New Forest

2022 Adventure Race

Race Results

The overall race winner together with the rest of the podium results for the 2022 New Forest Adventure Race are displayed below. These are the top three highest scoring individuals overall, irrespective of which race category and class they participated in. As such they have earned a special mention and are listed here in recognition of their outstanding achievement. Big congratulations to them all! Where points are tied, positions are determined by time taken with the quickest person first.

Mens podium


Iain Porter
955 pts


Carl Silver
940 pts


Daniel Thorby
920 pts

Ladies podium


Lucy Nell
900 pts


Helen Chapman
880 pts


Nicky Griffin
755 pts

Scores & Positions

The table below displays a searchable summary of all the results from the 2022 New Forest Adventure Race. If you took part in this adventure race, type your name into the search box to find your result. For more detailed results, which include split times, please see the full results on the SportIdent website.

Use the search box to find a particular person, team or race number. You can also use the search box to filter the rows displayed. For example, type “Novice” or “Duo” into the search box to just show the Novice/Duo race results. Or you can narrow it down further by being more specific. For example, if you type “Masters Mixed Vets” in the search box then only the Masters Mixed Teams classified as Veterans will be shown. When viewing the table on a mobile device it’s best to view the screen in landscape orientation.

Team NameNo.Team MembersCategoryTimeScore
1stIain Porter139Iain Porter1st Trio Masters Men's Solos05:57:32955
2ndCarl Silver106Carl Silver2nd Trio Masters Men's Solos05:53:05940
3rdDaniel Thorby117Daniel Thorby3rd Trio Masters Men's Solos05:59:28920
4thVolare Adventure168Charles Nell, Lucy Nell1st Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:54:29900
5thchappers158Helen Chapman1st Trio Masters Ladies05:54:01880
6thTeam Endurancelife104Gary Davies4th Trio Masters Men's Solos06:12:44875
7thKevin Stephens111Kevin Stephens5th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:58:41865
8thTom Hards116Tom Hards6th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:43:43855
9thpuffnohuff107Jon Heissig7th Trio Masters Men's Solos06:08:48830
10thVicks up look Sharpe123Andrew Sharpe, Tom Vickery1st Trio Masters Men's Teams06:06:31820
11thSolo Prince122Andy Prince8th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:45:52805
12thFusion Adventure Racing Team138Graeme Williams, Phil Haycock2nd Trio Masters Men's Teams05:46:40805
13thDan and Dom103Daniel Warby, Nick Brown3rd Trio Masters Men's Teams05:58:04800
14thMontyzoomer131Mark Montgomery9th Trio Masters Men's Solos06:01:24795
15thTea & Torq133Stuart Colvin10th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:59:27785
16thBounce115David Lain11th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:54:54780
17thCornerways Medical Centre130Simon Jennison, Tom Isbister4th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:57:54775
18thHuffnoPuff159Nicky Griffin2nd Trio Masters Ladies05:45:03755
19thSafe Strength145James Brown12th Trio Masters Men's Solos06:14:00755
20thPootle143Phil Pattullo13th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:43:35740
21stCanters140Paul Cantrill14th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:04:13690
22ndRunning on empty113Stephen Gale, Alex Williams, Thomas Rackham5th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:46:33690
23rdMidnight's Racers167Laura Ashfield, Ross Remnant2nd Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:48:06690
24thThe Simpsons176Richard Simpson, Sally Simpson3rd Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:51:57680
25thThe Didcot Massive175Sandy Benchetrit, Duncan Sneddon, Rick Fielder4th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:46:53670
26thMazz and Stu172Maryvonne Hassall, Stuart Hassall5th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:52:59660
27thGuffing girls160Isla Reynolds3rd Trio Masters Ladies05:58:41660
28thTeam Baggers162Jocelyn Bagnall, Henry Bagnall6th Trio Masters Mixed Teams06:01:51660
29thCritchley-Peddle150Olivia Critchley-Peddle, Ruth Critchley-Peddle4th Trio Masters Ladies05:42:56655
30thPurple Girl152Julie Banton5th Trio Masters Ladies05:40:50650
31stAmygo163Rob Burridge, Amy Hulley7th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:50:33650
32ndThe Day Releasers112Scott McMillan, Tony McNeil6th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:58:04650
33rdPaul Rose114Paul Rose15th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:13:22645
34thTeam SFSP129Steven Delvin, Alan Scott, James Mole, Chris Ayres7th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:46:47645
35thMad Old Tarts157Maggie Salter, Liz Jones6th Trio Masters Ladies05:52:22640
36thPhats & Small135Kazuaki Sudo, Dominic Crocker, Adam Hannigan8th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:53:41635
37thSomerset Vikings170Kirsten King, David Hooper8th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:58:12625
38thNigel Cribb101Nigel Cribb16th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:42:40620
39thDean Ricketts105Dean Ricketts17th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:43:00620
40thNew Forest Munlers171Paul Munday, Harald Weller9th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:51:58620
41stNeed for Speed128Andrew Cawthorne, David Birrell10th Trio Masters Men's Teams06:12:04615
42ndStrider125Matthew Saunders18th Trio Masters Men's Solos06:10:04605
43rdFuelled by Jelly Babies164Mo Fitzpatrick, Ben Alcott9th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:54:28595
44thPurple horses108Mark Greener19th Trio Masters Men's Solos06:11:20595
45thMichael Downey137Michael Downey20th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:38:19590
46thLondon Bridge Associates Ltd132Ian Grace, David Smith, Alex Kevan11th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:44:20590
47thPebbles177Philip Jales, Sarah Jales10th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:47:43585
48thHuge Potential144James Williamson, Hugh Yarrow, Tom Lloyd-Smith12th Trio Masters Men's Teams06:01:45580
49thTruffle mayo100Caroline Gillespie, Emma Hill7th Trio Masters Ladies06:13:22580
50thTeam Nerdle119Richard Mann, Jonathan Thornton13th Trio Masters Men's Teams06:05:25565
51stOver the Hill109Simon Perry21st Trio Masters Men's Solos06:07:08555
52ndThe Old Deer Park Plodders154Louise Knox, Sarah Thomas8th Trio Masters Ladies05:53:43550
53rdTwo awesome women and me169Jackie Sharpe, Lee Butler, Rebecca Cupitt11th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:57:04550
54thLost Soles Light153Laura Price, Rebecca Topham9th Trio Masters Ladies05:32:22540
55thBoris Johnson's Tory Army165Guy Matthews, Paul Gregory, Gregg Freeman14th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:53:28540
56thThe Lookers155Aimee Looker, Sandra Looker10th Trio Masters Ladies05:51:38530
57thBAM118Andy Marsh, Mike Lockett, Benjamin Amos15th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:57:34515
58thCaffeine Queens110Henry Scott-Jones, Paul Scarrott, Scott Peacock16th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:58:44510
59thRan Solo142Paul Evans22nd Trio Masters Men's Solos05:15:24505
60thF1Trailblazers134Mark Salmon, David Phillips17th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:54:23495
61stWhere is my cake120Huw Parsons, Richard Tunnicliff18th Trio Masters Men's Teams04:42:03475
62ndwARrior102Andrew Woodhouse23rd Trio Masters Men's Solos04:49:07475
63rdBeacon Adventure Racing173Andy Wayland, Emily Wayland, Tom Wayland, Ethan Lundholm12th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:56:06475
64thMilestone Milers121Philip Raven, Alex Robson, Charles Getter19th Trio Masters Men's Teams06:00:37475
65thTeam Ayris124Howard Ayris, Edmund Ayris20th Trio Masters Men's Teams05:43:59445
66thKelly Lehmann127Kelly Lehmann24th Trio Masters Men's Solos05:57:06440
67thThe Griffs174Robert Griffiths, Charlotte Griffiths13th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:53:31425
68thBab & Bub166Christine Matthews, Doug Atkins14th Trio Masters Mixed Teams05:46:08340
69thHip Knees Wrists Thumbs Pain141Lyndon Sutton25th Trio Masters Men's Solos04:25:04125
1stBumders221Jennifer Hunt, Chris Kempton, Alistair Wragg1st Trio Novice Mixed Teams04:54:43640
2ndNo Tears This Time207Ben Bingham, William Rumsey, Andrew Nichols1st Trio Novice Men's Teams04:47:35630
3rdLong way around230Peter Pawlik, Sally Pawlik2nd Trio Novice Mixed Teams05:02:01619
4thDelusional Dads251Ben Mann, Chris Knight2nd Trio Novice Men's Teams04:51:45610
5thLycett-Whiting's252Lucy Lycett, Oliver Whiting3rd Trio Novice Mixed Teams04:45:07595
6thJust for fun213Jo Chapman, Andy Brett4th Trio Novice Mixed Teams05:08:16587
7thLTC Old Duffer / Lymington Triathlon Club232Matthew Brearley1st Trio Novice Men's Solos05:05:44583
8thMervyn Haumann234Mervyn Haumann2nd Trio Novice Men's Solos04:51:40565
9thRich & Oscar255Richard Bennett, Oscar Sly3rd Trio Novice Men's Teams05:03:46557
10thTake2 plus 1212Lorna Myerscough, Lorna Giddings, Victoria Smith, Chris Peterson5th Trio Novice Mixed Teams04:56:05550
11thTeam Howitt206Adam Howitt, Anthony Howitt4th Trio Novice Men's Teams05:11:45541
12thBetter Late Than Never256Keith Daly, Kathy Daly6th Trio Novice Mixed Teams04:56:44540
13thHamble hobblers218Nicholas Hance, Carolyn Hance7th Trio Novice Mixed Teams04:52:09535
14thPub Dads231Michael LeMaistre, Ben Hayball, Matthew Oakley5th Trio Novice Men's Teams05:05:33513
15thPhilip Holland237Philip Holland3rd Trio Novice Men's Solos04:59:07495
16thWhitchurch Warriors209Victoria Rampton, Athena Webb1st Trio Novice Ladies04:42:55490
17thThe Greased Trunnions208Rob Bowra, John Foster, Darrell Woodford6th Trio Novice Men's Teams04:48:54490
18thWilley Bro216Sean Ridley4th Trio Novice Men's Solos04:53:57485
19th"Charlie, I've won!"242Beverley Darkin2nd Trio Novice Ladies04:57:21485
20thThe Brookenders226Jean Underwood, Paul Solbe8th Trio Novice Mixed Teams05:04:28480
21stTeam gould245William Gould, Maria Gould9th Trio Novice Mixed Teams05:03:30477
22ndThe local Beale ends238Karl Roche, Jake Roche, Mike Beale7th Trio Novice Men's Teams05:01:02476
23rdWestward Ho!224Rob Young, Grace Lovelass, Robert Lovelass, Rowan Young10th Trio Novice Mixed Teams04:50:54470
24thJarka's Trailblazer243Josie Steel, Jarka Meleszkiewicz, Zoe Hudson3rd Trio Novice Ladies04:59:14455
25thBeeches Express241John Banks, Fiona Banks, Felicity Murray, Liam Murray11th Trio Novice Mixed Teams04:53:21450
26thLP Stub Squad229Grant Weedon, Craig Dimblebee8th Trio Novice Men's Teams05:03:12447
27thThe Blenheim Cacklers220Amanda Wiley, Suzy Crowe4th Trio Novice Ladies04:52:14445
28thA Grand Day Out204Naomi Osborne, Becky Langdon5th Trio Novice Ladies04:56:52445
29thSimon235Simon Eastwood5th Trio Novice Men's Solos05:03:09437
30thGrant Cambridge228Grant Cambridge6th Trio Novice Men's Solos05:03:19437
31stForca Frauleins215Kate Chapman, Hannah Horobin, Frauke Taylor, Genie Webb6th Trio Novice Ladies04:59:57435
32ndTeam Fuell211Kirsty Bell, Tim Fudge12th Trio Novice Mixed Teams05:26:03426
33rdHarry and Sams Adventures240Samantha Allen, Harry Staniland13th Trio Novice Mixed Teams05:01:19421
34thJolly Jacksons225Emma-Jane Jackson, Jason Jackson14th Trio Novice Mixed Teams04:49:01400
35thLOST205Ben Armstrong7th Trio Novice Men's Solos04:53:02400
36th127 finish202Chris Casanovas, Andrew Wallis, Tom Smith9th Trio Novice Men's Teams05:01:42396
37thThe Lost Boys248Matt Hart, Tony Hart, Cliff Gideon, Tom Goddard10th Trio Novice Men's Teams05:02:21389
38thDetour214Julie Lardieg, Fred Lardieg15th Trio Novice Mixed Teams05:32:32384
39thWhy run when you can skip?219Simon Munk, Helen Whyman, Josephine Tucker16th Trio Novice Mixed Teams05:02:54379
40thHunts Tri-Hards217Kat Wynn, Carrianne Priddy, Rebecca Gough7th Trio Novice Ladies04:49:04375
41stJeremy Webb233Jeremy Webb8th Trio Novice Men's Solos05:25:53373
42ndA&E239Amy Turner, Emily Webb8th Trio Novice Ladies04:39:14365
43rdStu - Lost and Alone201Stuart Graves9th Trio Novice Men's Solos05:28:32362
44thLibel250Elizabeth Greenhalgh, Ellie Draper9th Trio Novice Ladies04:40:22360
45thCrazy Crew249Naomi Small, Matthew Small, William Dodds17th Trio Novice Mixed Teams05:47:56354
46thSpencer Bashford227Spencer Bashford10th Trio Novice Men's Solos05:26:06351
47thEmZoe244Emily Gordon, Zoe Reville10th Trio Novice Ladies05:07:26309
48thI can't navigate - canoe?222Joanna Naish, Rob Naish, Chris Naish, Lucy Bennet18th Trio Novice Mixed Teams04:49:09300
49thHallison254Jane Halliday, Sharm Allison11th Trio Novice Ladies05:02:44234
1stFreerange MTB289Sid Hardy1st Duo04:59:12640
2ndScallyback285Paul Oldfield2nd Duo05:03:10540
3rdTim Gray286Tim Gray3rd Duo04:43:39530
4thTeam Legs Miserables288Bobby Darbyshire, Dannii Darbyshire, Eleanor Griffiths, Tom Griffiths4th Duo05:02:50385
5thThis Way290Wayne McCorkell, Riley McCorkell5th Duo05:20:08270
6thChaffing the Dream287Dan Gallagher, Sharon Gallagher6th Duo04:27:18265
7thFlying (Fish) Solo293Stuart Whiting7th Duo05:03:05265
8thFull Metal Jack-Ett292Shirley Jackson, Wilsey Mockett8th Duo04:32:41260
9thDevon Girls291Beth Woollam, Lyra Woollam-Dalling9th Duo04:28:18255

Results reports

Split Times

The split times report shows the order in which checkpoints were visited and the time taken between them.


The scoring report gives a breakdown of the scores and shows the checkpoints visited by each team.

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