Wiltshire Downs

2021 Adventure Race

Race Results

The overall race winner together with the rest of the podium results for the 2021 Wiltshire Downs Adventure Race are displayed below. These are the top three highest scoring individuals overall, irrespective of which race category and class they participated in. As such they have earned a special mention and are shown here in recognition of their outstanding achievement. Big congratulations to them all! Where points are tied, positions are determined by time taken with the quickest person first.

Mens podium


Iain Porter
965 pts


Carl Silver
930 pts


Tom Hards
925 pts

Ladies podium


Helen Chapman
825 pts


Emma Gill
785 pts


Karen Jones
760 pts

Scores & Positions

The table below displays a searchable summary of all the results from the 2021 Wiltshire Downs Adventure Race. If you took part in this adventure race, type your name into the search box to find your result. For more detailed results, which include split times and a breakdown of the scoring for each team, please see the results reports towards the bottom of this page.

Use the search box to search for a particular person, team or race number. You can also use the search box to filter the rows displayed. For example, type “Novice” or “Duo” into the search box to just show the Novice/Duo race results. Or you can narrow it down further by being more specific. For example, if you type “Masters Mixed Vets” in the search box then only the Masters Mixed Teams classified as Veterans will be shown. When viewing the table on a mobile device it’s best to view the screen in landscape orientation.

Team NameNo.Team MembersCategoryTimeScore
1stIain Porter336Iain Porter1st Masters Men's Solos06:01:01965
2ndDownwind335Carl Silver (Vets)2nd Masters Men's Solos05:53:29930
3rdTom Hards346Tom Hards3rd Masters Men's Solos05:46:47925
4thTeam Endurancelife315Gary Davies (Vets)4th Masters Men's Solos06:00:11900
5thNell Solo458Charles Nell5th Masters Men's Solos05:46:26875
6thRob Smart301Rob Smart (Vets)6th Masters Men's Solos05:57:27840
7thWorcester, Bristol & Neston Triathletes357Adam Jackson, Alex Smith, Ben Hollis1st Masters Men's Teams06:02:02840
8thNick Dallimore460Nick Dallimore (Vets)7th Masters Men's Solos05:42:20830
9thchappers342Helen Chapman1st Masters Ladies05:48:58825
10thNeed for Speed333Andrew Cawthorne, Alex Cawthorne (Vets)2nd Masters Men's Teams05:50:56790
11thJames brown326James Brown8th Masters Men's Solos06:02:45790
12thTeam Gill322Emma Gill, Richard Gill (Vets)1st Masters Mixed Teams05:52:57785
13thFuzion Adventure Racing Team358Phil Haycock, Graeme Williams, Bert Broadley (Vets)3rd Masters Men's Teams05:53:59785
14thMontyzoomer343Mark Montgomery (Vets)9th Masters Men's Solos05:50:03780
15thFrenchy332Barry French (Vets)10th Masters Men's Solos05:53:45765
16thStocton Roadies312Andy Jones, Karen Jones (Vets)2nd Masters Mixed Teams05:57:30760
17thDelta Farce304Jonathan Vincent-Viry, Nicolas Riviere4th Masters Men's Teams05:58:45750
18thPrince Solo324Andy Prince11th Masters Men's Solos05:49:42745
19thBounce463David Lain, Iain Morris (Vets)5th Masters Men's Teams05:55:57740
20thNo going back465Oliver Allenby-Smith, Simon Jennison6th Masters Men's Teams05:54:29735
21stRocco's the boss323Stuart Hassall, Maryvonne Hassall (Vets)3rd Masters Mixed Teams05:55:13730
22ndScrinsen339George Carney (Vets)12th Masters Men's Solos05:52:30720
23rdAlastair306Alastair Robertson13th Masters Men's Solos05:55:40720
24thFarmborough Duo320Jeremy Tonge, Oliver Tonge7th Masters Men's Teams05:55:55720
25thSolonely303Paul Cantrill (Vets)14th Masters Men's Solos05:30:18715
26thWaspy's wonder women302Isla Reynolds, Nina Ingham (Vets)2nd Masters Ladies05:44:32715
27thPootlers354Phil Pattullo, Nick Hance (Vets)8th Masters Men's Teams05:57:13715
28thLiebers351Simon Liebling (Vets)15th Masters Men's Solos05:58:46700
29th...---...331Michael Downey (Vets)16th Masters Men's Solos05:49:45690
30thThe Coburn 3459Anthony Thompson, Timothy Hawkins (Vets)9th Masters Men's Teams05:52:44675
31stNorth Down SAR349Danny Gomme, Caroline Wharton4th Masters Mixed Teams05:53:56675
32ndFaster Than Snails317Maureen Fitzpatrick, Simon Fitzpatrick (Vets)5th Masters Mixed Teams05:35:13670
33rdTotally Stoked316Craig Purchase, Phil Hyland (Vets)10th Masters Men's Teams05:39:20670
34thSG457Gareth Heathcote, Stuart Bridewell (Vets)11th Masters Men's Teams05:52:39670
35thW7360Catherine Allen, Simon Baxter (Vets)6th Masters Mixed Teams05:58:16670
36thKiwi Missionaries467George Love, Liam Beattie, Alen Meenchira, Luke Edwardes-Evans12th Masters Men's Teams06:00:17665
37thTriple S305Sophie Spencer-Small3rd Masters Ladies05:38:57660
38thEmpty nesters309Adrian King, Kim King (Vets)7th Masters Mixed Teams05:43:52660
39thMotu361Giles Davis, Jeff Grainger (Vets)13th Masters Men's Teams05:54:04655
40thNigel Cribb340Nigel Cribb (Vets)17th Masters Men's Solos06:03:34655
41stO brother where art we?325Tim Elson, Chris Elson (Vets)14th Masters Men's Teams06:00:21640
42ndCross Street Agility328Andy Parry, Keith Skipsey (Vets)15th Masters Men's Teams05:54:28635
43rdGoslower341Tim Williams (Vets)18th Masters Men's Solos05:20:29630
44thDockers Armpit344David Salter (Vets)19th Masters Men's Solos05:52:05625
45ththe ogre & the princess307Steve Heath, Karin Heath (Vets)8th Masters Mixed Teams05:50:30610
46thHardeze461Richard Hardy (Vets)20th Masters Men's Solos06:00:41580
47thBART466Jonathan Crabb, David Mott (Vets)16th Masters Men's Teams06:02:12580
48thStacey321Stacey Carden (Vets)4th Masters Ladies05:45:18565
49thOver the hill356Simon Perry, Mark Greener17th Masters Men's Teams06:00:30565
50thPTY313Jon Kirkbride, Ruth Barker9th Masters Mixed Teams05:46:56560
51stMad Old Tarts345Mags Salter, Liz Jones (Vets)5th Masters Ladies06:03:57560
52ndBeacon Adventure Racing468Andrew Wayland, Emily Wayland, Tom Wayland, Ethan Lundholm10th Masters Mixed Teams05:53:30555
53rdSun Corner Adventurers314Rory Taylor, Adam Lake, Luke Thompson18th Masters Men's Teams05:46:07550
54thRed Steph318Stephanie Gibbins6th Masters Ladies06:21:15550
55thMonkey Madness352Thomas Hanson, Ben Cox19th Masters Men's Teams05:53:58545
56thTC Quad311Clare Adams, Clare Catto, Sarah Phillips, Christine Mant7th Masters Ladies05:59:07545
57th2nd Abingdon SG359Matthew Szyndel (Vets)21st Masters Men's Solos05:22:04540
58thGears and Tears348Patricia Daas, Julie Banton, Sarah Preston (Vets)8th Masters Ladies05:52:34515
59thF1 Trailblazers363Mark Salmon, David Phillips (Vets)20th Masters Men's Teams05:50:28485
60thGriffs462Robert Griffiths, Charlotte Griffiths11th Masters Mixed Teams05:44:05430
61stGary337Gary Bateman (Vets)22nd Masters Men's Solos05:58:46415
62ndPBT Fotl338Kelly Lehmann (Vets)23rd Masters Men's Solos05:58:58415
63rdOn Your Mark H464Mark Harris24th Masters Men's Solos06:29:53395
64thTeam A without M350Andrew Murie25th Masters Men's Solos06:40:17395
65thHip Knees Thumbs Wrists Pain347Lyndon Sutton (Vets)26th Masters Men's Solos05:47:06285
66thTeam Ayris334Howard Ayris, Edmund Ayris21st Masters Men's Teams06:11:37250
1stLegends395Mike Dencher (Vets)1st Novice Men's Solos05:00:04688
2ndBrunei adventurers437David Pack, Andy Pelham (Vets)1st Novice Men's Teams04:50:42680
3rdTeam 62413Mark Lowden, Jonathan Coleman2nd Novice Men's Teams05:05:05648
4thTeam Howitt445Adam Howitt, Anthony Howitt3rd Novice Men's Teams05:26:36631
5thCritchley-Peddle382Olivia Critchley, Ruth Peddle1st Novice Ladies04:50:46630
6thPebbles449Sarah Jales, Philip Jales1st Novice Mixed Teams04:55:38585
7thTeam BingBings406Ben Bingham, Amy Bingham2nd Novice Mixed Teams05:09:43570
8th30 years young389Clare Howes, Adam Leveridge3rd Novice Mixed Teams04:36:02560
9thThe Dogs390Nicholas Hillier, Charlie Tracey (Vets)4th Novice Men's Teams05:16:31551
10thBy George Latimer bought a Fiat 500419Hakon By, Tim Latimer, Richard George, Robert Rory Bentley (Vets)5th Novice Men's Teams04:52:22535
11thStrider450Matthew Saunders (Vets)2nd Novice Men's Solos05:16:00533
12thEnergetic Educators374Ro Cole, Abbie Maddocks, Beth Warren (Vets)2nd Novice Ladies04:53:39530
13thWhitchurch Warriors371Victoria Rampton, Anthea Webb Sarah Sierens, Janine Crawford (Vets)3rd Novice Ladies05:00:45518
14thThe Lazy Lewis454Robin Lewis (Vets)3rd Novice Men's Solos04:59:06515
15thWoodley old boys447Loic Srodawa, Wayne Clarke, José Gomez, John Norris (Vets)6th Novice Men's Teams05:07:41504
16thTeam Armstrong427Ben Armstrong4th Novice Men's Solos04:31:14490
17thWargrave Warriors407Richard Smith, Paul Lamacraft (Vets)7th Novice Men's Teams05:02:08484
18thTeam Nelson421Helen Nelson, Anthony Nelson, Sebastian Nelson, Ewan Nelson4th Novice Mixed Teams05:00:56483
19thForty plus one425Lorna Myerscough, Lorna Giddings4th Novice Ladies04:54:45475
20thThe Newb436Matt Dibbens (Vets)5th Novice Men's Solos05:04:51475
21stGolden Questar401Marion Guimard, Katy Relph5th Novice Ladies04:56:05470
22ndTeam G398Sandra Grinevicius6th Novice Ladies04:57:32470
23rdWhich Way to the BBQ394Tony Cook, Paul Martin (Vets)8th Novice Men's Teams05:10:56468
24thBurning Sensation367Stefan Douglas, Nick Hopewell (Vets)9th Novice Men's Teams05:03:59467
25thKelly's Heroes387Emma Kelly, Mike Kelly (Vets)5th Novice Mixed Teams04:58:01465
26thThe Dandy443Dan Watkin, Andy Farrell10th Novice Men's Teams04:42:25460
27thThe Young Ones364Mike Young, Stephen Young, Rebecca Young, Katharine Young6th Novice Mixed Teams04:56:07460
28thMaximum Effort378Brad Dovey, Neil Fillery11th Novice Men's Teams05:14:32455
29thTeam Kingston383Mark Emery, Andy Thomas, Scott Rowe, Shane O'Reilly12th Novice Men's Teams05:29:08455
30thStud Club380Robin Devonald, Darryl Kennard, Ian Crane, Merion Board13th Novice Men's Teams05:29:19455
31stWe've Got the Runs432Michael Derham, Nathan Slee14th Novice Men's Teams04:52:00445
32ndJackson377Shirley Jackson (Vets)7th Novice Ladies04:52:51440
33rd2 Dads424Ryan Bray, Simon Beswick (Vets)15th Novice Men's Teams05:13:44437
34thCommon People375Jen Beard, Steven Boatman, Pete7th Novice Mixed Teams04:36:49435
35thTeam Detour446Julie Lardieg, Fred Lardieg (Vets)8th Novice Mixed Teams04:45:57435
36thKrunchy-nuts408Nicola Bingham, Kirill Bingham9th Novice Mixed Teams05:17:40429
37thDare 12393Huw Parsons, Alan Osborne, Richard Tunnicliff16th Novice Men's Teams05:08:15427
38thHyde Park Harriers452Chris Worfolk6th Novice Men's Solos04:54:35420
39thTreach for the stars433Hannah Warburton, John Treacher10th Novice Mixed Teams04:55:39420
40thTeam Gowers391Ian Gowers, Poppy Gowers11th Novice Mixed Teams04:55:52420
41stWaiting for a comeback400Luke Cox, Simon Cripps, Richard Palmer17th Novice Men's Teams05:32:34419
42ndCoyotes366Amber Lee, Debs Taylor (Vets)8th Novice Ladies04:52:53400
43rdMap Mayhem412Vicky Dawson, Claire Morris (Vets)9th Novice Ladies04:59:06400
44thBoomshanka448Barry Williams, Charlie Peake, Chris Donaldson (Vets)18th Novice Men's Teams05:17:27399
45thG Money's Angels423Brian Kealy, Elaine Woods, Roslyn Gray, Gethyn Hughes12th Novice Mixed Teams05:13:06397
46thTwo Fine Athletes384Mike Joffe, Lee Biddell (Vets)19th Novice Men's Teams04:10:07395
47thAnny & Will368Anny James, Will Hewston13th Novice Mixed Teams04:52:30395
48thTeam X455Stuart Ennis, Grace Lobley14th Novice Mixed Teams04:56:01395
49thTeam Y456Scott McGuire, Francesca Denton15th Novice Mixed Teams05:07:00391
50thDale Morgan441Dale Morgan, Glen Smart, Marc Webb (Vets)20th Novice Men's Teams05:35:26388
51stComet rockets369Kerry Flain, Richard Sullivan, Marcus Hernon (Vets)21st Novice Men's Teams04:56:55385
52ndGoodness mountain sport385Paul Handley, Andrew Dimarco, Luke Parry, Luke Arnold22nd Novice Men's Teams04:49:18380
53rdWhy run when you can skip?388Simon Munk, Helen Whyman, Maggie, Lucy Witter16th Novice Mixed Teams05:45:12378
54thHappy feet396Shelley Talbot, Ben Howett17th Novice Mixed Teams04:39:58375
55thBeach bums453Lucy Beacham, Andrew Beacham, Sarah Nicolson, Thomas Beacham18th Novice Mixed Teams05:38:19372
56thPikachu Strikes Back414Kevin Teo, Jie Yi See19th Novice Mixed Teams05:16:01371
57thDevon Girls373Beth Woollam, Ange Smith, Hattie Mann10th Novice Ladies04:56:03370
58thThe Lost Boys428Matt Hart, Tony Hart, Dan Taylor, Cliff Gideon (Vets)23rd Novice Men's Teams04:53:05365
59thEntirely Average370Andy Monaghan, Jon Drewett (Vets)24th Novice Men's Teams06:24:39360
60thBlenheim Cacklers402Amanda Wiley, Suzy Crowe (Vets)11th Novice Ladies05:04:44355
61stShark Sisters + 1386Donna Meredith-Wood, Mark Meredith-Wood, Victoria Cooper (Vets)20th Novice Mixed Teams05:07:54339
62ndSistars381Ellie Arkle, Katie Donnelly12th Novice Ladies04:59:04330
63rd2 new legs416Melanie Ward-Nicholls, Nic Nicholls (Vets)21st Novice Mixed Teams05:25:39323
64thThames Challengers418Paul Jaques, Simon Jones25th Novice Men's Teams04:15:40295
65thPeer Pressure365Naomi Giffen, Elizabeth Sale, Sandra Lea13th Novice Ladies05:32:25224
66thThe Beevers376Nicola Waters, Ashley Beevers22nd Novice Mixed Teams02:21:4860
1stBeacon adventure racing477Kane Magee, Adam Binks (Vets)1st Duo04:45:51615
2ndHolmes473Jeremy Holmes (Vets)2nd Duo04:57:08615
3rdDunc P474Duncan Palmer3rd Duo04:55:56580
4thJ2 Doh!476Jonathan Radford, James Paley (Vets)4th Duo04:48:45480
5thRob469Robert Preston (Vets)5th Duo04:31:37440
6them475Emily Bradshaw6th Duo04:57:42420
7thGoing forward470Alan Derham7th Duo04:54:07395
8thFree Range MTB471Sid Hardy (Vets)8th Duo00:33:350

Results reports

Split Times

The split times report shows the order in which checkpoints were visited and the time taken between them.


The scoring report gives a breakdown of the scores and shows the checkpoints visited by each team.

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