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Welcome to the Questars Adventure Race Series

Questars Adventure Races

Welcome to Questars - The Adventure Race Series

Questars adventure races involve trail running, mountain biking and the option to do some kayaking.

Questars bring you the very best of adrenalin filled adventure racing, in some of the most spectacular locations in the UK. Questars appeal to everyone from beginners to experienced adventure racers alike.

Adventure Racing is one of the fastest growing adventure sports - enter a team and get involved today...


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Wed 28th Aug 2019 | Malverns Start List & Kayak Times Published

Race numbers and kayak times for the 2019 Malverns Adventure Race can be found on the Start List which has been added to the Race Day Information page together with a handy guide if you are not sure how to fit everything in around your kayak timeslot (this is only a suggestion - you can choose whether to run or bike first and how long you spend on each).

If you are taking part in this adventure race, remember to look at the Start List and make a note of your race number, start time and kayak timeslot - you'll need these on Saturday!

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Tue 27th Aug 2019 | Final Details for Malverns Race

All the info for participants taking part in the 2019 Malverns Adventure Race can be found from the buttons at the top of the Event Page

If you are taking part in this adventure race on Saturday, make sure you look at the Kit List for advice on what to bring and the Race Day Info for timings & directions.

Also check out the Course Conditions for details about the terrain and trails, and read up all About the Race for a heads-up about the actual race itself.

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Sat 24th Aug 2019 | Are you ready for the Malverns Race?

If you are taking part in the 2019 Malverns Adventure Race next Saturday then it's worth taking a moment this weekend to check you've got everything you need and your bike is in good shape.

See the kit list for a check list of things we suggest you bring.

And don't forget to book a bike with our friends over at Drover Cycles if you need to hire a mountain bike for this adventure race and haven't already done so.

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Tue 2nd Jul 2019 | Berkshire Race Photos Now Online

The high temperatures meant The Quest Team were kept busy throughout the day keeping the water stations topped up - especially when the pump supplying water to the village hall over heated and stopped working - but we did still manage to get a few pictures of participants in action.

Look at all the Race Photos to see if you were caught in action at the start, around the event base, near the kayak transition / on the water, or at the finish.

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Sun 30th Jun 2019 | Berkshire Race Winners & Results

Well done to everyone that took part in yesterday's adventure race - it certainly was a hot one!

Congratulations to Campbell Walsh who won the race and the ladies race winner Caroline Gay, both of whom finished well ahead of their nearest rivals.

See all the results to find out how you got on and to see what other teams did in terms of the checkpoints they visited and the order in which they did so.

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