The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

Exmoor Q2 Adventure Race


Course & Conditions


Information about the course area and its condition for the adventure race on the 15 & 16 October 2016.

Special Notes

All run-bike transitions take place at remote transition points so you will need to carry running shoes with you whilst cycling (on Stage 1&2 and Stage 4) if you wear different shoes for each.

Exmoor is very popular with walkers and horse riders. Please watch out for other people and animals, especially when on the hills and on narrow lanes / tracks. Always slow down, give way and be courteous to other members of the general public. Some of the fields have livestock in. It is therefore very important that you make sure gates are shut and properly fastened behind you.

Most of the footpaths and bridleways are well sign posted - look out for the markers and fingerposts to keep you on the right track at junctions (sometimes they are partially hidden by vegetation).

The weather can change very quickly and the moors are exposed to elements. Please make sure you are fully prepared for all weather.

Trail Run

When visiting Trail Run checkpoints you must stick to public rights of way and other permitted routes (see key printed on each stage map).

The trail running is largely off road. The ground is quite variable (as you would expect covering such a large area) so you'll be running over a mixture of hard and soft ground including grass, earth, dirt, stones and rocks, but on the whole the paths aren't overly muddy. That said, some trails (particularly those in the woods) are wet and slippery so trail shoes with a decent tread are definitely recommended.

+ See what some of the trails are like

Mountain Biking

The mountain biking is partly on road and partly off road (the exact amount of each will depend on your route choice somewhat). You must not take bikes on footpaths – this is illegal.

On the whole though there is more cycling on road than normal because Exmoor is quite hilly (there is a lot of up and down) and not all the off road routes are rideable. Some of the lanes are very narrow and frequently used by farm vehicles so make sure you watch your speed and be prepared to stop especially when going round blind bends.

The courses have been planned so as to avoid the worst routes that don't make for good riding e.g. if you have to keep getting off your bike because the trail is too steep / slippery / eroded or because there are so many gates along it.

The vast majority of the off road routes are public bridleways and restricted byways. Expect to cycle over a mixture of hard and soft ground including grass, earth, dirt, stones and rocks. There are one or two very muddy / boggy patches but these should be isolated patches rather than prevailing along the length of a whole route. Generally the best of the off road routes for cycling along tend to be the higher routes (over the hilltops) and the gravel / dirt tracks in the forests.

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The kayaking takes place on Wimbleball Lake which you cycle to and from.

The water level is very low at this time of year (the reservoir is only about 50% full). You will therefore need to walk down the side of the reservoir to reach the water. Watch out as you get close to the water as the ground softens and is muddy in places.

Wimbleball is a large lake and is exposed to the wind, which can whip up small waves. Please make sure you have suitable waterproofs to protect you from the wind and spray if it's choppy.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will capsize but in the event that you do end up in the water, and you can’t get back on top of your kayak, it is best to hang on to the kayak which will give you additional buoyancy and make you easier to spot. If there is no one else around to help you then attract attention by blowing your whistle. If you decide to make your way to the shore, do so with your kayak. There will be a safety boat on the water, but it will primarily be covering the middle of the lake (close to and around the transition point) so please stay within this area if you are not confident in you own ability.

+ See what the lake and access to it is like


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