The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

The Chilterns Adventure Race


Course Conditions

Information about the course area and its condition for the adventure race on Sat 9 July 2016

Special Notes

You are likely to encounter some nettles / brambles at this time of year so full leg cover is recommended (either to be worn or carried with you). The vast majority of the footpaths and bridleways are clear but depending on your route choice you may come across one or two short sections where the high vegetation on either side of the path encroaches / lies across it (e.g. wilted stinging nettles lying across the path).

It is very important that you ensure gates are shut and properly fastened behind you as there are livestock in some of the fields.

Most of the footpaths and bridleways are well signed so look out for the waymarkers and fingerposts to keep you on the the right track.

Trail Run

The trail run is on a mixture of hard surfaces including tarmac, concrete and stones and soft surfaces which include grass, bare earth and mud. As the name 'Trail Run' suggests, you must remain on formed trails at all times - there is no cutting across open areas or through the forest undergrowth.

The worst of the mud tends to be in the woods where the trees have prevented the ground from drying out after all the rain this area experienced in June; hence these trails can be quite wet and slippery in places. Trail shoes with a decent tread are therefore recommended.

Mountain Biking

For the mountain biking you will be on minor roads and bridleways. Some of the minor roads are more 'off road' than some of the bridleways so do take care on these and watch out for potholes and loose, uneven surfaces.

When on roads and in residential areas, cycle single file and keep in to the left hand side so vehicles can pass when it's safe for them to do so.

The bridleways vary from one extreme to the other, but the vast majority of the off road cycling is on good ride-able surfaces. In some places the bridleways are concrete tracks providing a faster and better surface to ride on than some of the minor roads. And in the woods, the bridleways vary - sometimes within the space of a few metres - from firm bare earth that's fast and easy to ride over to energy sapping soft mud that you'll probably find it easier to hop off and walk around, not least because the mud tends to be quite uneven and bumpy with horses footprints.

Take care when cycling over exposed tree roots as these can be very slippery when damp.

Some of the off road routes are short and steep, and some are rocky with loose stones in places.


The kayaking takes place on the River Thames. Access to the river is via a low river bank - you must get on and off the water between the two markers (cones / flags) on the river bank. There is a relatively small drop down to the water. The best way to get on the water is to sit on the side of the river bank with your feet on the kayak (which is on the water). Then swing yourself round and lower your bum carefully down onto the kayak. It's worth taking the time to get it right though as the water is deep - in the unlikely event that you do end up in the water you will be swimming!

There is little to no noticeable movement of water but you will probably notice a difference when you are paddling, so do bear this in mind and allow a bit more time when paddling up river.

The river is very wide and is exposed to any wind, so do take this into account and carry sufficient clothing with you. Keep to the side of the river as much as possible.

Please give moored vessels a wide birth and keep well out of the way of any moving craft. Watch out for rowers and keep out of their way - they are fast, silent and can't see where they are going!

There is a public pay and display car park near the kayak transition which spectators may wish to use. There is also plenty of green open space and a big children's playground nearby.


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