2019 Results

Scores, Times & Positions

We hope to be able to add the 2019 Questars race results to this (our new) website in due course. But in the meantime, you can use the links on this page below to view an archived copy of the 2019 Questars race results (on our old website).

The 2019 Questars Adventure Race Series consisted of four one-day adventure races. These four events were spread throughout the year from March through to September. Each event included the following three race categories…

  • Trio Masters – run, bike & kayak – 6 hour time limit
  • Trio Novice – run, bike & kayak – 5 hour time limit
  • Duo – run & bike only – 5 hour time limit

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Series Championship

The 2019 Questars Adventure Race Series Championship began with Race 1 at the end of March and concluded with Race 4 at the end of August. Only the top three scores from each race count towards each participant’s overall series score. Series scores are calculated on an individual basis i.e. per person rather than per team, allowing people to change teams between races. For full details and to see how the series scores are calculated, head over to the Questars Adventure Race Series Championship page.

Family League Table

Questars adventure races are family friendly events and a great number of family teams regularly participate in Questars adventure races. What better way to show this and encourage even more family teams to take part than have a separate league table for family teams?

The league table allows teams with more than one member from the same family to see how their performance ranks against other similar teams. It creates a healthy informal competition amongst family teams as they try to finish as high up the league table as possible at the end of the year. And it gives family teams a little bit of recognition and the opportunity to earn a muchly deserved title – 1st / 2nd / 3rd etc. Family Team in the 2019 Questars Adventure Race Series.

  • Only your best one-day adventure race result will count towards your position within the league. Teams can try to improve their position by taking part multiple one-day adventure races throughout the year.
  • The league runs annually. Positions and scores were finalised after the last one-day adventure race of the year (Race 4).

The timing & results service for the 2019 Questars adventure races was provided by EMIT-UK

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