2021 Adventure Race

Race Results

The overall race winner together with the rest of the podium results for the 2021 Chilterns Adventure Race are displayed below. These are the top three highest scoring individuals overall, irrespective of which race category and class they participated in. As such they have earned a special mention and are shown here in recognition of their outstanding achievement. Big congratulations to them all! Where points are tied, positions are determined by time taken with the quickest person first.

Mens podium


Rob Smart
905 pts


Tom Hards
895 pts


Gary Davies
880 pts

Ladies podium


Helen Chapman
850 pts


Carol Yarrow
745 pts


Karen Jones
725 pts

Scores & Positions

The table below displays a searchable summary of all the results from the 2021 Chilterns Adventure Race. If you took part in this adventure race, type your name into the search box to find your result. For more detailed results, which include split times and a breakdown of the scoring for each team, please see the results reports towards the bottom of this page.

Use the search box to search for a particular person, team or race number. You can also use the search box to filter the rows displayed. For example, type “Novice” or “Duo” into the search box to just show the Novice/Duo race results. Or you can narrow it down further by being more specific. For example, if you type “Masters Mixed Vets” in the search box then only the Masters Mixed Teams classified as Veterans will be shown. When viewing the table on a mobile device it’s best to view the screen in landscape orientation.

Team NameNo.Team MembersCategoryTimeScore
1stRob Smart410Robert Smart (Vets)1st Masters Men's Solos05:48:51905
2ndTom Hards304Tom Hards2nd Masters Men's Solos05:51:46895
3rdTeam Endurancelife408Gary Davies (Vets)3rd Masters Men's Solos05:54:27880
4thDownwind400Carl Silver (Vets)4th Masters Men's Solos06:04:54875
5thchappers392Helen Chapman1st Masters Ladies06:00:28850
6thFuzion Adventure Racing Team351Phil Haycock, Graeme Williams (Vets)1st Masters Men's Teams05:56:28840
7thNick Dallimore380Nick Dallimore (Vets)5th Masters Men's Solos05:47:58810
8thMontyzoomer398Mark Montgomery (Vets)6th Masters Men's Solos05:51:02810
9thTea & Torq302Stuart Colvin7th Masters Men's Solos05:51:37780
10thEndorfiends376Roy Sievers (Vets)8th Masters Men's Solos05:57:17770
11thFrenchy382Barry French (Vets)9th Masters Men's Solos05:40:00765
12thIt's Good to be Back394Carol Yarrow2nd Masters Ladies05:44:38745
13thStocton Roadies360Andy Jones, Karen Jones1st Masters Mixed Teams05:52:25725
14thTeam Gill327Emma Gill, Richard Gill (Vets)2nd Masters Mixed Teams05:59:32725
15thTeam Bounce419David Lain, Iain Morris (Vets)2nd Masters Men's Teams05:47:23715
16thSolonely308Paul Cantrill (Vets)10th Masters Men's Solos05:32:46710
17thScrinsen396George Carney (Vets)11th Masters Men's Solos05:52:00710
18thWin or Booze354Luke Pagan, David Broad3rd Masters Men's Teams05:49:00705
19thTVSC363Kane Magee, Aimee Looker3rd Masters Mixed Teams05:34:29680
20thDead On Arrival314Neil Walker (Vets)12th Masters Men's Solos05:43:36675
21stJenitalia378Simon Jennison13th Masters Men's Solos05:39:16665
22ndWe got lost361Alice Hassall, Oliver Hassall4th Masters Mixed Teams05:44:06655
23rdFuzion Adventure Racing Team356Scott Richardson, Stacey Carden (Vets)5th Masters Mixed Teams05:38:40645
24thNigel Cribb306Nigel Cribb (Vets)14th Masters Men's Solos05:45:32645
25thMad Old Tarts340Mags Salter, Liz Jones (Vets)3rd Masters Ladies05:49:42645
26thDockers Armpit345David Salter (Vets)15th Masters Men's Solos05:50:01640
27thRocco's the boss352Stuart Hassall, Maryvonne Hassall (Vets)6th Masters Mixed Teams05:42:40635
28thJack Worthington404Jack Worthington16th Masters Men's Solos05:39:47625
29thHairless Bikers370Sophia Colley, Rachel Raymond (Vets)4th Masters Ladies05:46:55625
30thDirty Batties372Claire Briggs, James Wooton, Alysia Sawicka7th Masters Mixed Teams05:41:01620
31stRunning on Empty366Steve Gale, Alex Williams (Vets)4th Masters Men's Teams05:30:09605
32ndA to Z329Zoe Hodder Smith, Andrew Hodder Smith (Vets)8th Masters Mixed Teams05:45:45605
33rdTotally Stoked435Craig Purchase, Jo Purchase, Phil Hyland (Vets)9th Masters Mixed Teams05:35:16600
34thWaiting for the lost boys325Dean Ricketts, Claire Elliott (Vets)10th Masters Mixed Teams05:29:36580
35thBISH312Dean Aylott, Will Hunt Vincent (Vets)5th Masters Men's Teams05:52:51575
36thTeam Chips433Elaine Bettaney, Chaz Murray (Vets)11th Masters Mixed Teams06:04:28575
37thFaster Than Snails338Maureen Fitzpatrick, Kathryn Greenhalgh (Vets)5th Masters Ladies06:03:23570
38thGears and Tears303Patricia Daas, Julie Banton (Vets)6th Masters Ladies05:36:41565
39thBk adventures420Ben Horswell, Beau Tunks6th Masters Men's Teams05:14:50560
40thTeam Extreme384Matt Burns, Chris Birch (Vets)7th Masters Men's Teams05:36:01560
41stThe Day Releasers346Scott McMillan, Tony McNeil, Dean Oxley, Duncan Rennie (Vets)8th Masters Men's Teams05:42:50550
42ndPhats & Small301Kazuaki Sudo, Dominic Crocker (Vets)9th Masters Men's Teams05:48:01550
43rdLondon Bridge Associates316Alex Kevan, Ian Grace, David Smith, 10th Masters Men's Teams05:44:11540
44thYowsers!406Rakesh Thakrar17th Masters Men's Solos05:34:34535
45thCross Street Agility416Andy Parry, Keith Skipsey (Vets)11th Masters Men's Teams05:43:19530
46thOne minute in the microwave321Phil Courtman (Vets)18th Masters Men's Solos05:49:10530
47thBART331Jonathan Crabb, David Mott, Bryn Jones, Rupert Turnbull (Vets)12th Masters Men's Teams05:35:15525
48thAmbridge rugby club427Dominic Milton, Nick Brook, Sam Lurton13th Masters Men's Teams05:11:54510
49thMcWorthy425Toby Duncan Sophie McClenaghan12th Masters Mixed Teams05:25:30510
50thTeam Zebedee368Mark Zirbser, Wendy Davies (Vets)13th Masters Mixed Teams05:32:55510
51stMapheads386Will Paskell, Amanda McCallum (Vets)14th Masters Mixed Teams05:49:03505
52nd...---...429Michael Downey (Vets)19th Masters Men's Solos06:21:58490
53rdHans Solo310Jonathan Courtman20th Masters Men's Solos05:19:31485
54thWilderness AR417Will Phillips, Ross Phillips (Vets)14th Masters Men's Teams06:20:50485
55thGriffs390Robert Griffiths, Charlotte Griffiths15th Masters Mixed Teams05:03:46455
56thPiddle, Paddle, Pedal334Max Shepherd, Joe Read Sam Parsell15th Masters Men's Teams05:59:18450
57thF1 Trailblazers300Mark Salmon, David Phillips (Vets)16th Masters Men's Teams05:23:46445
58thTeam Ultimate323Martin Harrison, Chris Spicer17th Masters Men's Teams05:29:58440
59thwetsocks364Joanna Taylor, David Taylor (Vets)16th Masters Mixed Teams06:20:58420
60thPlant Strong349Chris Pulham, Harry Pulham18th Masters Men's Teams05:24:00385
61stBeacon Adventure Racing430Andrew Wayland, Tom Wayland, Emily Wayland, Ethan Lundholm17th Masters Mixed Teams05:29:49355
62ndNerdles358Kirsten King, David Hooper (Vets)18th Masters Mixed Teams03:05:21320
63rdPBT Fotl342Kelly Lehmann (Vets)21st Masters Men's Solos05:59:59315
64thPerky Penguins374Liz Lea, Sammy Lea (Vets)7th Masters Ladies05:47:54285
65thHip Knees Thumbs Wrists Pain336Lyndon Sutton (Vets)22nd Masters Men's Solos05:55:00270
66thGB Ultras Chuckle Brothers319Glen Wareing, Adam Wareing19th Masters Men's Teams05:41:00265
1stSolo Prince448Andy Prince (Vets)1st Novice Men's Solos04:45:06665
2ndLong Way Around442Peter Pawlik (Vets)2nd Novice Men's Solos04:52:33660
3rdRuby’s Rockets365Mark Lowden, Sarah Lowden1st Novice Mixed Teams05:07:50619
4thReigators444Ian MacTavish, Ed MacTavish, Neil Whitton, Ben Whitton1st Novice Men's Teams04:33:19575
5thBlockheads375Richard Squire, Sophie Austin2nd Novice Mixed Teams04:59:53565
6thRed Steph324Stephanie Gibbins1st Novice Ladies05:02:01564
7thDeakin311Matt Deakin3rd Novice Men's Solos04:43:08550
8thTeam Watson464Stephen Watson4th Novice Men's Solos04:47:43550
9thNDMR461Caroline Wharton, Tracey Mills2nd Novice Ladies04:48:25545
10thThe Veteran411Andy Southby (Vets)5th Novice Men's Solos04:52:47530
11thM65 Brothers357Gary Bradshaw, Samuel Tucker2nd Novice Men's Teams05:24:00527
12thCartygal322Alastair Cartwright, Lucy Gallagher (Vets)3rd Novice Mixed Teams05:00:58513
13thChafing the Dream359Rozzie Dolman, Greg Ward4th Novice Mixed Teams04:41:18510
14thThe Vets465De Wet Kruger, Jaco Jaarsma, Le Rey Groenewald3rd Novice Men's Teams04:49:34510
15thSolo new old guy401Clive Hackforth (Vets)6th Novice Men's Solos04:35:43495
16thTim Price403Timothy Price (Vets)7th Novice Men's Solos04:36:18495
17thMoobers & Shakers447Mark Murphy, Tim Stokes (Vets)4th Novice Men's Teams04:43:16485
18thPebbles399Sarah Jales, Philip Jales5th Novice Mixed Teams04:52:20485
19th7X388Stuart Cottrell, Kieren Mawer, Guy Lovett (Vets)5th Novice Men's Teams04:40:00480
20thThe Dogs393Nicholas Hillier, Charlie Tracey (Vets)6th Novice Men's Teams04:44:37480
21stEema449Emma Hill3rd Novice Ladies04:56:21475
22ndHalebut377Alice Butt, Jacob Hale6th Novice Mixed Teams04:45:40470
23rd2 babes & a frog439Carolyne Moller, Andreas Moller, Harriet Guest (Vets)7th Novice Mixed Teams04:48:10470
24thMapioca Touth344Karrus Bakshi, Liam Colahan, James Baker7th Novice Men's Teams04:46:13465
25thChaos330Gary Smith (Vets)8th Novice Men's Solos04:53:00460
26thDusty Trail Crew369Ciaran McAneny, Susan McAneny (Vets)8th Novice Mixed Teams04:55:36460
27thChris Green405Chris Green9th Novice Men's Solos04:53:37450
28thMAMBOS456Beth Newbould, Pete Snowman (Vets)9th Novice Mixed Teams04:47:06445
29thWhy run when you can skip?341Simon Munk, Helen Whyman, Maggie, Lucy Witter10th Novice Mixed Teams04:46:39425
30thTeam Unclean317John O'Callaghan, Ian Harris8th Novice Men's Teams04:50:22425
31stTeam Howitt318Anthony Howitt, Adam Howitt9th Novice Men's Teams04:56:00425
32ndChapman ladies452Jo Chapman, Lily Chapman4th Novice Ladies05:02:01424
33rdSpring Cottage395James Crawford, Kay Crawford (Vets)11th Novice Mixed Teams04:38:37420
34thStrider313Matthew Saunders (Vets)10th Novice Men's Solos05:15:00405
35thWet Socks315Alexander Hurst, Will Savage10th Novice Men's Teams04:47:00390
36thHarraJay353James Glass, Harry Wood11th Novice Men's Teams04:14:43385
37thJOGHURT423Martin Mueller, Amanda Mueller, Louisa Mueller, Luke Mueller12th Novice Mixed Teams04:44:14385
38thAy Up Me Duck385Paul Jenkins, Tom England12th Novice Men's Teams04:49:14385
39thThe Young Ones371James Angell, Jack Sutton, Imogen Sutton, Thomas Angell13th Novice Mixed Teams04:34:13380
40thTeam Silver Ventures397Paul Harris, Russell Matthews (Vets)13th Novice Men's Teams04:27:34375
41stCross Street Legacy332Nick Rayne, Stephen Mcnab (Vets)14th Novice Men's Teams04:42:13375
42ndLucknow spouses431William Hearnshaw, David Iwanek15th Novice Men's Teams04:45:20370
43rdHookers & Blackjack462Darren Shakespeare (Vets)11th Novice Men's Solos04:55:44370
44thHyde Park Harriers432Chris Worfolk12th Novice Men's Solos04:51:53360
45thLost without Daniel446Robert Harris, Greg Neal, Simon Morris (Vets)16th Novice Men's Teams04:54:46360
46thThe Mortiest Morty407Tom Maguire13th Novice Men's Solos04:54:37350
47thLife after Lockdown428Jean Underwood, Connor Underwood, Kirsten Myers14th Novice Mixed Teams04:40:32345
48thThe Brookenders426Paul Solbe, Bethany Underwood, Michael Levy15th Novice Mixed Teams04:41:22345
49thTeam White333Andy White, Paul White17th Novice Men's Teams05:24:32345
50thDaisy Rascals421Lucy Robinson, James Robinson16th Novice Mixed Teams05:12:49334
51stRunner Beans434Milly Belcher, Kirstie Edwards, Lydia Uden, Emma Shearer, Immy Feenan5th Novice Ladies04:53:52330
52ndThree men & a baby455Peter Heine, Stuart Ennis, Grace Lobley, Lee Tompkins17th Novice Mixed Teams04:32:07325
53rdHanoffees379Katie Hanks, Steve Boffee (Vets)18th Novice Mixed Teams04:23:03320
54thThe Ploders373Fay Sutton, Julian Sutton, Sarah Angell (Vets)19th Novice Mixed Teams04:17:18315
55thNot Fast, Just Furious451Pamela Jackson, Jo Barrett6th Novice Ladies04:39:11315
56thJulie and Fred413Julie Lardieg, Fred Lardieg (Vets)20th Novice Mixed Teams05:09:00312
57thbilly no mates320Berni Amphlett, Don Amphlett (Vets)21st Novice Mixed Teams04:19:01310
58thOver the hill347Mark Pepler, Piers Faulkner (Vets)18th Novice Men's Teams06:59:00307
59thPhasc & furious415Phil Clarke, Sara Clarke, Alison Denton, Ciaran Sewter (Vets)22nd Novice Mixed Teams04:54:00305
60thGauntlet Quest391Nicholas Edge, Robert Kite19th Novice Men's Teams04:59:00305
61stLock367Amanda Lock, Jacob Lock, Reuben Lock23rd Novice Mixed Teams04:53:11295
62ndLeeMonela436Lee Ciancamerla, Jessica Collins, Alejandro Reyes24th Novice Mixed Teams05:04:03285
63rdSlow and Slower387Laura Price, Maddie Lee7th Novice Ladies05:04:46280
64thKrazzle Frazzle348Alex Krauze, Emma Armitage8th Novice Ladies05:02:55279
65thFish out of Water326Madie Paterson, Sarah Atkey (Vets)9th Novice Ladies04:35:05275
66thRiddlesdown Adventurers454Grace Smith, Rosie Iron, Sofia Castro Da Luz10th Novice Ladies04:47:03270
67thAbbsfit362James Abbott, Stephen Garrett, Charles Abbott (Vets)20th Novice Men's Teams04:50:54255
68thToo Hot, Too Spicy339Ed Hawes, Katie Margerum25th Novice Mixed Teams04:56:08240
69thBalanced Life Warriors418Melenie Brown, Sandra Coleman, Michael Clarke, Graeme Werrell (Vets)26th Novice Mixed Teams04:46:18235
70thLet's Godin383Christopher Godin, Lauren Hamilton27th Novice Mixed Teams05:04:25230
71stOne more hill.337Robert Balen-Simpson, Bryony Balen-Simpson28th Novice Mixed Teams02:35:50160
72ndFirebirds350Kate Carter, Jules Newson, Laura Thomson-Smith, Emily Lacey (Vets)11th Novice Ladies04:54:31145
73rdObi409Charles Mayo (Vets)14th Novice Men's Solos05:04:00122
1stFreedom!437Clare Dallimore, Mark Ponsford1st Duo04:55:40735
2ndFree Range MTB440Sid Hardy (Vets)2nd Duo04:56:20595
3rdJon Scott450Jon Scott3rd Duo05:04:31560
4thScallyback307Paul Oldfield (Vets)4th Duo04:54:49450
5thBonjour monsieur305Robin Seddon, Arron Elderkin5th Duo04:52:12445
6them441Emily Bradshaw6th Duo04:53:44435
7thTeam Rose445Richard Rose (Vets)7th Duo04:38:19410
8thJ2 Doh!438Jonathan Radford, James Paley (Vets)8th Duo04:51:22295

Results reports

Split Times

The split times report shows the order in which checkpoints were visited and the time taken between them.


The scoring report gives a breakdown of the scores and shows the checkpoints visited by each team.

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