The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

Welcome to the Questars Adventure Race Series

Questars Adventure Races

Welcome to Questars - The Adventure Race Series

Questars adventure races involve trail running, mountain biking and the option to do some kayaking.

Questars bring you the very best of adrenalin filled adventure racing, in some of the most spectacular locations in the UK. Questars appeal to everyone from beginners to experienced adventure racers alike.

Adventure Racing is one of the fastest growing adventure sports - enter a team and get involved today...

QUESTars Notice Board

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Are you stuck for Christmas present ideas?

Have you left it too late for what you want to be delivered?

In the excitement of it all, have you even overlooked buying a present for someone close to you?


Well don't worry, the Questars Christmas gift vouchers can help. Unlike traditional christmas presents and gift vouchers, Questars gift vouchers can be purchased at any time - including after the last Christmas post, after the shops have shut on 24 December and even on Christmas Day itself - and you will still have your present in time to give to your friend or family member.


Follow the simple steps below to buy a Questars Christmas gift voucher for a friend or family member:

  • Enter the person into a Questars event online here (payment must be made to complete the entry process)
  • Open or download the relevant Questars gift voucher which can found attached at the top of this page
  • Print off this gift voucher
  • Add the persons name to the gift voucher and sign it
  • Give the gift voucher to the person. It really is that simple!

Frequently asked questions:


When I enter online, whose email address should I give?

When entering online, we recommend you use your own email address so you receive the automatic entry confirmation email from us - otherwise it may spoil the surprise for gift's recipient. We will need the email address of the person who is taking part in the race so we can keep them informed of the details in the run up to the event. So after Christmas we suggest you log in to change the email address on your entry. Alternatively you can just forward on the relevant emails to the recipient of your gift voucher.

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I'm not sure which event to enter my friend / family member into?

Enter them into the first Questars race of the year. They can always transfer their entry to a later event so long as they contact us at least three weeks before race day. To amend your race entry please contact us

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I'm not sure which race / category to enter my friend / family member into?

If they like kayaking or you think they will want to kayak then you need to enter them into the Questars Trio race. If you know they don't want to kayak enter them into the Questars Duo race. If you are not sure, we recommend you enter them into the Questars Trio race as this is what the majority of people wish to do. If they haven't done many adventure races before enter them into the Questars Trio Novice category and if they have, enter them into the Questars Trio Masters category. If you are still not sure, don't worry, you can always log in or contact us later to update and amend your entry. 

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I want to buy a gift voucher for my friend / family member but not for the whole team. Can I do this online?

Yes. Each team member should be entered or enter themselves online as a solo competitor into the relevant event. When all team members have entered, they should contact us and we can combine all their entries into one and put them into the relevant team category.

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I still don't know all the information required to enter online

If having read the above, you still don't know all the team or competitor information required, don't worry. You can log in or contact us to make changes to any information that you give - just don't leave it until the last minute. The deadline for transferring entries is three weeks before race day.

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