South Downs

2022 Adventure Race

Registered Participants

The table below shows those participants that have successfully registered to take part in the 2022 South Downs Adventure Race on Saturday 14 May.

Please note that inclusion on the list below is not a confirmation of your entry into this race. A valid payment order number(s) is also required to confirm your/your team’s entry and participation in this adventure race.

The ID column (in the table below) contains the reference number for each race registration form submitted. Knowing this reference number makes it easy to find your race registration in the table below (as they are arranged in numerical order). You will find your reference number in the subject line of the race registration email sent to you, when you submitted your race registration form.

To update the participant/team details that you’ve previously submitted, click on the edit button in the right-hand column next to their details in the table below. NB. You need to be logged in to do this (the edit button won’t be visible next to the names of the participant’s whose details you submitted unless you are logged in).

The deadline for updating your details is Sunday 08 May 2022. After this it will not be possible to edit your details as a copy of the data will be taken and used to allocate kayak slots and electronic timing devices.

Log in here and then return to this page to click on the relevant ‘edit’ button. After you’ve finished making the necessary amendments you must go to the end of form (i.e. go to the final page) and click on the ‘update’ button on the last page in order to save the changes that you’ve made.

ID Team Name / Club No. of People All Participants Edit
1397 Lost property 4 Lee Ciancamerla Jessica Collins Alejandro Reyes Zoe Hillam
1414 Hip Knees Wrists Thumbs Pain 1 Lyndon Sutton
1419 Pinky & Perky 2 Fiona Dyer Michael Dyer
1428 Disorienteers 4 Nikki Scull Iago Molist Annie Oliver Alison Scull
1434 8W Riders 3 Sam Rippon James Rippon Sam Mitchell
1440 4 Amigos 4 Hollie Parsons Matthew Kennedy Gery Salcedo Shalini Tamang
1449 1 Adam Howitt
1455 Canters 1 Paul Cantrill
1462 Running and Tea club 3 Mark Groom Steve Reeves Rachel Shaw
1471 AWE UKC Team 1 2 Luke Pagan David Broad
1478 Peddling Paddling Piggies 4 Janice Pacey Rachel Childs Zoe Ager Joanne Sime
1491 Wilderness Adventures 2 Ross Phillips William Phillips
1500 Maroon 2 Max Greenstreet Maxwell Edmonds
1507 Quest Ninjas 2 Sophie Jones Samuel Quaife
1521 Team Misfits 2 Richard Butler Tobin Gordon
1529 The Checkpoint Dummies 2 Rob Naish Chris Naish
1542 Jackson's jokers 3 Daniel Jackson Sarah Illman Paul Tetlow
1549 Team Detour 2 Julie Lardieg Fred Lardieg
1556 The Hobbits 2 Sam Parsons Wayne Fuller
1565 Matt & Katie Burder 2 Matt Burder Katie Burder
1581 Silly Monkeys 1 3 Simon Underwood David Simek Ondrej Masek
1590 Team Gowers 2 Ian Gowers Poppy Gowers
1599 Two Old Men in Lycra 2 Phil Bolton Matt Ward
1609 F1Trailblazers 2 Mark Salmon David Phillips
1617 Silly Monkeys 2 2 Jirina Vidersperkova Monika Brozova
1624 Lost and Found 2 Paul Willis-Patel Jacob Tinson
1627 Energetic Educators 2 Ro Cole Beth Warren
1635 Relentless Racing 1 Stephen Dadswell
1641 1 Simon Eastwood
1647 "Charlie, I've won!" 1 Beverley Darkin
1663 127 finish! 3 Chris Casanovas Andrew Wallis Oliver Meager
1677 Team Endurancelife 1 Gary Davies
1685 Poutounours 2 Charlotte Larive Simon-Pierre Puech
1692 1 William Stanley
1697 TeamAldy 2 Karen Aldis Ian Aldis
1706 Wet Socks 2 Alexander Hurst Will Savage
1713 1 Kelly Lehmann
1721 1 Tom Horne
1730 Yowsers! 2 Rakesh Thakrar Nisha Thakrar
1742 1 Tom Hards
1748 Grant Cambridge 1 Grant Cambridge
1756 AJ Odyssey 2 Anton deLeeuw Julie deLeeuw
1763 1 Daniel Thorby
1769 Rob Suchet 1 Rob Suchet
1778 Pebbles 2 Philip Jales Sarah Jales
1785 Scallyback 1 Paul Oldfield
1787 Ran Solo 1 Paul Evans
1795 JOG IT OUT! 2 Matthew Saunders Anita Pecsi
1801 1 Charles Nell
1814 1 Matthew Gardiner
1822 Which way is North? 2 Laura Alcock Alex Alcock
1829 Solo Prince 1 Andy Prince
1837 The Stragglers 2 Louise Knox Colin Jones
1839 Sherlock 2 Jeremy Holmes Ben Holmes
1852 FMBs 4 Richard Bennett Rachael Foy Bob Morriston Rob Foy
1854 Time Wounds all Heels 2 Jamie Gillan Darren Carins
1864 Kelly’s Heroes 2 Emma Kelly Mike Kelly
1868 Mudlickers 4 Phil Overton Scott Gamage Sue Kelly Kari Hearn
1880 Accenture ladies 2 Kate Horsman Alice Duhem
1887 1 Kazuaki Sudo
1895 Hunta Force 2 Paul Whitehead Aaron Larkin
1903 Slow But Sure 4 Jim Weatherston Nick Miller James York Lee Craddock
1917 Quaggas 3 James McCormick Jean-Paul Quenet Dean McCormick
1925 Team Bounce 2 David Lain Iain Morris
1935 HQ CREW 3 Alex Grumley Joshua Dixon Darryl Wayne
1945 Team Levs 2 Clare Leveridge Adam Leveridge
1954 Coburn 2 2 Tim Hill Anthony Thompson
1965 Purple Girl 1 Julie Banton
1971 Nacho Average Team 2 Katie Foster Mike Argent
1978 The Lost Soles 2 Rebecca Topham Laura Price
1986 Dumb Belles 4 Anna Kus Liz Mathews Gemma Fairn Roxana Dovleac
1995 SoloFlooter 1 Andi Flint
2002 Keep on Keepin on 2 Dean Ricketts Claire Elliott
2008 Mad Old Tarts 2 Maggie Salter Liz Jones
2018 1 Samuel Bird
2024 Bigger Than 2 Gualtiero Uslenghi Gatsby Fitzgerald
2032 Free Range MTB 1 Sid Hardy
2040 Whose bloody idea was this? 2 Fionna Lowe Christopher Lowe
2047 Smiler 1 Isla Reynolds
2057 The Somerset Vikings 2 David Hooper Kirsten King
2065 Ruby's Rockets 2 Mark Lowden Sarah Lowden
2072 Cornerways Medical Centre 2 Simon Jennison Clive Shaw
2079 Oxford Tri 1 Gary Bateman
2087 SJ D.I.Y 1 Shirley Jackson
2093 Scrinsen 1 George Carney
2099 Why run when you can skip? 3 Simon Munk Lizzie Greenberg Helen Whyman
2107 TT Runners 4 Tom Silk Fiona Joyce Tom Dixon Jenna Johnston
2116 Team EndorFiends 1 Roy Sievers
2120 Fittleworth Failures 4 elliot harding jo chapman mark hobden Rick Gambetta
2129 Tea & Torq 1 Stuart Colvin
2141 Team Dencher 2 MIchael Dencher Oliver Dencher
2148 1 Carl Silver
2153 Team Hann 1 Hannah Cooke
2161 Team Bumders 3 Jennifer Hunt Chris Kempton Will Barber
2174 The kiwifruits 2 Emma Hill Robyn Graham
2177 Dangerous Dad's 2 Ben Mann Chris Knight
2185 The Ogre and the Princess 2 steve heath Karin Heath
2196 1 Simon Vickers
ID Team Name / Club No. of People All Participants Edit

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