The Rivette QUESTars Adventure Race Series

Questars 360

Thames Ridgeway Challenge


The Route


+ Located at Cholsey Scout Hut, Cholsey, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 9LG

+ Opens at 20:00 on Saturday

+ Closes at 09:00 on Sunday

+ Indoor shelter available

+ Access to kit bags, bikes & tents

+ Small grass area outside for sleeping on / pitching small tents

+ Boiling water available for adding to instant hot food / drinks

+ Drinking water available


+ Bike 82 km over 90% of which is off road (dirt/earth, grass, gravel and stones)

+ Begins from Cholsey Scout Hut

+ Finishes at the event base - St Francis School, Pewsey

+ No water on route - you need to carry all the water you need for this stage with you

+ Fastest non-stop team took 7 hours in 2016

+ Slowest team took just over 10 hours in 2016


The cycling for stage 3 is virtually all off road. For a large proportion of this stage you will be following The Ridgeway National Trail, which is well signed throughout.

Having picked up your bike from the Stage 2-3 transition point in Cholsey, you will join The Ridgeway - Britain's oldest road - and follow it westwards for 69 km of marvellous fast flowing off road riding all the way to the trail end at Overton Hill near the World Heritage Site of Avebury. From there it's a short ride along a couple of bridleways over the last of the downs to finish back at the event base in Pewsey.

The Ridgeway is a broad track that follows the same undulating route over the high ground used since prehistoric times by travellers, herdsmen and soldiers. Some sections of the trail have a hard stone surface while the rest remains natural so it can get a little muddy after wet weather; damage from excessive use means it is rutted in one or two places. 

As you ride along The Ridgeway you'll experience wide, open views of rolling chalk downland (unless you tackle this stage in the dark) and pass many archaeological monuments including Stone Age long barrows, Bronze Age round barrows, Iron Age forts and the figures of white horses cut into the chalk.

The details above are given only as an indication of the planned route for Stage 3 - the actual route may change / alter slightly from that described and shown. Distances are approximate and rounded to the nearest 10 km. The guide time is an estimation of the time most teams are expected to take to complete this stage.


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