The Chilterns

2022 Adventure Race

Registered Participants

The table below shows those participants that have successfully registered to take part in the Chilterns Adventure Race on Saturday 09 July 2022.

Please note that inclusion on the list below is not a confirmation of your entry into this race. A valid payment order number(s) is also required to confirm your/your team’s entry and participation in this adventure race.

The ID column (in the table below) contains the reference number for each race registration form submitted. Knowing this reference number makes it easy to find your race registration in the table below (as they are arranged in numerical order). You will find your reference number in the subject line of the race registration email sent to you, when you submitted your race registration form.

To update the participant/team details that you’ve previously submitted, click on the edit button in the right-hand column next to their details in the table below. NB. You need to be logged in to do this (the edit button won’t be visible next to the names of the participant’s whose details you submitted unless you are logged in).

The deadline for updating your details is Sunday 03 July 2022. After this it will not be possible to edit your details as a copy of the data will be taken and used to allocate kayak slots and electronic timing devices.

Log in here and then return to this page to click on the relevant ‘edit’ button. After you’ve finished making the necessary amendments you must go to the end of form (i.e. go to the final page) and click on the ‘update’ button on the last page in order to save the changes that you’ve made.

ID Team Name / Club No. of People All Participants Edit
2238 1 Michael Page
2244 Cann Do Attitude 1 Nick Cann
2251 1 James Mead
2255 Hip Knees Wrists Thumbs Pain 1 Lyndon Sutton
2261 Energetic Educators 2 Ro Cole Beth Warren
2267 1 Gavin Dallow
2271 Frozen Desert Gophers 3 Ian Price Tom Willgoss Andrew Macdonald
2275 1 Olivia Roberts
2289 Mad Old Tarts - the younger version 2 Elizabeth Jones Kathryn Jones
2297 F1 Trailblazers 2 Mark Salmon David Phillips
2305 Whiteleaf Warriors 4 Tracy Jagot Ana Wells Belinda Aird Julia Howarth
2314 Team Nelson 4 Helen Nelson Tony Nelson Sebastian Nelson Ewan Nelson
2323 Phats & Small 2 Kazuaki Sudo Dominic Crocker
2330 Dog girls 2 Wendy Hall jaime smith
2337 Strider 1 Matthew Saunders
2343 Hoops 1 David Hooper
2350 Lorna&Lorna 2 Lorna Giddings Lorna Myerscough
2354 The Triassic Thunder 4 Oliver Batiste Freddie Ewer Matt Gorman Edward Hallam
2357 The Triceratops 4 Chris Moran Dave Shaw Tom Williams Matt Williams
2373 Still Can't Find North 2 Laura Alcock Alex Alcock
2380 1 Tom Horne
2386 Heavens Gate 2 Josie Walledge Martin Lovell
2393 Green Mamba 2 Brooke Robinson Patrick Cruywagen
2395 1 Ross Remnant
2401 Scallyback 1 Paul Oldfield
2407 Midnight's Runner 1 Laura Ashfield
2414 The Whites 2 Michael White Lisa White
2421 Tea & Torq 1 Stuart Colvin
ID Team Name / Club No. of People All Participants Edit

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