The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series


Charity Places

There are a number of charity places available for each adventure race. If you work for a charity and would like more information about these please contact us.



Charity of the Year

Help us keep our entry fees down by paying for your entry with a debit card, rather than by credit card. We'll also make a donation to our charity of the year from the money saved if you pay by debit card.

In 2019 it cost us up to 29 times more to process credit card payments (than if a debit card had been used to make the payment)!

Thank you to the 65% of people that used a debit card to pay for their entry this year. In doing so, you supported our charity of the year and have helped to keep our entry fees down.

Over £2000 has been saved in credit card processing fees to date. So remember, next time you enter online, use a debit card and help us to help others!



Supporting Other Charities

Questars adventure races have supported a number of local and national charities over the years, which are close to our hearts. These include the following...




Take part in a Questars adventure race for TEACH

TEACH – Time to Empower Africa's Children is a dynamic, frontline charity working to alleviate poverty through the power of education. They provide innovative and holistic educational programmes which place the power to change firmly in young people's hands. Sustainability is at the heart of TEACH's work – which is why they believe a hand up is more effective than a hand out.

TEACH are committed to empowering the next generation of youth leaders in both Africa and the UK. Their field projects in Tanzania and Ghana focus on fuelling internally-driven change through local change-makers. They work with rural youth to equip and empower them with the relevant skills, knowledge and mentorship to identify & tackle the challenges in their immediate surroundings, uplifting themselves and their community.

Whilst TEACH aim to empower young Africans, they also believe that it is imperative for the youth in the UK to become engaged with today's pressing global development issues. TEACH work with schools and universities across the UK promoting interactive learning amongst young people, with the aim of developing attributes of responsible, global citizens!

To raise money for TEACH by taking part in a Questars adventure race please contact Annie Morgan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - the University and Challenge coordinator - for a fund-raising pack.

You can find out more about the TEACH charity and the work it does at


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