The Chilterns

2022 Adventure Race

Start List

The table below shows the start list for the 2022 Chilterns Adventure Race on Saturday 09 July.

The ID column (on the left-hand side in the table below) contains the reference number of the race registration form submitted by each team/entry. Knowing your registration number makes it easy to find your details in the table below (as they are arranged in numerical order). You will find your reference number in the subject line of the race registration email sent to you, when you submitted your race registration form.

Use the search box to find a particular person, team or registration number. You can also use the search box to filter the rows displayed. For example, type “Masters” or “Ladies” into the search box to just see the Masters/Ladies participants. Or you can narrow it down further by being more specific. For example, if you type “Masters Men Solo Vets” in the search box then only the Masters Men’s Solos classified as Veterans will be shown.

Click on a column header to sort the data in that column into either alphabetical or numerical order. Clicking on the column header again will inverse the order i.e. change it from A-Z (1-10) to Z-A (10-1) or vice versa. Ten teams/entries are shown per page by default. You can change this by selecting another option from the drop-down menu at the top LHS of the table. When viewing the table on a mobile device it’s best to view the screen in landscape orientation.

Check the list of registered participants for this event. If you’re not on the list of registered participants it means you haven’t registered your/your team’s details for this race yet. And without this information, your entry can’t be processed, which means we can’t allocate you a race number, kayak time slot, timing device or race pack. Dig out your race entry order confirmation email and follow the link on that to register your details if you haven’t done so already. Please note we reserve the right to charge an additional admin fee to cover any extra costs incurred by the late submission of the race registration form (i.e. your/your team’s details).

IDTeam Name / ClubRace No.ParticipantsRace CategoryStart Time WindowKayak Time Slot
Reg #2305Whiteleaf Warriors201Tracy Jagot, Ana Wells, Belinda Aird, Julia Howarth (Vet)Trio Novice Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2314Team Nelson261Helen Nelson, Tony Nelson, Sebastian Nelson, Ewan NelsonTrio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2323Phats & Small121Kazuaki Sudo, Dominic Crocker (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2330Dog girls141Wendy Hall, Jaime Smith (Vet)Trio Masters Ladies09:30-10:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2337Strider101Matthew Saunders (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2343Hoops102David Hooper (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2350Lorna&Lorna202Lorna Giddings, Lorna Myerscough (Vet)Trio Novice Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2354The Triassic Thunder241Oliver Batiste, Freddie Ewer, Matt Gorman, Edward HallamTrio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2357The Triceratops242Chris Moran, Dave Shaw, Tom Williams, Matt WilliamsTrio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2373Still Can't Find North262Laura Alcock, Alex AlcockTrio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2238Michael Page221Michael Page (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2244Cann Do Attitude222Nick CannTrio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2251James Mead223James MeadTrio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2255Hip Knees Wrists Thumbs Pain103Lyndon Sutton (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2261Energetic Educators142Ro Cole, Beth Warren (Vet)Trio Masters Ladies09:30-10:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2267Gavin Dallow224Gavin DallowTrio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2271Frozen Desert Gophers243Ian Price, Tom Willgoss, Andrew MacdonaldTrio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2275Olivia Roberts203Olivia RobertsTrio Novice Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2289Mad Old Tarts - the younger version204Elizabeth Jones, Kathryn Jones (Vet)Trio Novice Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2297F1 Trailblazers122Mark Salmon, David Phillips (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2380Tom Horne104Tom HorneTrio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2386Heavens Gate263Josie Walledge, Martin Lovell (Vet)Trio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2393Green Mamba264Brooke Robinson, Patrick Cruywagen (Vet)Trio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2395Ross Remnant105Ross Remnant (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2401Scallyback301Paul Oldfield (Vet)Duo10:30-11:15
Reg #2407Midnight's Runner143Laura Ashfield (Vet)Trio Masters Ladies09:30-10:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2414The Whites265Michael White, Lisa WhiteTrio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2421Tea & Torq106Stuart ColvinTrio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2433Joseph Keaveney225Joseph Keaveney (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2439Beacon Adventure Racing131Andy Wayland, Tom Wayland, Emily Wayland, Ethan LundholmTrio Masters Mixed Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2442127 Finish244Andrew Wallis, Chris CasanovasTrio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2446The Ramp Grids245Alex Jefferson, David Fraser (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2448PBT Fotl107Kelly Lehmann (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2454Jelly Legs205Janine Crawford, Annie Griffin, Louise RushbrookeTrio Novice Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2458Family Vincent266Katy Vincent, Jo Vincent, Rob Vincent (Vet)Trio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2466Paddys Project 52246Patrick Traylor, Tom WraggTrio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2475Steve226Stephen D'Arcy (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2481Willey Bro108Sean RidleyTrio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2487Ran Solo109Paul Evans (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2561G4 Supreme411Joe Smith, Steven SavageTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #256326 Regt RA - Team 1412Simon Phillips, Piers ComptonTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2565Arte et Marte413Jake Bassett, Alex ClarkTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2568Courtney and Louise401Louise Phillips, Courtney Millard (Vet)Trio RAAR Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2570295 Legends414Steven Adjei, Ben DawsonTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2572457 Rockets415Joshua Lam, Jeff JapesTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2574Scrinsen110George Carney (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2580Cherry Poppers267Kayley Chapman, Lisa Johns, Lea Chapman, Steven JohnsTrio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2589Iain Porter111Iain PorterTrio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #259526 Regt RA - Team 2416Kyle Jamieson, Danny AllanTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2489Rob Suchet227Rob Suchet (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2495Simon Eastwood228Simon Eastwood (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2501Nexus 8 Runners247Richard Franklin, Sol Franklin (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2514Delusional Dads123Ben Mann, Chris KnightTrio Masters Men's Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2532Team Windsor Street248Jamie Vanderham, Aaron GaoTrio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2540Canters112Paul Cantrill (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2548Jeremy Holmes302Jeremy Holmes (Vet)Duo10:30-11:15
Reg #2554Team RAAR417Daniel Gallagher, Glynn Williams (Vet)Trio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2556Win or Booze124David Broad, Luke PaganTrio Masters Men's Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2559The Trotters431Gemma Begley, John BegelyTrio RAAR Mixed Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2597Jack Wagon418Gnr Crouch, Gnr MerrittTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2599Bad Nav SMEs419Adam Cook, Dave GosneyTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #260122 Battery 32RA Girls402Rebecca Collins, Jayde SouthinTrio RAAR Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2603Team Alma 1420Sam DeBelder, Olly AmsburyTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2605Team Alma 2421Harry Martin, Ryan FillinghamTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2609Sphinx Team 1422Aaron Handy, Gnr BaileyTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2611Sphinx Team 2432Matthew Ryder, Jennifer StephensonTrio RAAR Mixed Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #261347RA Mixed Team433Luke Thompson, LBdr O'MalleyTrio RAAR Mixed Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2615Sadie and Bobbie403Sadie Creamer, Lisa HarrisTrio RAAR Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2617RA Adhoc Team 1423Al Finlay, TBC TBCTrio RAAR Men's Teams10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2619RA Adhoc Team 2404TBC TBC, TBC TBCTrio RAAR Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2621Turtles132Sandy Benchetrit, Rick Fielder, Chris BloomerTrio Masters Mixed Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2634Grant Cambridge229Grant Cambridge (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2641The Doddery Duo133Louise Knox, Colin Jones (Vet)Trio Masters Mixed Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2648Matthew Burt230Matthew BurtTrio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2656Daniel Thorby113Daniel ThorbyTrio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2658William Stanley114William Stanley (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2664Trailblazers ride again268Jarka Meleszkiewicz, Justin Paul, Josie SteelTrio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2668Team It Will Be Grand249David Abratt, John Beel (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2671How Hots itt Son?250Adam Howitt, Anthony Howitt, Steve HotsonTrio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2817William Chennells231William ChennellsTrio Novice Men's Solos10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2823Team Bridget125Dominic Middleton-Frith, Harry BuntingTrio Masters Men's Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2674Chiltern Trotters144Sarah King, Elaine Quinn (Vet)Trio Masters Ladies09:30-10:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2677Webb Bro's251Jeremy Webb, Simon Webb (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2685Keep On Keepin On134Dean Ricketts, Claire Elliott (Vet)Trio Masters Mixed Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2693Tortoise and Hare252Matthew Gardiner, Jesse Meek (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2705Slow But Sure135Jim Weatherston, Mike Turner, Elaine Waugh (Vet)Trio Masters Mixed Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2728Purple Girl145Julie Banton (Vet)Trio Masters Ladies09:30-10:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2734Tom Hards115Tom HardsTrio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2740YowSers!136Rakesh Thakrar, Nisha Thakrar (Vet)Trio Masters Mixed Teams09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2748Michael Downey116Michael Downey (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2754Why run when you can skip269Simon Munk, Josephine Tucker, Helen WhymanTrio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2757LyraCC270Tania Oddi, Daniel Waters (Vet)Trio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2764Rich & Oscar253Richard Bennett, Oscar Sly (Vet)Trio Novice Men's Teams10:30-11:1512:35-14:00
Reg #2771Over the Hill303Simon Perry (Vet)Duo10:30-11:15
Reg #2780Cholsey Gals146Sophie Keay, Jo Lindholm, Pat Salbany (Vet)Trio Masters Ladies09:30-10:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2787GrumFees271Gareth Barker, Fiona GatchellTrio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2796Team Inca206Alice Hannam, Emily GordonTrio Novice Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2801"Charlie, I've won!"207Beverley Darkin (Vet)Trio Novice Ladies10:30-11:1511:10-12:35
Reg #2809Team Detour272Julie Lardieg, Fred Lardieg (Vet)Trio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2832Freerange MTB304Sid Hardy (Vet)Duo10:30-11:15
Reg #2839Team Endurancelife117Gary Davies (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
Reg #2845Whitchurch Warriors273Graeme Williams, Victoria Rampton, Charlotte Green (Vet)Trio Novice Mixed Teams10:30-11:1514:00-15:25
Reg #2853Gary Bateman118Gary Bateman (Vet)Trio Masters Men's Solos09:30-10:1509:45-11:10
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