2021 Adventure Race

Race Results

The overall race winner together with the rest of the podium results for the 2021 Cotswolds Adventure Race are displayed below. These are the top three highest scoring individuals overall, irrespective of which race category and class they participated in. As such they have earned a special mention and are shown here in recognition of their outstanding achievement. Big congratulations to them all! Where points are tied, positions are determined by time taken with the quickest person first.

Mens podium


Joseph Selby
685 pts


Tom Hards
675 pts


Kevin Stephens
670 pts

Ladies podium


Claire Dallimore
635 pts


Kath Sutherland
595 pts


Sally Hay
585 pts

Scores & Positions

The table below displays a searchable summary of all the results from the 2021 Cotswolds Adventure Race. If you took part in this adventure race, type your name into the search box to find your result. For more detailed results, which include split times and a breakdown of the scoring for each team, please see the results reports towards the bottom of this page.

Use the search box to search for a particular person, team or race number. You can also use the search box to filter the rows displayed. For example, type “Novice” or “Duo” into the search box to just show the Novice/Duo race results. Or you can narrow it down further by being more specific. For example, if you type “Masters Mixed Vets” in the search box then only the Masters Mixed Teams classified as Veterans will be shown. When viewing the table on a mobile device it’s best to view the screen in landscape orientation.

Team NameNo.Team MembersCategoryTimeScore
1stTeam Joe323Joseph Selby1st Masters Men's Solos04:55:22685
2ndTom Hards333Tom Hards2nd Masters Men's Solos05:05:23675
3rdHillbilly379Kevin Stephens (Vets)3rd Masters Men's Solos05:01:51670
4thNick Dallimore382Nick Dallimore (Vets)4th Masters Men's Solos04:55:55650
5thIain Porter348Iain Porter5th Masters Men's Solos05:05:40640
6thFreedom!492Clare Dallimore, Mark Ponsford1st Masters Mixed Teams04:47:09635
7thAFAR375Mark Chryssanthou (Vets)6th Masters Men's Solos05:02:42625
8thRob Smart302Rob Smart (Vets)7th Masters Men's Solos05:04:29620
9thTeam Endurancelife322Gary Davies8th Masters Men's Solos04:53:01605
10thJames Brown300James Brown9th Masters Men's Solos04:54:12605
11thDownwind369Carl Silver (Vets)10th Masters Men's Solos05:08:41600
12thStirling Racing312Ian Evans, Ian Furlong, Kath Sutherland2nd Masters Mixed Teams05:04:04595
13thThe Hay Team315Andrew Hay, Sally Hay (Vets)3rd Masters Mixed Teams04:54:49585
14thBrazil Multisport391Nick Gracie (Vets)11th Masters Men's Solos04:58:53580
15thTeam Endurancelife362Natalie Taylor, Ian Grace (Vets)4th Masters Mixed Teams04:40:25570
16thTea & Torq380Stuart Colvin12th Masters Men's Solos04:56:17570
17thCross contour305James Lea-Cox13th Masters Men's Solos05:16:34570
18thNo going back381Oliver Allenby-Smith, Chris Watts, Simon Jennison1st Masters Men's Teams04:57:25550
19thPootle397Phil Pattullo (Vets)14th Masters Men's Solos04:41:18545
20thFuzion Adventure Racing Team392Phil Haycock, Graeme Williams (Vets)2nd Masters Men's Teams05:05:45545
21stchappers476Helen Chapman (Vets)1st Masters Ladies05:07:59545
22ndEnduranceLife309Kris Smith15th Masters Men's Solos05:11:38545
23rdTruffle Hunters480Damon De Boor16th Masters Men's Solos04:52:37540
24thStocton Roadies317Andy Jones, Karen Jones (Vets)5th Masters Mixed Teams04:55:52535
25thRocco's the boss343Stuart Hassall, Maryvonne Hassall (Vets)6th Masters Mixed Teams05:00:07535
26thHinge Hookup310Tom O'Hare, Rozzi Martin7th Masters Mixed Teams04:57:23530
27thBrecon tri384Rob Horton17th Masters Men's Solos05:00:14530
28thParsons339David Parsons (Vets)18th Masters Men's Solos04:55:06525
29thThe Wallies479Ben Wallace, Alex Wallace3rd Masters Men's Teams04:55:28525
30thmontyzoomer386Mark Montgomery19th Masters Men's Solos04:39:38520
31stMud Monsters357Pollie Boyle, Kelsey Price2nd Masters Ladies05:00:10520
32ndNick T-H495Nicholas Turner-Henke (Vets)20th Masters Men's Solos04:56:09515
33rdAfterwork Athletes337Daniel Murphy, Helen Murphy (Vets)8th Masters Mixed Teams05:21:28505
34thHogweed duo336Joanna Wilson, Alisdair Mason (Vets)9th Masters Mixed Teams04:51:14500
35thWe got lost356Alice Hassall, Oliver Hassall10th Masters Mixed Teams04:39:57495
36thRichard Woodley306Richard Woodley21st Masters Men's Solos04:47:38495
37thBeacon Adventure Racing304Andrew Wayland, Ross Phillips, Kane Magee, Aimee Looker (Vets)11th Masters Mixed Teams04:59:08490
37thJon Scott486Jon Scott22nd Masters Men's Solos04:59:08490
39thNigel Cribb350Nigel Cribb (Vets)23rd Masters Men's Solos05:00:26490
40thJack Worthington396Jack Worthington24th Masters Men's Solos05:05:38485
41stFrenchy308Barry French (Vets)25th Masters Men's Solos05:06:56485
42ndTeam Rose488Richard Rose (Vets)26th Masters Men's Solos04:24:01480
43rdSolo Phil482Phil Edwards (Vets)27th Masters Men's Solos04:19:48475
44thSFSP365Steven Delvin, James Mole, Alan Scott, Chris Ayres4th Masters Men's Teams04:57:45475
45thWasp329Isla Reynolds, Nina Ingham (Vets)3rd Masters Ladies05:00:53475
46thTeam Gill324Emma Gill, Richard Gill (Vets)12th Masters Mixed Teams05:14:29475
47thFrancis and friends394Ben Horswell, Francis Waine, Skye Onley13th Masters Mixed Teams04:48:49470
48thMahony's490Beckie Mahony, Nick Mahony14th Masters Mixed Teams04:57:01470
49thDockers Armpit367David Salter (Vets)28th Masters Men's Solos05:05:39470
50thHans Solo311Jonathan Courtman29th Masters Men's Solos05:08:12470
51stIt's Good to Be Back487Carol Yarrow (Vets)4th Masters Ladies05:13:23470
52ndWokka Wokka371Alasdair Spence, Blair Travis5th Masters Men's Teams04:53:23460
53rdScrinsen349George Carney (Vets)30th Masters Men's Solos04:57:04460
54thRising Tide353Natalie Creswick, Sarah Odell (Vets)5th Masters Ladies04:39:19455
55thThe Coburn 3327Anthony Thompson, Tim Hill, Tim Hawkins (Vets)6th Masters Men's Teams04:41:48455
56thSealy Sloths378Kate Sealy, Ben Sealy (Vets)15th Masters Mixed Teams04:48:23455
57thScallyback485Paul Oldfield (Vets)31st Masters Men's Solos04:59:16455
58thTeam Bounce372David Lain, Iain Morris7th Masters Men's Teams05:00:25450
59thTerminal Misery318Miles Watkins (Vets)32nd Masters Men's Solos04:38:21445
60thTotally Stoked473Craig Purchase, Jo Purchase, Phil Hyland (Vets)16th Masters Mixed Teams04:44:15445
61stWabs325Amir Shamsuddin (Vets)33rd Masters Men's Solos04:50:39445
62ndPhats & Small307Kazuaki Sudo, Dominic Crocker (Vets)8th Masters Men's Teams05:00:14445
63rdThe Steaming Piles374Tom Lloyd-Smith, Hugh Yarrow James Williamson (Vets)9th Masters Men's Teams05:01:53445
64thwARrior344Andrew Woodhouse34th Masters Men's Solos05:21:00445
65thPea and Jack398Katie Hawkins, Jack White17th Masters Mixed Teams04:47:05435
66thHolmes496Jeremy Holmes (Vets)35th Masters Men's Solos05:10:47435
67thOXCampers475Mark Harris, Andy Male (Vets)10th Masters Men's Teams04:50:46430
68thMiddle-Aged Spread373Roy Northcott, Nick Matthews, Chris Duckworth, Paul Mason (Vets)11th Masters Men's Teams04:53:02425
69th...---...370Michael Downey (Vets)36th Masters Men's Solos04:40:27405
70thWaiting for the lost boys332Dean Ricketts, Claire Elliott (Vets)18th Masters Mixed Teams04:51:33405
71stCross Street Agility385Andy Parry, Keith Skipsey (Vets)12th Masters Men's Teams04:52:21405
72ndThe Ogre and The Princess301Steve Heath, Karin Heath (Vets)19th Masters Mixed Teams04:42:20400
73rdThe Shufflers368Sarah King, Lisa Jones (Vets)6th Masters Ladies05:04:52400
74thShould Have Known Better472Jim Weatherston, Ciaran Askin, Mike Turner13th Masters Men's Teams05:06:09400
75thBk adventures395Beau Tunks, Sara Evans (Vets)20th Masters Mixed Teams04:50:41395
76thKeeping it Stoked383Kate L’Amie, Laura Berger (Vets)7th Masters Ladies04:51:52395
77thO brother where art we?393Tim Elson, Chris Elson (Vets)14th Masters Men's Teams04:22:46385
78thMad Old Tarts366Mags Salter, Liz Jones (Vets)8th Masters Ladies04:48:51385
79thTeam Sevens303Paul Evans, Sarah Evans (Vets)21st Masters Mixed Teams04:25:53375
80thNerdles330Kirsten King (Vets)9th Masters Ladies05:01:47375
81stJM489Jakub Malik37th Masters Men's Solos04:22:30370
82ndIt's all relative347Patrick Voss, Josi Hollis, Jake Tapsell, Rob Hollis22nd Masters Mixed Teams04:53:24370
83rdChicken363Louise Neale, James Dalrymple-Smith (Vets)23rd Masters Mixed Teams04:57:36370
84thDibber Dabber Doooooooo484Matt Finch, Jonathan Radford (Vets)15th Masters Men's Teams04:48:05365
85thWargrave Wildcats331Victoria Wickins, Jo Hall, Jo Smith, Emily Harris10th Masters Ladies05:10:13365
86thSharps & Normans377Susie Sharp, Chris Norman, Alison Norman, Andy Sharp (Vets)24th Masters Mixed Teams04:56:08355
87thOne minute in the microwave313Phil Courtman (Vets)38th Masters Men's Solos04:36:07350
88thCommon People471Steven Boatman, Jen Beard, Simon Moore, Pru Beard25th Masters Mixed Teams04:40:18350
89thGriffs316Robert Griffiths, Charlotte Griffiths26th Masters Mixed Teams04:50:08350
90thCider Striders388Pete Snowman, Chris Western (Vets)16th Masters Men's Teams05:12:15350
91stPlant Strong355Chris Pulham, Harry Pulham17th Masters Men's Teams04:44:53345
92ndSnails on Trails481Rob Wilkinson, Marta Skrzypiec27th Masters Mixed Teams04:55:46345
93rdF1 Trailblazers364Mark Salmon, David Phillips (Vets)18th Masters Men's Teams04:55:51340
94thGears and Tears352Patricia Daas, Julie Banton, Sarah Preston (Vets)11th Masters Ladies04:52:14335
95thRich Carries Al once again321Richard Warner, Alan Cawston (Vets)19th Masters Men's Teams04:58:02335
96thRob497Rob Preston (Vets)39th Masters Men's Solos03:54:06330
97thSharpe314Jackie Sharpe, Andrew Sharpe28th Masters Mixed Teams04:49:08330
98thL'dale duo477Sally Harrison, Peter Harrison (Vets)29th Masters Mixed Teams04:30:01325
99thwetsocks361Joanna Taylor, David Taylor (Vets)30th Masters Mixed Teams04:50:42320
100thNot Solonely345Paul Cantrill, Clare Nicholas (Vets)31st Masters Mixed Teams04:38:07310
101stemandjue491Emma Leno, Julie Widdowson (Vets)12th Masters Ladies04:10:29300
102ndThe Lost Soles328Rebecca Topham, Rebecca Topham (Vets)13th Masters Ladies04:35:04295
103rdAll The Gear And No Idea390Louise Bostock, Chris Bostock, Rachel Royer, Alan Royer32nd Masters Mixed Teams04:55:33295
104thThe Old Aussie359Steve Johnston (Vets)40th Masters Men's Solos04:15:54270
105thPBT Fotl340Kelly Lehmann (Vets)41st Masters Men's Solos04:44:45265
106thDouble Mrs G338Faye Gaskell, Gillian Gibb (Vets)14th Masters Ladies05:06:36255
107thRunning from the kids320Hugh Jeffery, Matt Gourdin20th Masters Men's Teams04:48:03245
108thHip Knees Thumbs Wrists Pain341Lyndon Sutton (Vets)42nd Masters Men's Solos04:55:19245
109thLast Orders389Kesi Courtman, Mauro Frater, Morgan Hughes33rd Masters Mixed Teams04:34:58240
110thFenton334Paul Fenton43rd Masters Men's Solos06:05:32205
111thThe Koalas493Anya Courtman, Karin Courtman, Roxanne Courtman (Vets)15th Masters Ladies04:25:08180
112thMark Pendergast376Mark Pendergast (Vets)44th Masters Men's Solos04:45:15160
113thBushwhackers494Jack Bush, Emma Jones34th Masters Mixed Teams05:37:47155
114thPerky Penguins319Liz Lea, Sammy Lea (Vets)16th Masters Ladies05:49:1475
1stParedes Mantequilla104Nuno Cerqueira1st Novice Men's Solos04:46:04516
2ndNot fast but furious186Scott McMillan, Alex Williams1st Novice Men's Teams04:19:45480
3rdBrewis151David Brewis2nd Novice Men's Solos04:20:33480
4th4 legs 1 brain...105Joshua Bleakley, Ian Griffiths2nd Novice Men's Teams04:30:03478
5thAlastair108Alastair Robertson3rd Novice Men's Solos04:25:59455
6thThe tortoise and the hare115Alex Gaspar, Caroline Gillespie1st Novice Mixed Teams04:35:35448
7thSlow Coaches140George Oram, James Antonius3rd Novice Men's Teams04:20:41435
8thHalf insecurity157Richard Bennett, Nick Hughes4th Novice Men's Teams04:26:24430
9thTriple S130Sophie Spencer-Small1st Novice Ladies04:32:47429
10thStark your engines182Stephanie Gibbins, Mark Harris2nd Novice Mixed Teams04:32:05424
11thLong way around174Peter Pawlik, Sally Pawlik (Vets)3rd Novice Mixed Teams04:34:51415
12thSuperheroes in training100Jade Maisey, Ollie Russell, Jack Lear4th Novice Mixed Teams04:16:46410
13thThe Willoughby EX-MEN155Alex Van Der Nelson, Andrew Palmer, Dafydd Warburton5th Novice Men's Teams04:17:05410
14thLeebrown Brothers118James Urquhart, Thomas Lawrence6th Novice Men's Teams04:21:23410
15thSolo Prince175Andy Prince (Vets)4th Novice Men's Solos04:22:44410
16thReigators170Ian MacTavish, Andy Telford, Helen Dredge, Andy Reeves (Vets)5th Novice Mixed Teams04:17:05405
17thGunship Diplomat171Richard Thorpe (Vets)5th Novice Men's Solos04:24:43405
18thShe's not Pedalling194Katie Hughes, Zhiming Wang6th Novice Mixed Teams04:29:08405
19thBART106Jonathan Crabb, David Mott, Rupert Turnbull, Bryn Jones (Vets)7th Novice Men's Teams04:33:28402
20thM65 Brothers156Gary Bradshaw, Samuel Tucker8th Novice Men's Teams04:33:56402
21stYAK113Alan Kitchener (Vets)6th Novice Men's Solos04:42:00401
22ndAbbie and Ro168Ro Cole, Abbie Maddocks (Vets)2nd Novice Ladies04:28:24395
23rdTBC141Esme Stallard, Amy Willox3rd Novice Ladies04:17:06390
24thWe ARE on the same team.114Ben Ansell, Charlotte Ansell7th Novice Mixed Teams04:21:02390
25thDouglas Finn187Christian Finn, Stephen Douglas, Kelly Douglas8th Novice Mixed Teams04:24:27390
26thTricey137Ian Trice, Jim Trice (Vets)9th Novice Men's Teams04:27:22390
27thAnny & Will133Anny James, William Hewston9th Novice Mixed Teams04:21:43380
28thThe Dogs169Nicholas Hillier, Charlie Tracey (Vets)10th Novice Men's Teams04:20:59375
29thPebbles195Sarah Jales, Philip Jales10th Novice Mixed Teams04:15:53370
30thFirst Dibs101Deborah Noel4th Novice Ladies04:15:57365
31stLost Bears161Jack Guthrie, Angus Hamilton11th Novice Men's Teams04:23:01365
32ndReady to ROC!138Susie Peart, Richard Cooper (Vets)11th Novice Mixed Teams04:23:53360
33rdNDCQ103Rosie Wink, Gavin Wink12th Novice Mixed Teams04:27:18360
34thDino-sores192Katy Smith, Clare Thompson5th Novice Ladies04:28:14360
35thBlondes Do Have More Fun143Jen Liggins, Susie Bradshaw6th Novice Ladies04:33:20357
36thRuby's Rockets128Mark Lowden, Sarah Lowden13th Novice Mixed Teams04:19:21355
37thFish Harts124Mark Hart, Keith Fisher12th Novice Men's Teams04:35:00355
38thKelly’s heroes193Mike Kelly, Emma Kelly (Vets)14th Novice Mixed Teams04:19:16345
39thGreenstone184Nicholas Pearson, Jessica Pearson15th Novice Mixed Teams04:24:08345
40thYoWoW177Mohamed Cusworth-Yafai, Matthew Baker, Paul Lines, Stefan Bishop, Lewis Moore (Vets)13th Novice Men's Teams04:15:05340
41stAntiflash173Grant Weedon (Vets)7th Novice Men's Solos04:16:48335
42ndPeggy's Plodders149Lindsay Lawrence, Rob Lawrence, Jane Burston, Jon Alexander16th Novice Mixed Teams04:32:02329
43rdAllrunners Allstars107Linda Coxshall, Kathy Lewis, Jennie Higgins, Julia Ballard7th Novice Ladies04:09:22325
44thStevem199Emma Johnson, Steve Howard (Vets)17th Novice Mixed Teams04:03:44320
45thObi196Charles Mayo (Vets)8th Novice Men's Solos04:16:11320
46thBilly no mates126Don Amphlett, Bernice Amphlett (Vets)18th Novice Mixed Teams04:03:54310
47thTeam Shire112Robert Darbyshire9th Novice Men's Solos04:36:09306
48thLeeMonela185Lee Ciancamerla10th Novice Men's Solos03:54:13305
49thThe Swenglish158Rob Thurmott, Lovisa Nilsson19th Novice Mixed Teams04:19:18305
50thGreat Escape146Richard Prince, Joe Prince14th Novice Men's Teams04:19:57305
51stAvit191Mark Waddington (Vets)11th Novice Men's Solos04:24:59305
52ndWJ Adventures148Andrew Jones, Alex Wirth15th Novice Men's Teams04:20:24300
53rdKingdom Crossers188Robin Seddon, Christian Dixon16th Novice Men's Teams04:26:23300
54thItty Bitty Titty Committee189Rebecca Dagge, Michelle Nugent, Chantelle Mccauley8th Novice Ladies04:30:13298
55thPete's 4G crew197Peter Heine, Stuart Ennis, Scott McGuire, Grace Lobley20th Novice Mixed Teams04:33:45297
56thMy Green Hill176Chris Green, Melanie Mihill21st Novice Mixed Teams04:06:55295
57thAdventure Queens183Claudia Pettican, Rebecca Wilde, Elizabeth Wilde9th Novice Ladies04:39:52295
58thWhich Way to the BBQ165Tony Cook, Paul Martin (Vets)17th Novice Men's Teams04:30:07288
59thSaxelby News111Lucy Saxelby, Richard Parker (Vets)22nd Novice Mixed Teams04:30:58283
60thCoyotes200Amber Goodchild Deborah Taylor (Vets)10th Novice Ladies04:01:10275
61stA rose between two thorns198Gary Nisbet, Clare Pryme, Jack Nisbet23rd Novice Mixed Teams04:26:42275
62ndkabas172Kate Holburn, Bryan D'arcy, Steve Cole, Jo D'arcy (Vets)24th Novice Mixed Teams04:17:06270
63rdThe Traybakes162Charlotte Taylor-Drake, Adam Taylor-Drake25th Novice Mixed Teams04:50:53268
64thTeam Chusie Kong Fuzi159Susie Byrne, Charlie Reddie26th Novice Mixed Teams04:51:40266
65thThe Bigfoot returns123Maria Townley, Tim Knibbs27th Novice Mixed Teams04:21:54265
66thOne More Hill....136Robert Balen-Simpson, Bryony Balen-Simpson28th Novice Mixed Teams04:06:54260
67thThistle178Samantha Lomas, Matthew Hayes29th Novice Mixed Teams04:17:09260
68thStrider117Matthew Saunders (0)12th Novice Men's Solos04:19:16260
69thMove,Walk,Run 1150Louise Wright, Louise Smith, Emma Free, Lynn Burnham11th Novice Ladies04:29:48260
70thDevon Girls190Beth Woollam, Hattie Mann, Ange Smith (Vets)12th Novice Ladies04:18:49255
71st4 legs are better than 2102Emma Hill, Abbie Norman13th Novice Ladies04:32:04249
72ndMove,Walk,Run 3147Nicola Millington, Julie East, Carol Kerr (Vets)14th Novice Ladies04:40:51248
73rdThe Hufflepuffers160Steve De’Ath, Natalie Davies, Emma Walters30th Novice Mixed Teams04:27:36240
74thAll tied up144Matthew Simmans, Ellie Walker31st Novice Mixed Teams04:32:04239
75thLowes120Fionna Lowe, Chris Lowe (Vets)32nd Novice Mixed Teams04:12:14225
76thT&D142Tom Hesketh, Daniel Gallacher18th Novice Men's Teams04:30:43223
77thDogless Squad139Amy Baron-Hall15th Novice Ladies03:40:44220
78thWhy run when you can skip?145Helen Whyman, Lucy Witter16th Novice Ladies04:27:54215
79thThe Flooters163Andi Flint, Claire Shooter33rd Novice Mixed Teams04:33:53207
80thWedding Crashers131Ben Drumm, Tamasin Dorosti, Rob Howarth, Becky Nicholson34th Novice Mixed Teams04:21:56205
81stMove,Walk,Run 2153Joanne Hooks, Nicola Shackcloth, Melissa Yarroll17th Novice Ladies04:12:22200
82ndBOG127Peter Anderson, Martha Coates19th Novice Men's Teams04:22:12190
83rdMackay116Micah Mackay18th Novice Ladies04:36:56186
84thCCHS Ladies181Anne Weatherley, Louise Warren (Vets)19th Novice Ladies03:58:24185
85thChicas180Nanami Austen, Vic Iliffe, Helen Turner, Lucy Tomlins (Vets)20th Novice Ladies04:22:05180
86thSupernovas154Gary Readings, Jane Titcumb (Vets)35th Novice Mixed Teams04:47:07179
87thFalcon Punch164Eric Wu, Natalia Chadwick36th Novice Mixed Teams04:30:00170
88thBecca152Rebecca Flood21st Novice Ladies05:03:21147
89thJulie166Julie Lardieg (Vets)22nd Novice Ladies04:30:00130
90thAwesome Foursome119Niki Thompson, Emma Small, Denise Boden, Suzanne Powell (Vets)23rd Novice Ladies05:30:1888

Results reports

Split Times

The split times report shows the order in which checkpoints were visited and the time taken between them.


The scoring report gives a breakdown of the scores and shows the checkpoints visited by each team.

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