New Forest

2021 Adventure Race

Race Results

The overall race winner together with the rest of the podium results for the 2021 New Forest Adventure Race are displayed below. These are the top three highest scoring individuals overall, irrespective of which race category and class they participated in. As such they have earned a special mention and are shown here in recognition of their outstanding achievement. Big congratulations to them all! Where points are tied, positions are determined by time taken with the quickest person first.

Mens podium


Tom Hards
975 pts


Michael Krajewski
925 pts


Carl Silver
925 pts

Ladies podium


Helen Chapman
875 pts


Hannah Cooke
830 pts


Jenny Symons
830 pts

Scores & Positions

The table below displays a searchable summary of all the results from the 2021 New Forest Adventure Race. If you took part in this adventure race, type your name into the search box to find your result. For more detailed results, which include split times and a breakdown of the scoring for each team, please see the results reports towards the bottom of this page.

Use the search box to search for a particular person, team or race number. You can also use the search box to filter the rows displayed. For example, type “Novice” or “Duo” into the search box to just show the Novice/Duo race results. Or you can narrow it down further by being more specific. For example, if you type “Masters Mixed Vets” in the search box then only the Masters Mixed Teams classified as Veterans will be shown. When viewing the table on a mobile device it’s best to view the screen in landscape orientation.

Team NameNo.Team MembersCategoryTimeScore
1stTom Hards172Tom Hards1st Masters Men's Solos06:01:00975
2ndAskMichaelK.com184Michael Krajewski2nd Masters Men's Solos05:50:45925
3rdDownwind194Carl Silver (Vets)3rd Masters Men's Solos05:59:22925
4thIain Porter177Iain Porter4th Masters Men's Solos05:58:38900
5thchappers199Helen Chapman1st Masters Ladies05:56:18875
6thSolo Prince189Andy Prince (Vets)5th Masters Men's Solos05:48:41855
7thNeed for Speed213Andrew Cawthorne, David Birrell (Vets)1st Masters Men's Teams05:57:16855
8thMontyzoomer174Mark Montgomery (Vets)6th Masters Men's Solos05:59:57855
9thTeam Hann201Hannah Cooke2nd Masters Ladies05:52:00830
10thAtlas Fitness Southampton165Stephen Cox, Jenny Symons (Vets)1st Masters Mixed Teams05:57:04830
11thFuzion Adventure Racing Team536Phil Haycock, Graeme Williams (Vets)2nd Masters Men's Teams05:55:58825
12thBounce221David Lain (Vets)7th Masters Men's Solos05:52:16805
13thNick Dallimore188Nick Dallimore (Vets)8th Masters Men's Solos05:41:35800
14thTeam Gill170Emma Gill, Richard Gill (Vets)2nd Masters Mixed Teams05:47:09800
15thTeam PandA108Alice Rudd, Phil Rudd3rd Masters Mixed Teams05:58:02795
16thBristol Bois210Robert Mills, 3rd Masters Men's Teams05:43:45750
17thSolonely187Paul Cantrill (Vets)9th Masters Men's Solos05:52:17735
18thCookiemonsters139Jonathan Hauxwell, Sarah Hauxwell (Vets)4th Masters Mixed Teams06:02:25735
19thMad Old Tarts198Mags Salter, Liz Jones (Vets)3rd Masters Ladies05:51:41725
20thStocton Roadies162Andy Jones, Karen Jones (Vets)5th Masters Mixed Teams05:42:39720
21stThe Undertakers125Paul Tapper, Will Harbridge Neale Legge, Harry Tapper (Vets)4th Masters Men's Teams06:19:18710
22ndFrenchy442Barry French10th Masters Men's Solos06:06:26705
23rdScrinsen175George Carney (Vets)11th Masters Men's Solos06:07:29705
24thThe Princess and the Ogre166Steve Heath, Karin Heath (Vets)6th Masters Mixed Teams05:59:35700
25thA to Z121Zoe Hodder Smith, Andrew Hodder Smith (Vets)7th Masters Mixed Teams05:58:30680
26thBeacon Adventure Racing193Andrew Wayland, Ross Phillips, Kane Magee, Will Phillips5th Masters Men's Teams05:49:13675
27thEmpty nesters163Tom Lloyd-Smith, Hugh Yarrow James Williamson (Vets)8th Masters Mixed Teams05:57:58675
28thPTY161Jon Kirkbride, Ruth Barker9th Masters Mixed Teams05:41:21665
29thGaz Lloyd191Gaz Lloyd12th Masters Men's Solos05:53:31655
30thDockers Armpit173David Salter (Vets)13th Masters Men's Solos05:53:50650
31stTriple S205Sophie Spencer-Small4th Masters Ladies05:58:26645
32ndHairless Bikers208Sophia Colley, Rachel Raymond (Vets)5th Masters Ladies05:57:56640
33rdWaspy's wonder women206Isla Reynolds, Nina Ingham (Vets)6th Masters Ladies05:53:36635
34thBetween a walk and a hard place223Alex Williams, Tom Rackham6th Masters Men's Teams05:53:59635
35thEasier said than run218Niall Megaw, Adam Clark, Ewan Macaulay7th Masters Men's Teams05:41:51630
36thNew Forest Munlers211Paul Munday, Harald Weller, Cai Munday8th Masters Men's Teams05:53:46620
37th...---...178Michael Downey (Vets)14th Masters Men's Solos05:58:52620
38thWabs183Amir Shamsuddin (Vets)15th Masters Men's Solos05:49:05615
39thI thought you said right124Derek House, Sarah Illman (Vets)10th Masters Mixed Teams05:50:57615
40thFaster Than Snails203Maureen Fitzpatrick, Kathryn Greenhalgh (Vets)7th Masters Ladies05:57:05615
41stCross Street Agility214Andy Parry, Keith Skipsey (Vets)9th Masters Men's Teams05:50:12610
42ndWaiting for the lost boys159Dean Ricketts, Claire Elliott (Vets)11th Masters Mixed Teams05:50:32595
43rdGears and Tears114Patricia Daas, Julie Banton (Vets)8th Masters Ladies05:25:59590
44thRichmond Old Dears197Sarah Thomas, Louise Knox (Vets)9th Masters Ladies05:52:25585
45thTeam Joggle204Sarah King (Vets)10th Masters Ladies05:59:22580
46thKeeping it Stoked200Kate L'Amie, Laura Berger (Vets)11th Masters Ladies05:45:47560
47thAlastair186Alastair Robertson16th Masters Men's Solos05:40:27555
48thIt's the taking part that counts131Becca Ellis, Tom Baker12th Masters Mixed Teams06:23:39555
49thTeam Extreme222Kevin Joy, Matt Burns (Vets)10th Masters Men's Teams05:37:52540
50thHere we go again...171Amanda Wiley, Martyn Wiley, Niki Johnson, Dean Johnson (Vets)13th Masters Mixed Teams05:49:05540
51stThe Headless Chickens168Peter Boyce, Helen Malpuss, Simon Randell, Simon Jewer (Vets)14th Masters Mixed Teams05:54:28535
52ndOn The Fly116Gabby Ross, Martha Evans, Debbie Heppell12th Masters Ladies05:45:18530
53rdF1 Trailblazers195Mark Salmon, David Phillips (Vets)11th Masters Men's Teams05:49:51530
54thNev Units157Katie Bellaris, James Nevitt, Tom Nevitt15th Masters Mixed Teams05:44:59525
55th2 pints and 2 Tequilas219Daniel Jackson, Paul Tetlow (Vets)12th Masters Men's Teams05:45:05520
56thFab KAB140Kate Holburn, Bryan D'Arcy, Ali Martin (Vets)16th Masters Mixed Teams06:00:27480
57thTeam SJS164Oliver Allenby-Smith, Chris Watts, Simon Jennison (Vets)17th Masters Mixed Teams06:00:37480
58thYowsers!182Rakesh Thakrar17th Masters Men's Solos05:51:39435
59thMighty Scruffy Goat Brigade190Justin Allen, Max Edmonds, Ben Cartwright13th Masters Men's Teams05:03:01415
60thThe Lookers196Aimee Looker, Sandra Looker, Jack Looker18th Masters Mixed Teams05:50:20395
61stNew Forest Tenndens212Tereza Tennett, Scott Tennett19th Masters Mixed Teams05:57:40395
62ndDadventure Racing 3217Ben Mason, Greg Jones, Mark Parsons (Vets)14th Masters Men's Teams05:44:50385
63rdDadventure Racing 1215Shane Wilson, Giles Moir, Jamie Potter15th Masters Men's Teams05:45:19385
64thPBT Fotl176Kelly Lehmann (Vets)18th Masters Men's Solos06:06:18375
65thDadventure Racing 2216Matt Nevitt, Chris Parsons, Hugh Moir (Vets)16th Masters Men's Teams05:45:07350
66thBluMentals167Lyssa McGowan, Anna Ward, Jamie Ward (Vets)20th Masters Mixed Teams04:30:34310
67thHowley Harriers220Matthew Howley, Chris Howley (Vets)17th Masters Men's Teams05:51:29295
68thFuelled by Freddo169Emma Moran, Lucy Lewis, Chris Larsen, Inma Bootello21st Masters Mixed Teams06:45:10150
1stParedes Mantequilla488Nuno Cerqueira1st Novice Men's Solos05:28:50772
2ndLegends111Peter Ellis, Mike Dencher1st Novice Men's Teams04:55:28665
3rdCoxy Crew502Paul Cox, Antonia Cox (Vets)1st Novice Mixed Teams04:50:44635
4thKnapper & Nipper236Rob Sherrington, Toby Sherrington2nd Novice Men's Teams05:05:52628
5thThe Old Gunners491Andy Southby, Tom Ridgway (Vets)3rd Novice Men's Teams04:57:04615
6thThe Dogs394Nicholas Hillier, Charlie Tracey (Vets)4th Novice Men's Teams05:36:15601
7thCharvil Chopper487Daniel Thorby2nd Novice Men's Solos04:55:01600
8th2 Old Men in Lycra423Matthew Ward, Phil Bolton (Vets)5th Novice Men's Teams04:59:03580
9thLTC Old Duffers492Matthew Brearley, Stuart Graves (Vets)6th Novice Men's Teams05:20:46578
10thMike Solo417Michael Le Maistre3rd Novice Men's Solos05:00:33563
11thKelly's Heroes504Emma Kelly, Mike Kelly (Vets)2nd Novice Mixed Teams04:51:56560
12thSister Act434Alex O'Brien, Wayne O'Brien (Vets)3rd Novice Mixed Teams04:49:13545
13thWhiteleaf Warriors437Tracy Jagot, Julia Haworth, Belinda Aird (Vets)1st Novice Ladies04:59:48535
14thMCC403Clare Gibson, Chris Gibson (Vets)4th Novice Mixed Teams04:57:43530
15thGrenville Park Pickleball Club192Anthony Howitt, Adam Howitt4th Novice Men's Solos05:28:35527
16thWet Socks490Alexander Hurst, Will Savage7th Novice Men's Teams04:41:52515
17thSummit for Everyone397Steve Darton, Simon Parry, Adrian Roberts (Vets)8th Novice Men's Teams05:06:15491
18thWarsash Ladies480Anna Laker, Sophie Scott2nd Novice Ladies04:53:18490
19thPlant powered Pearces433Mikey Pearce, Claire Pearce5th Novice Mixed Teams04:48:28485
20thSouthfields CC406Oliver Wilkinson, Rebecca Wilkinson (Vets)6th Novice Mixed Teams05:09:00482
21st"Charlie, I've won!"479Beverley Darkin (Vets)3rd Novice Ladies04:37:30480
22ndMartin Kuhl’s left boot497Darren Shakespeare (Vets)5th Novice Men's Solos05:10:10478
23rdAdel404Melissa Craig, Adam Lyons7th Novice Mixed Teams04:58:36475
24thStrider481Matthew Saunders (Vets)6th Novice Men's Solos05:23:07467
25thWhich Way to the BBQ393Tony Cook, Paul Martin (Vets)9th Novice Men's Teams04:54:06455
26thWilley Bros496Sean Ridley, Chris Wilson10th Novice Men's Teams05:00:12448
27thDavSo Cash Monies430David Robertson, Sophie Sellars8th Novice Mixed Teams04:55:08445
28thNW Wanderers418David Matthews, Daniel Ison, Adam Buchler, Tom Hedges (Vets)11th Novice Men's Teams04:52:29435
29thComeback Kings421Chris Harris, Andy Robinson (Vets)12th Novice Men's Teams04:58:49435
30thChook500Brooke Robinson, Justin Hedges9th Novice Mixed Teams04:55:03425
31stRobert Kelf416Robert Kelf7th Novice Men's Solos04:45:41420
32ndBeech Party483Sean Beech (Vets)8th Novice Men's Solos04:45:52420
33rdJez Webb233Jeremy Webb (Vets)9th Novice Men's Solos04:57:08420
34thHalebutt501Alice Butt, Jacob Hale10th Novice Mixed Teams04:40:27415
35thNorfolk and Chance428Andy Wilkinson, Catherine Wilkinson (Vets)11th Novice Mixed Teams04:59:43415
36th8th Worthing Riders424Sam Rippon, James Rippon, Jackson Howard13th Novice Men's Teams04:55:55400
37thGreen and blacks440Laurian Blackwell, Ffion Greenfield4th Novice Ladies04:49:13395
38thUnder The Cosh422Alastair Knott, Ross McClelland, Karl Craig14th Novice Men's Teams05:33:21392
39thKC Old Timers503Sandra Tyler, Karen Underwood, Gail Barry, Mark Barry (Vets)12th Novice Mixed Teams04:58:23380
40thAll Tied Up493Matthew Simmans, Eleanor Walker13th Novice Mixed Teams05:02:41379
41stMove,Walk, Run!409Louise Wright, Louise Smith, Emma Free, Lynn Burnham5th Novice Ladies05:08:31377
42ndStreatham Abandoners412Liz Mathews, Jasmine Callaway, Helen Freemantle6th Novice Ladies05:06:45371
43rdTwin Peaks495James Aldridge, Thomas Moxon15th Novice Men's Teams05:01:02361
44thEasier said than run414Rebecca Butler, Kate Clement, Steph Holmes7th Novice Ladies04:51:33360
45thBecauseWeCan429Louise Gillings, Kimberly Hamilton, Brian Horisk (Vets)14th Novice Mixed Teams04:54:20360
46thNofolk and good228Jenny Hull, Hollie Parsons8th Novice Ladies04:34:09350
47thThe Greased Trunnions392Rob Bowra, John Foster, Darrell Woodford16th Novice Men's Teams04:52:08345
48thChafingTheDream405Rachel Mitchell, Stephen Mitchell, Marichelle De Dios-Beckett, James Sell15th Novice Mixed Teams04:49:08335
49thA Grand Day Out408Naomi Osborne, Becky Langdon (Vets)9th Novice Ladies04:54:23335
50th50-sob232Lynette Dry, Kirsty Bell (Vets)10th Novice Ladies04:56:19335
51stOne of us is a spy413Claudine James, Julija Lalina, Cheryl Duncan11th Novice Ladies05:06:26321
52ndDumbelles411Anna Kus, Rachel Smith, Gemma Fairn (Vets)12th Novice Ladies05:06:42321
53rdNabbs431Barry Nabbs (Vets)10th Novice Men's Solos04:54:04315
54thSoloMatty484Matthew Gardiner (Vets)11th Novice Men's Solos05:00:09308
55thMove Walk Run 2410Joanne Hooks, Angie Day, Jane Brooks13th Novice Ladies05:09:35305
56thTwo Yins & a Kwok499Christopher Phillips, Nicole Low, Claudia Kwok16th Novice Mixed Teams04:45:22295
57thNeophytes494Alan Harris, Steve Homer, Andrew Robinson (Vets)17th Novice Men's Teams05:09:32295
58thThe Jakemans407James Ash, Karl Weyman, Hannah Tehver17th Novice Mixed Teams04:36:32285
59thSculliver227Annie Oliver, Nikki Scull14th Novice Ladies04:59:00285
60thThe Trotters420George Bridgman, Paul Bridgman (Vets)18th Novice Men's Teams04:56:23280
61stCatzy478Lizzy Stocker, Catherine Parker-Randle15th Novice Ladies05:02:03264
62ndbilly no mates426Berni Amphlett, Don Amphlett (Vets)18th Novice Mixed Teams04:48:23255
63rdthe ladybirds226Pam Goddard, Tanya Remnant (Vets)16th Novice Ladies04:20:08190
64thStray Dogs439Steph Hanratty, Amy Hanratty (Vets)17th Novice Ladies05:12:13174
65thIan Davies486Ian Davies (Vets)12th Novice Men's Solos01:12:5070
1stFreedom!534Clare Dallimore, Mark Ponsford1st Duo04:58:27775
2ndClueless506Jake Hodgetts ( )2nd Duo04:50:59770
3rdFree Range MTB512Sid Hardy (Vets)3rd Duo04:57:56625
4thNerdles507Kirsten King, David Hooper (Vets)4th Duo05:02:17575
5thTruffle Mayo590Emma Hill, Caroline Gillespie5th Duo05:03:38545
6thDunc P579Duncan Palmer6th Duo04:57:27540
7thPatrick Fuller587Patrick Fuller (Vets)7th Duo05:08:55500
8thEnergetic Educators551Ro Cole, Beth Warren (Vets)8th Duo04:57:31460
9thRogerson Offspring508Jon Rogerson, Ben Rogerson9th Duo05:01:25450
10thFlyingFish525Stuart Whiting, Leah Whiting (Vets)10th Duo04:58:53425
11thScissor Sisters511Esme Gartside, David Lambert11th Duo04:17:16405
12thOld Skool505Tim Fudge, Adrian Forge, Wayne Dolman12th Duo05:01:20400
13thWill Stanley515William Stanley (Vets)13th Duo04:32:17385
14thCulmstock Runners and Pedallers535Thomas Luxton, Scott Vincent (Vets)14th Duo04:47:00345
15thALL 3554Alison Latter, Leah Henshall, Liz Levis-John (Vets)15th Duo04:59:21340
16themandjue514Emma Leno, Julie Widdowson (Vets)16th Duo04:40:49335
17thDream team584Michael Jones, Laura Jeffreys17th Duo05:14:49330
18thTeam Detour559Julie Lardieg, Fred Lardieg (Vets)18th Duo05:11:04295
19thLeeMonela513Lee Ciancamerla19th Duo04:44:13285

Results reports

Split Times

The split times report shows the order in which checkpoints were visited and the time taken between them.


The scoring report gives a breakdown of the scores and shows the checkpoints visited by each team.

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