress if it's wet / muddy but you may use them if you wish to do so providing they have appropriate tyres for off road use (slick tyres are not allowed). Any participant using an e-bike must declare this before they start and will be ranked separately. Check your bike beforehand to make sure it's in a good condition! If you have a last minute emergency and need to hire a mountain bike, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll see if we can get one for you.

Per Team

  • Bike Tools - for fixing punctures e.g. pump, tyre levers & spare inner tubes
  • First Aid Kit - to deal with any minor injuries
  • Whistle - to summon help in an emergency
  • Emergency Foil Blanket - or survival bag
  • Mobile Phone - specified on your entry (to carry with you in case of emergency)
  • Rucksack - or other type of bag, big enough to carry everything you need for 6+ hours on the bike

What we ADVISE you to bring...

    • Water Bottle - or hydration system (2 litres minimum)
    • Race Food - to eat on the go (some bars / gels available to buy)
    • Waterproofs - wind and waterproof outer layers (top and bottom)
    • Clothing - layers to keep you warm during / after the challenge
    • Hat - sun hat / cap
    • Gloves - mountain bike
    • Trail Running Shoes - with a decent off-road tread
    • Watch - or other timing device
    • Map Pen - for writing on the map (available to buy)
    • Map Board - map board for your bike (available to buy)
    • Waterproof Bag - or pouch / case for your mobile phone & valuables
    • Transition Bag - dry bag to put your running things in for transition
    • Bike Bell - to warn others of your approach (some routes may be busy / popular)
    • Bike Lock - a lock to slip round your bike / bikes when not in use
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