The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

New Forest Adventure Race


Course & Conditions

Information about the course area and its condition for the adventure race on Saturday 28 March 2015


Special Notes

Watch out, slow down and give way to other people and animals including walkers, horse riders, the animals that roam freely such as New Forest ponies, cows and pigs, and wild animals like deer.

Despite its name, the part of the New Forest that is being used this year is largely unforested which means there is very little shelter / protection from the elements. The weather can change very quickly and at this time of year it is not uncommon to have three or four seasons all in the same day. Please make sure you are fully prepared for all weather.


Trail Run

Most of the Trail Run takes place on access land. Whilst on access land you must keep to existing paths and tracks that are marked on your map at all times. Cutting across the open heathland or grassland is not permitted under any circumstance.

The ground is relatively flat with a few short sharp ups and downs. As a result some areas don't drain well and the gravel paths / tracks across the heathland can be quite wet after rain. In forested areas, the tracks remain wet and muddy as the shade from the trees stops the ground drying out at this time of year. Trail shoes with a decent tread are therefore recommended if you have them. 

Some of the fords are wide so expect to get wet feet when crossing these streams.

Apart from one fallen tree that we encountered, all the other trails were free from obstructions.

When not on access land you are only allowed to use the public rights of way that are marked on your map.

Please make sure you shut all gates behind you.


Mountain Biking

Bikes are only allowed on roads, bywaysbridleways and designated off road cycle routes. Obviously how much you do on road / off road depends on your route choice but to give you an idea, the shortest route to visit all the mountain bike checkpoints is about 25% on road, 65% on dirt / gravel tracks (firm) and 10% on other softer tracks (muddy and/or grassy).

The off road cycle routes are well maintained gravel tracks. They provide good all weather surfaces on which to cycle and are well signed with waymarker posts. You must not deviate from the designated off road cycle routes. Cycling on other tracks and paths is strictly forbidden in the New Forest.

Some byways are good gravel tracks whilst others are muddy and cut up. Likewise, the bridleways provide a good firm rideable surface on the whole but there are one or two short muddy sections in places where you might need to get off and walk. Please make sure your bike remains on the track at all times - you are not allowed to take your bike off track to punch a control or avoid a muddy patch as this causes damage to the verges. If you can't get past without staying on the path / track, and you don't want to get wet / muddy, you must turn around and find another route or visit a different checkpoint.

Some of the byways were being resurfaced earlier this month, so the condition of these could be anything from compacted, to level but uncompacted, to waiting to be levelled.

Please take care whilst cycling on roads. Even small roads can be busy in the New Forest at weekends. Keep in to the left hand side so that vehicles can pass when safe to do so.



The kayaking takes place on this lake. Depending on the level of the water, you may need to walk into the water a bit before getting onto your kayak if it is shallow. However please be careful not to walk into the water too far as it does suddenly drop off and get deeper. See photos from last time here.

There is a small amount of parking near the lake for spectators. Parking is not allowed anywhere on the approach track to the lake. Vehicles should continue to the end of the track (past the kayak transition) and park on the hard standing before you reach the main watersports building on the lake shore. Please ask any spectators accompanying you to keep vehicle movements to a minimum so as not to get in the way of other participants / put their safety at risk.



View all the photos taken on recent recce's showing different parts of the course here


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