The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

New Forest Adventure Race



Course & Conditions

Information about the course area and its condition for the adventure race on Saturday 29 March 2014


Special Notes

Once you start, you will not return to the event base again until the finish so you will need to carry everything you need with you.

Watch out for other people and animals including walkers, horse riders, these furry animals, wild animals like deer and those animals that roam freely such as New Forest ponies and cows.

The weather can change very quickly - on a recent recce it was like this one minute and like this the next. Please make sure you are fully prepared for all weather.

The Valentine's Day storm brought down a lot of trees in the forest and made many more unstable. For this reason we are unable to use certain areas of the forest. Please follow signage on the ground and info on your map and do not go out of bounds / off the map.


Trail Run

During the Trail Run you must keep to paths and tracks within open access land areas. Cutting across open heath or grassland is not permitted under any circumstances, as this disturbs ground nesting birds. Outside open access areas you are only allowed to use the public rights of way that are marked on your map.

The ground is quite wet especially in the forest where the shade from the trees stops the ground drying out at this time of year. Trail shoes with a decent tread are recommended if you have them.

Obviously you may stick to the side of paths / tracks to avoid the worst of the water / mud but you must not cross or walk along any fences / boundaries that run along the side of some paths / tracks (or venture onto open heath or grassland). If you can't get past without staying on the path / track, and you don't want to get wet / muddy, you must turn around and find another route or visit a different checkpoint.

Some of the trees that were blown over have started to be cleared but other's still lie across some of the lesser-used forest tracks and therefore you will need to cross / make your away around these with care.


Mountain Biking

Bikes are only allowed on roads, bridleways and designated off road cycle routes.

There aren't many bridleways but those that there are tend to be quite muddy in places - some so much so that you might need to get off and walk the worst bits but these are short sections and are soon passed.

The off road cycle routes are all gravel tracks which provide a good all weather surface on which to cycle. These were all clear of fallen trees when we last recce'd but that's not to say they will be 100% clear on the day as every so often another tree, weakened by the winter storms, topples over. You must not deviate from the designated off road cycle routes. Cycling on other tracks and paths in the New Forest is strictly forbidden.

Please take care whilst cycling on roads. Even small roads can be busy in the New Forest at weekends. Keep in to the left hand side so that vehicles can pass when safe to do so.



The kayaking takes place on a tidal river. There is quite a difference between high and low tidal conditions as shown by these photos and these photos.

Access is via a concrete slipway. Be careful not to step / slip off the edge of the concrete as it's tidal mud flats - soft and deep - on either side. Also, take care if the tide is out as the concrete can be muddy and slippery on the lower part of the slip way.



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